Apocalipsis Monday 8/19/19 #6

Giancarlo spies on Ricardo’s meeting with Padre Stefano.

Ricardo complains that everybody treats him like a child, all “Don’t do this! Don’t do that!” Except for Padre Stefano and his mom.

Padre Stefano tells him to ignore them. They just don’t know that he’s way superior to all of them, but one day they will and they’ll be sorry.

Ricardo hopes it’s soon. They head off to study. Ricardo needs to be ready to take on his role. The two of them are going to change the world.

Giancarlo looks concerned.

César the cop goes to Thiago’s neighborhood for no specific reason. The gang who runs the place don’t even notice him–they’re too busy being worried that Thiago’s having a seizure and this is going to bring trouble.

César shoves his way past the crowd at the door of Thiago’s place and calls for an ambulance.

Adriano has decided it’s time for a divorce. Past time, really. It’ll be better for all of them.

OK, but Debora gets the kid.

I expected him to agree, but instead he says Ricardo’s place is with his father and his grandfather. This is their territory and no one ever goes against the Montanas and gets out unscathed.

The demon dust has some thoughts about Felipe. He says he wants to get ahead and help his family, but he really wants to prove he’s better than all of them, especially Osvaldo. Pride’s his favorite sin. The proud think it’s a virtue.

Felipe shows Sabrina a picture of his family. He’s upset that Raquel, who was just a baby in the photo, is a grown woman now and he missed all of it.

Sabrina moves to the other side of the room before asking about Osvaldo.

Felipe says that picture was taken just before Osvaldo went to prison. Osvaldo practically raised him after their dad died. It’s not that he hates him, it’s that when Osvaldo went to prison it ripped his entire world apart. Wasn’t it bad enough he’d already lost his dad?

Raquel’s on duty in the ER when Thiago’s brought in. She calls Leticia and Osvaldo to tell them to get to the hospital.

Thiago’s heart stops, but the ER team gets it started again.

Sabrina knows they both have the same dream, giving their family a better life…but isn’t it time to go back? His mother’s sick. And his family hasn’t met Andre.

Felipe says he’s not “giving up.”

Osvaldo and Leticia get to the hospital. Raquel tells them Thiago’s past the worst of it. They go to see him while Raquel initiates her inevitable relationship with César the cop.

Leticia thanks César for saving her nephew’s life. They’ve been looking for him for a long time.

César invites her for coffee. Here at the hospital, since she’s still on-duty.

Osvaldo and Leticia find Thiago’s room. Thiago’s asleep. Osvaldo calls him “son” and says they’ll get through this together.

Giancarlo meets with Padre Stefano to talk about Ricardo’s recent behavior. He’s been arrogant, rebellious, even aggressive.

Oh. Well, some of that’s his age. Plus he’s got a lot of responsibility. It’s to be expected that he goes off-track, but it’ll all balance out. (Um, OK, I get that he doesn’t realize Ricardo’s the literal spawn of Satan, but he sure is raising him to act like he is.)

Giancarlo thinks Ricardo’s behavior is worse after meetings with Padre Stefano. Today after he dropped Ricardo off, he went back and listened to a little of their talk. He didn’t like what he heard. Instead of helping them discipline Ricardo, he was validating his arrogant behavior. What kind of man is he going to grow into if he keeps being treated like he’s superior to everyone else? (Um…a man like his dad? Just saying.)

Padre Stefano’s like, “But you remember the apparition I had!”

Yeah, he does. So it’s confusing to him why someone with such a glorious future is being raised this way. He looks down on his peers.

Padre Stefano says Ricardo has to know what his role is in the world, and in the church.

Giancarlo doesn’t think it’s a good idea to fill his head with delusions of grandeur. Giancarlo was raised in a wealthy family, but he also learned to appreciate every triumph. And he’s increased the wealth that was handed down to him by his own hard work. Ricardo appreciates nothing that doesn’t have to do with him personally.

He’s made a decision. He doesn’t want Padre Stefano spending time with Ricardo alone and he wants him to stay away from the family.

The demon dust says grandpa just outlived his usefulness.

Padre Stefano’s praying to the Madonna della Sagrada Luce when Debora shows up to see him. She complains that Adriano wants a divorce.


Well, this time Giancarlo’s on Adriano’s side.

And is she going to let them take everything from her? Including Ricardo’s future?


So what’s she going to do?

Debora voiceovers about getting rid of a rock on the path. She watches Giancarlo drink a cup of tea or coffee and apologizes when he starts dying.

Felipe’s leaving work when a couple of guys in bulletproof vests say they need to verify his visa. Could they see some ID?

Felipe makes a run for it, darting through traffic and eventually getting hit by a van.

At the hospital, a doctor explains to Sabrina that Felipe’s got brain injuries that have sent him into a coma. But at least he doesn’t have any other internal damage. Do they have insurance?


Then the only thing he can do is “medically repatriate” him. In other words, they’re going to save themselves the cost of his care by spending money to rent a plane and fly him back to Brazil.

Sabrina puts on her brave face and tells Andre that his dad’s going to be fine. And they’re going to Brazil. Hasn’t he been wanting to meet his grandma and his cousin Zoe?

Thiago’s out of the hospital and using again. Osvaldo finds him and begs him to come home.

Thiago complains that Osvaldo doesn’t know what it’s like to live on the street with an addict for a mom and no dad.

No, he doesn’t know. All he can say is that he’s sorry. He came from a good family and even he couldn’t escape evil. He had to go to jail and find God to get himself back on track.

He thinks Thiago could do the same. He could go to school, get a job, have a family who loves him. All he has to do is want it. And Osvaldo will be with him, because he loves him. He asks Thiago to give them a chance. Osvaldo apologizes for not taking care of him before.

Thiago thinks he should apologize. He promises he’s going to be a better person. He hugs Osvaldo and cries.

Giancarlo left everything to Debora. Veronica doesn’t think the will is legit, but Adriano says he signed it in front of witnesses. Veronica complains that if he’d just lived a little longer he would have changed it. He’d already figured out that Debora’s worthless.

At Padre Stefano’s, Debora tells him that Adriano stopped talking about divorce. They’ll have to keep an eye on him and Veronica. They didn’t want to lose their power.

Padre Stefano says Giancarlo’s will tipped the scales in her favor.

Is it a sin to enjoy having Veronica eating out of the palm of her hand?

Eh, God will forgive her.

So what do they do now?

Prepare Ricardo for his glorious mission.

“My prince will finally reign.”

Years later….

The Antichrist is ready to get started. He’s got the last name of a powerful family, tons of money, a link to the most powerful religion on the planet…now all he’s gotta do is get the entire world to admire him so he can take over.

He walks up the aisle behind Padre Stefano, who’s praying to the Madonna della Luce.

The camera pans up to his smarmy, smirking face and I swear his eye twinkled as his inner narrator says “Watch and learn.” He kisses Padre Stafano’s ring and grins as Padre Stefano says it’s starting. Is he ready?

He’s been preparing for this his entire life.

Padre Stefano says soon the world will meet its new leader. He’s protected by God and the Madonna della Luce. Nothing can stop him. Padre Stefano’s so proud of the things they’ll be accomplishing together.

Ricardo gives his completely insincere agreement.

A couple of reporters show up at a prison riot and start asking questions about how it started, how many are dead, etc.

César and his mentor drive up and head inside. The female reporter recognizes him. She tells the guy with her they’ve gotta find a way to get inside.

In a TV studio, two newscasters are preparing to go on the air, but they have no information about the riot. A producer’s trying to get Zoe on the line.

Zoe’s the reporter. She can’t get the cops to talk, so she approaches a guy who looks like management and asks him what the government is doing to stop the riot.

The cops realize the guy Zoe’s talking to is the one who started the raid, Nicanor. He takes Zoe hostage and tells the cops to lower their weapons.

César’s the first one to put his gun on the ground.

Nicanor demands a car.

Zoe tells her cameraman to give him the keys to their car.

At the hospital, Raquel, Leticia, and Osvaldo are watching the live footage. Leticia’s freaking out. Osvaldo wants to go out there, but Raquel says he’ll make things worse. César’s a professional. He’ll protect Zoe.

Nicanor walks Zoe backwards into the parking lot, telling everyone to put their guns down or he’ll shoot her. They get into the car and he tells her to drive.

César borrows someone’s motorcycle.

Chico (assuming that’s actually his name and Zoe hasn’t just been calling him “kid”) is still recording everything. I bet Zoe’s going to be disappointed later that he just stayed on the street and didn’t talk his way into one of the police cars following her.

Actually, he calls the studio and Arthur, one of the newscasters, screams at him to follow Zoe. He doesn’t care how, just do it, get his camera in there. He wants to feel Nicanor’s evil and smell Zoe’s fear.

He’s screaming at everybody in the studio that they live on emotions, not facts!

Bárbara, the other newscaster, says that’s not what she learned from the greats.

“Then you learned nothing!”

Celeste, the producer, mutters that he’s rude.

While she drives, Zoe tries to get Nicanor to talk to her. Is it true he killed four people, including a cop? And that he’s refused to talk about his crimes while he was in prison? Was the riot to draw attention from his escape?

Nicanor tells her to pay attention and drive. He decides César’s too close on the motorcycle and leans out the window to fire at him.

Zoe swerves. What? She was just avoiding a bache (pothole). One more and Nicanor says she’ll be going to the hospital.

César’s mentor blocks off a street and tells anyone else in the vicinity to do the same.

Zoe tells Nicanor this guy following them isn’t going to stop. The cop Nicanor killed was his father.

He has her start driving the wrong way down a one way street, then has her turn off onto another street. Zoe can tell he’s distracted by César, so she spins the van into a stop. César also had to come to a sudden stop and falls off the bike.

Nicanor hauls her out of the car and goes over to shoot César.

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