Apocalipsis Thursday 8/15/19 #4

Previously: Adriano refused to take responsibility for his evil spawn. Hanna’s getting the chance to marry Saulo. Felipe meets Sabrina in the park. Padre Stefano had a visit from the demon dust in disguise.

Adriano’s dad isn’t buying his excuses. Padre Stefano hits him where it hurts–it would damage the family’s reputation if this girl were to tell people what’s happening.

Adriano doesn’t care about the family’s rep.

Yeah, his dad can see that.

Padre Stefano says this isn’t just about any consequence, it’s…an innocent child. (Ooh, almost slipped up there.)

Adriano refuses to sign his own “death warrant.”

Alan and Susana are a thing.

Hanna’s Gideon’s favorite daughter now that she’s agreed to marry Saulo.

Padre Stefano has known Giancarlo forever and Giancarlo trusts him, right? This child…Padre Stefano can’t tell him or he’d be breaking a sacred promise…

And then he goes ahead and tells him anyway. But they’ve gotta keep it secret! He got a visit from an angel and Giancarlo’s grandson has been chosen to unite the world in peace.

Giancarlo loves the idea of being the chosen one’s grandpa.

Next thing we know, Debora’s apologizing to Giancarlo for showing up at his house like this and saying the pregnancy took her by surprise, Adriano was her first, she got carried away. Her parents kicked her out and she has nowhere to go. She wishes she hadn’t disappointed her father.

Hey, Giancarlo gets it. Young people get carried away. He’s been there, done that. (Got the marriage to prove it?) They should have waited, but what happened happened and he’s not going to abandon his grandchild.

OK, fine, he doesn’t want to abandon his grandchild. Veronica figures they can just give Debora enough money to disappear, then.

Um, no, he wants to be in his grandson’s life. And Adriano’s going to be a father. He’s going to get married and claim the child as his own.

For once Adriano’s eyes aren’t dead. He absolutely refuses to marry Debora! Even his dad can’t make him.

Sure, ok. But if he won’t do this then he’d better start supporting himself. He doesn’t have to abandon his studies and he and Giancarlo can still go ahead with their plans, just now they’ll be doing it with a bigger and a closer family.

He tells Veronica to have Gloria prepare a room. From now on, this is Debora’s house.

Padre Stefano figures his work here is done. He takes his leave and Giancarlo suggests he and Veronica do the same. The kids have lots to talk about.

The demon dust gloats. Didn’t he say he’d take care of it? And his mom had better remember this moment because his dad sure isn’t going to let her forget it.

Veronica objects to Debora marrying Adriano. She’s a nobody.

Well, Giancarlo’s not letting Adriano get away with not taking responsibility! He’s tired of him not having any commitment to anything. Maybe marriage will get him to get back on the right path.

Veronica whines that he’s too young to get married, but Giancarlo says he was grown up enough to seduce that poor girl. When Veronica says Debora’s a gold digger, he tells her not to talk about the mother of his grandchild that way.

Adriano figures Debora got what she wanted.

Actually, no, she wanted the old (fake) him. And she didn’t want any of this to be happening.

Well, just so she knows he’s going to be married to her in name only. He’ll never be a real husband. He’s never going to touch her. The wedding won’t be the beginning of something, it’ll be the end of everything they could have been to each other.

Osvaldo and his mom watch a news report about Nabalia (the guy from Sandra’s) getting arrested for drug trafficking. Sandra also got arrested, so Osvaldo runs out to find his son.

He ends up at the police station. Sandra’s already been released because Nabalia and the other guy who got arrested swore she had nothing to do with it. But she never mentioned a child. The only thing the cop can do is give him the address Sandra gave them as hers.

Osvaldo recognizes it as an old address. Sandra lied to them.

Sabrina takes Felipe to her place and rushes to clean it up before he comes inside. He got the job as dishwasher and she thought maybe he could move in and they could split expenses.

Osvaldo’s had no luck finding Sandra. His/Sandra’s friend asks if he’s still looking for work. Her boss at the hospital is looking for a driver. He wonders why she’s helping him.

Well…maybe God sent her. If she can do something good, why not do it?

Debora’s getting ready for her wedding, getting measured for a dress, sending out invitations. At the same time, Hanna’s training, working on her shooting skills.

Felipe and Sabrina are together. He sends his mom some money and an announcement that he and Sabrina are having a baby.

Osvaldo’s dating the girl who helped him find a job.

The devil dust comments that the last time the world almost came to an end this old guy spent years building an ark and warning people, but no one wanted to listen. They just went on with their lives like they are now, making plans for the future. And when they least expected it…you know the story. This time, there won’t be an “almost.” He can’t wait for his moment! But in the meantime, it’s important that people go on with their lives as if nothing is happening.

It’s Adriano’s wedding day. Alan’s his best man. He jokes that it’s his wedding, not his funeral. Which only motivates Adriano to try to seduce a woman he’s been checking out. It’s his party, right?

In the house, Debora’s ready, but Veronica has a surprise for her…Gideon walks in.

Debora’s pissed off to see him, but Gideon seems like he’s either apologetic and happy to see her or like he’s a master of sarcasm. He’s here to forgive her.

Well, she’s pissed off now that he thinks she needs to be forgiven.

Well, her mom said he should do it for the good of the family. Especially now that Saulo’s marrying Hanna.


Yeah, Saulo accepted Hanna in exchange for Debora.

Doesn’t he understand that he makes everyone do whatever he wants?

“But I forgave you!”

Like she cares. She didn’t do anything wrong and she doesn’t need his forgiveness. He should be apologizing! It’s about time someone told him he’s a control freak. His faith is just a pretext for him to order her and Hanna around. Well, he’s not giving her orders anymore! She’s breathing fresh air now and living her own life. And he’s not welcome.

Duuuuuude! Her mom’s there too!

Debora throws them both out. They wanted her gone and now they can leave her alone. The demon spawn gets a little too excited and Debora bends over in pain.

Alan and Susana are watching Adriano flirt. They’re disappointed in him. Alan doesn’t expect things to go well. Susana knows Debora still wants to win his love back.

“Assuming he ever did love her.” Adriano’s his friend, but Alan doesn’t agree with what he’s doing. He’s not like Adriano. He doesn’t want to be away from Susana. He promises she’s going to have to put up with him until he’s old.

Debora doesn’t know what her parents are doing there, but she wants them to go.

Veronica says it’s just the tension of the day. She’s sure Debora will take it back later.

Debora keeps sobbing and the demon dust gloats again. Why bother with forgiveness when we can hold grudges? A heart full of anger and hate is more useful to him. It’s why he makes forgiveness seem so difficult, if not impossible.

If it were up to him, he wouldn’t bother with marriage. It’s better for him that people be apart. But just because people are married doesn’t mean they’re together. Adriano understands that perfectly.

I’d just like to point out that I don’t know what year this is that Adriano’s wearing a red velvet cape, his dad’s jacket is a print, and Debora’s attendants are covered from head to toe in white. Oh no, wait, those aren’t her attendants, because her attendants are off to one side wearing a dusty pink/purple.

In the snottiest way possible, Adriano pulls off his Dracula wannabe cape and lays it on the ground in front of the altar for Debora to walk over.

Padre Stefano’s first question is for Adriano–is he doing this of his own free will?

His parents nod at him…the woman he was flirting with earlier gives him a little wave. I feel sorry for the photographer who’s not going to catch Adriano with any facial expression besides “cranky toddler.” And Debora looks furious.

Padre Stefano repeats the question and Adriano and Debora both answer in the affirmative. Eventually the whole thing’s over, they’re married, Veronica’s scowling at Debora while Debora’s smiling triumphantly back. Adriano’s eyes are deader than ever. No kissing the bride, then?

At least the guests are having a good time at the reception. Adriano’s getting drunk. Alan drags Susana away from the party to ask her to marry him.

Later that night, Debora wakes up alone. As she wanders around the house, the evil spawn reflects on the cycle of hate–someone who hurts people ends up getting hurt and so they hurt people again. Hate takes over. All they think of is making someone else suffer the way they do. He knows how he’s going to end up, but before he gets there he’s going to make sure he doesn’t suffer alone.

Debora walks in on Adriano having sex with the wedding guest.

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