Apocalipsis Tuesday 8/20/19 #7

Nicanor tells César that his dad got in his way and Nicanor took him out. He’s not about to let César stop him.

Zoe whacks him on the back of the head with…her hands? And scrambles over to take off César’s bike helmet and ask if he’s ok. She’s fussing over him so much she doesn’t notice Nicanor pointing his gun at her.

César sees him too late and Zoe gets shot near the bottom of her vest. César shoots Nicanor in the side.

César’s mentor gets there and César carries Zoe to the car. He says she’s his niece, for future reference, though I don’t think I have enough information to draw out the family tree.

Another two cops show up and the mentor tells them to take Nicanor in their car. He looks dead to me.

Debora’s complaining that Adriano needs to be a little more discreet about his affairs, for the sake of the family’s image.

Adriano thinks the past however many years have convinced Debora they have an actual marriage, when their relationship never existed.

But they’ll always have New York and she knows how much he wanted her then.

He wishes he’d never seduced her and left her to her fiancé. Virginity never cost a man so much before!

I would’ve been OK with Debora slapping him, but Adriano catches her arm.

Gloria interrupts them (I like her new hair) to tell them Ricardo’s getting impatient. A couple of maids come in to carry their luggage downstairs.

Ricardo and his parents are going to New York. He says he’ll feel more confident with both of them there. I gather he was being sarcastic as far as that applies to his dad.

Veronica’s gloating that she can tell Debora and Adriano were fighting again. Ricardo says it’s how they keep their marriage alive. And then it’s “andiamo, andiamo” and kisses for grandma and they’re out of there.

Gideon’s reading about his grandson’s big reveal thing today. It’s something he’s been keeping quiet about but it’s estimated to cost more than the PIB (Producto Interno Bruto; Gross Domestic Product, GDP) of several countries. He proudly shows the paper to Tamar, who’s just as proud.

But he’s also sad his grandson grew up away from him. He admits Tamar’s right, that it’s his own fault for throwing Debora out. He acted rashly and lost their daughter and their grandson.

Benjamin (Alan and Susana’s son) is checking out his feed on social and sees an article about Zoe getting shot.

Andre arrives. Benjamin tells him about Zoe and asks him to call home and see if they know how she’s doing. I swear Andre doesn’t actually dial the phone and then claims he couldn’t get through.

César’s mentor’s name is Guido (pronounced geedo). He asks César how his niece is doing, but she’s still in surgery.

The other two cops who were working with César and Guido are Dudu and Natalia. Dudu’s running his mouth about the coincidence of Nicanor killing César’s dad and then nearly killing César and his niece. Hey, he’s on César’s side! He’s annoyed that Nicanor’s still alive and being treated at a public hospital.

Guido tells him to get his report in.

But Natalia always does that!

And today Guido wants him to do it.

Natalia decides to go help him or she’ll just end up having to correct it.

Guido tells César he did the right thing. Nicanor’s behind bars again, Zoe’s going to be fine. His dad would be proud.

Zoe makes it out of surgery OK. Thiago was the surgeon. I’m pretty sure that shouldn’t be allowed, but this is basically the family’s hospital, it looks like.

A few days pass and it’s time for Ricardo’s presentation. For which people have dressed up like they’re going to prom. Zoe’s broadcasting from the party.

Dudu and Natalia are staking out a van full of contraband cigarettes. Dudu’s annoying her by drinking sugary drinks and flirting and littering and now he’s decided he’s going to go pee on a tree when their suspect could show up anytime to move the truck.

Dudu’s actually working with the criminals. He calls to ask someone if they warned off the driver. Someone tipped off his partner and he wants to know who it was.

But the driver shows up anyway. Dudu makes sure he’s the one to grab the guy and tell him not to talk before he punches him in the gut and handcuffs him.

And now, a word from the demon dust…. Every leader needs some big successes to be respected and admired. People adore success. If you can show them that you’re good at what you do, they don’t care how evil you are. Idiots! It’s perfect for him.

Ricardo starts the presentation of his project–the city of the future. He talks about population increase and it being time to correct the mistakes of the past so that we survive and the planet remains livable. We need to change our lifestyles or humanity’s not gonna make it.

Hence, the city of the future, which he describes as modern, intelligent, welcoming, and sustainable. Problems like poverty and contamination can be solved on a municipal level. He’s building the city of the future in the middle of the desert. It will be a place to celebrate life, health, and self sufficiency.

Everybody applauds, but it’s like…he didn’t say HOW the whole thing would work.

At the police station, Dudu takes the would-be driver to a holding cell. The driver tries to threaten him, but Dudu says if he says a word he’ll wake up six feet under.

Ricardo’s set up a 3D model of his city and people can put on VR goggles and wander around in it. I’m guessing he didn’t include the door to hell.

Zoe and Benjamin literally and virtually run into each other. They just can’t stop marveling about how long it’s been since they saw each other. She says she thought about calling him when she knew she was coming…well, him and her cousin Andre.

Lucky, then, that Andre’s at the party.

Satan’s spawn’s moving around, shaking hands and thanking people for being there. One of his colleagues, I assume, says they’ve nearly gotten all the investment capital they need.

His inner monologue comments that people are so “spiritually ignorant” and always wanting immediate gratification that a con artist never wants for victims. And his next victim…is Benjamin.

Chico finds Zoe and says they’re on in eight minutes. She gets all flustered and introduces Benjamin as an “old friend” and Chico as someone she works with. Benjamin promises he’ll be waiting right here for her.

Chico totally caught the vibe, despite Zoe’s denials. She touches up her makeup and gets ready to do a live report. It’s such a small thing, but I appreciate Chico wearing her purse while she’s on camera without making a big deal out of it.

Zoe starts her report while Benjamin drools over her in the background.

Alan comes over to grab Benjamin and introduce him to Ricardo. At least Ricardo recognized Alan so it’s not awkward…until he starts bragging about his son being a genius and working on a robot (Andre mentioned something earlier about fixing the voice) and the two of them should work together.

Benjamin says it’s still in development and Ricardo tells him to call whenever he’s ready and they’ll talk.

He moves off and Benjamin tells him he has to grab on to opportunities like this. Does he want investors or not?

Benjamin promises he’ll call Ricardo tomorrow.

The report’s over and Chico’s ready to cut loose, but Zoe reminds him they STILL have a press conference later. I hope she’s wearing comfortable shoes. She looks around, but Benjamin’s nowhere in sight.

So, there was this other woman sitting in the audience who I mistook for Debora until I saw them in the same frame–similar red dress and blonde-ish hair–and wouldn’t you just know it’s Ariela! She’s furious at her husband, Uri, for daring to ask who she was talking to earlier. She threatens to divorce him…maybe…she can’t stand him. She’s standing so close to him she whacks him with her hair as she walks away from him. They both enjoyed that way too much.

Ariela runs into Debora on her way to the bathroom. She brags that she’s there with her husband who’s this super smart scientist and is also crazy about her.

Debora didn’t think Ariela liked smart guys.

Well, that’s because Debora doesn’t know her.

True, they haven’t seen each other in….

Ariela tells her not to mention time or they’ll both sound old. And props to her plastic surgeon, because she can barely tell Debora’s had any work done.

Debora says her surgeon must be better than Ariela’s.

Ariela doesn’t think so. So how’s Debora been?

Debora thinks she should thank Ariela for turning her back on her way back when. She went to Italy and tracked down Adriano and married him. And they’re still together.

Aww, happily ever after! So Debora’s life is a fairy tale?

Debora says what she has is solid. Her son is the star of this event.

Adriano comes over and asks for an introduction. Ariela’s last name is Gudman, same as his friend Alan.

That’s because her husband Uri is Alan’s younger brother.

Adriano was just coming to tell Debora the press conference is starting. He’s also ogling Ariela, but that’s Adriano for you.

Gideon’s looking at old pictures of Debora and wondering if she’d be willing to reconcile after all this time.

Tamar doesn’t think so. She wrote so many letters and Debora never responded.

Sometimes Gideon thinks they’ve been cursed. Look at Hanna–she wants so much to have a child. She took a place that wasn’t hers, all to save the family honor. Maybe God didn’t like his attitude.

Tamar tells him not to say that. Noah is a gift from God. He fights for them and their traditions. Gideon needs to stop blaming himself because he didn’t lose Debora, she got lost.

Noah gets home and wonders what all the tension is about. He takes the paper from his dad and says it’s his famous nephew. Gideon tells him to forget it. He’d rather hear about Noah’s day in the army, but  it just upsets Tamar.

Now that we know Hanna and Saulo don’t have kids, they give us a scene about Hanna thinking Saulo’s mom hates her for not being able to get pregnant and thinking Saulo hates her for not being Debora.

And now a word from our sponsor…. People who get obsessed with things forget to live. They get stuck in time. If Hanna knew what was about to happen to the world, the last thing she’d want is a child. It’s best she stay the way she is and concentrate on something unimportant.

Saulo’s mother may not hate Hanna, but she thinks the marriage was a mistake. Hey, Saulo’s dad would like grandkids too but marriage is forever and he can’t believe his wife would say she supports divorce. Saulo’s young and he could start over. Isn’t having kids a commandment?!

Osiel tells her to cut it out. He’s going to write this off as her being frustrated, but he’s not sticking around to listen to any more blasphemy!

Felipe’s still in a coma. Sabrina sometimes wants to go back to New York to be closer to Andre, but she’d hate for Felipe to wake up without her there. Leticia admires Sabrina’s love and dedication to Felipe. They’re both sure he’s going to come out of that coma eventually.

The guy in the suit is Enrique and other than being a hospital administrator, I don’t know where he fits into all the other relationships. His wife , Estela, is a doctor and he’s apparently cheating on her with another doctor. Or just flirting, who knows.

Estela wants to do more for the local community, but it’s apparently Enrique’s job to whine about expenses and profits. And he thinks she should stick to doctoring.

The press finally gets to ask Ricardo questions. Zoe asks about immigration and he says immigrants are welcome as long as they meet requirements…that they’re going to figure out later.

His parents are so proud of their little demon baby!

Ricardo wraps up the press conference and says he’ll see everyone at the opening of his city of the future. He hopes this is just the first of many other projects aimed at sustainability in a world filled with peace, abundance, and friendship instead of indifference.

Padre Stefano gets a visit from Padre Victorio, whose job it is to update him on Ricardo’s progress. The event was a success, the press coverage was extensive and positive and the faithful are out there on social media talking about Ricardo.

Padre Stefano says Ricardo’s on a path that was chosen for him before his birth.

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