Apocalipsis Thursday 8/22/19 #8

We get a replay of Padre Stefano meeting with the concerned-looking Padre Victorio.

Enrique’s whining to Leticia about the astronomical cost of disposable gloves. Dude…it’s a hospital. And as if he wasn’t already on my bad side, he tries to flirt with Leticia. She reminds him they’re both married, him to the owner of the hospital, and he says she should be flattered. (Die.)

Osvaldo brings Leticia and sandwich and juice for lunch. He’s reminiscing about not even being able to afford a sandwich when they first met. They start getting mushy and Thiago shows up. Osvaldo’s like “I’m trying to flirt with my wife here!”

Zoe calls so everyone can tell her they loved her broadcast. Leticia tells her to get in touch with Andre, just before Benjamin brings him over.

Andre’s happy to see her. She looks so…

“Lovely,” Benjamin supplies.

Um, he was going to say confident.

Benjamin agrees with “confident” too. Her questions were the best ones! He’d be scared for her to interview him.

But why would she interview him? (Awkward!)

Benjamin says that’s a point for her.

Anyway, she’s leaving tomorrow. She tried to get an interview with Ricardo, but his office is being difficult.

Benjamin offers to let her come with him to the meeting he has with Ricardo tomorrow. That he’s just now telling Andre about.

Chico’s ready to go back to the hotel. Zoe says she’ll meet him downstairs and starts to give Benjamin her number but he just blurts out “Have dinner with me tonight.” And Andre came come too, of course. (Or they could skip dinner and get a room so everyone else doesn’t have to watch them drooling over each other.)

At the police station, Natalia’s telling César about today’s arrest. Dudu’s putting pressure on the guy who showed up to drive the car full of cigarettes to give them the name of his boss. Natalia doesn’t approve, but Dudu says it’s better that way.

Guido pops out of a doorway to grab César–there’s a body.

Dudu brings cigarette driver guy a cellmate. The guy’s getting nervous that he’s not being released, but Dudu’s all “trust me.”

Estela gets home, complaining about the terrible food at the hospital. Her housekeeper made dinner…but is Enrique coming home?

Nope. He’s busy having sex with that other doctor he was flirting with yesterday.

Esmirna, the housekeeper, tries to have a conversation with Estela about her snotty kids, but Estela’s not in the mood.

Benjamin’s trying to make pizza to impress Zoe, but he’s not having much luck. He really doesn’t want Andre around for dinner, even though Zoe’s his cousin.

Adriano and Debora are having drinks at Alan and Susana’s. Adriano thinks it’s funny to joke that he was more interested in Susana than Debora at first. I guess there’s no hard feelings between Alan and Debora about her ditching his cousin. Susana didn’t make it to the presentation today because she was working in the lab.

Andre ordered dinner so it wouldn’t be a total disaster.

Chico texts Zoe that he’s not going to dinner, but she begs him to come.

Benjamin feels like something’s missing from the table and 3-D prints a rose for the vase on the table.

Chico’s really not in the mood to watch Zoe and Benjamin flirting. See above, re: getting a room. He’s having a hot dog and going back to the hotel. Zoe says she’ll be back early but Chico thinks she should have a late night. She never has fun!

Bright red letters tell us this room with all the screens is the MONITORING CENTER. Given that no one’s there monitoring anything, it seems more like Uri’s personal man cave.

Ariela shows up with a suitcase full of his clothes since he didn’t bother coming home.

He doesn’t get it–didn’t she want a separation?

Ariela has to explain to him that it was a cry for attention! She wanted him to beg for forgiveness and come home so they could make up.

Oh. Well. That’s what he wants too.

She ditches her jacket and tells him to prove it….

But Uri’s distracted because he just found an asteroid!

Sure, it’s always something…an asteroid, a planet, a black hole! She storms out of the room and lets him get back to his MONITORING in peace.

At Alan and Susana’s, they’re getting philosophical over their pasta and wine and talking about second chances. Susana doesn’t believe in them. Alan’s sure there would be a loophole. Adriano makes a joke about lawyers. Alan says when Adriano needs one, he’s going to pay for every joke. Andriano says he’d love a second chance. Alan won’t even comment. And Debora?

She wouldn’t do anything different. She’d sleep with the most seductive guy she knows, have a wonderful son and fight for her marriage every day. She tells Adriano there’s no getting away from her. They were born for each other.

Zoe shows up at Benjamin’s. They stand at the door staring at each other for the next five minutes.

So, this whole tableau going on at the crime scene…when Guido said “We’ve got a body” and he and Natalia and César all just kinda looked at each other? This same setup is how a serial killer César’s dad Luis stopped would pose his victims. And wearing the same nightshirt.

Guido’s got a bad feeling about this. He has César check, and the victim has six burn marks on his back. Just like thirty years ago. César says he also has a puncture to his ear. Guido remembers a tattoo on the inside of the lower lip…but this guy doesn’t have one.

Guido says it can’t be Nicanor because he’s in prison. Did they get the wrong guy? (Um, maybe it’s just me, but Nicanor didn’t strike me as a serial killer.)

One of the crime scene techs brings Guido and César over to another area where “SAMAEL” is written on the wall in red paint that I’m sure will end up being blood before this is all over.

Zoe finally asks if she can come in. She’s impressed with the apartment and the printed rose–even though it doesn’t smell like anything. Even if Andre did want to stay for dinner, I’m pretty sure guilt tripping him about how he should call his mom more often would have driven him off. Then she scolds him for calling his dad a “vegetable.”

Benjamin calls for a toast to friendship and reunions. And then he and Zoe stare at each other some more.

On the drive back to the police station, Guido says he’d understand if César wanted to be taken off this case. But no. This is why César wanted to be in Homicide.

Andre’s still hanging out at Benjamin’s, reminiscing with Zoe. Benjamin texts him asking if he’s going to leave already.

Andre texts back that he thinks he’ll stay.

So Benjamin reminds him that he had a thing to go to….

Oh, right! That thing. For a friend.

Zoe’s disappointed he’s not staying for dinner, but he said he’d help his friend, so….

Once Andre’s gone, Zoe’s like “dinner nao plz?” and Benjamin goes off to the kitchen to put takeout on plates.

Ricardo’s assistant is Luca. He introduces Ricardo to a table of card players including the prime minister of somewhere or other.

Adriano whines to Alan that he never got to take over his father’s company because Debora manipulated his dad. She took over everything!

At the card table, Ricardo tells the guy to his left not to bother analyzing his body language. He never bluffs.

The Prime Minister of Wherever asks if his “City of the Future” isn’t a bet.

No, because Ricky only thinks of things he can make a reality. He says taking risks excites him with a complete lack of innuendo.

Alan lectures Adriano about needing to make up for lost time with Ricardo.

At the card table, everyone but Ricardo and the Prime Minister fold. Now he gets flirty. He’s sure his hand isn’t as delicate or elegant as hers.

She goes all in, as does he. She’s got four queens. Ricardo says a gentleman knows how to lose.

Luca comes over and Ricardo shows his hand–he would have had a straight. Or something…his hand was better than hers, basically. He made sure to lose so he can win at what he really wants.

At Benjamin’s there’s more staring and spilled coffee. He shows Zoe the “android” he’s designing. He says it will be able to do anything a human can do, but he’s going to need a lot of money to finish it.

He wants to know more about her life in Rio, but she says she basically just works. She might go to the beach or go out with friends sometimes. She goes to church on Sundays.

Benjamin’s all “You don’t look like someone who goes to church on Sundays.”

“Well, I do. I’m Christian.”

Benjamin says he’s disappointed. (Dude…you are striking out right now. Please stop talking.)

Zoe says she doesn’t understand.

“God doesn’t exist. If God existed the would wouldn’t suck so much.” (I’m paraphrasing.)

Zoe says we do that to ourselves.

“Don’t be so naïve! I can’t believe this coming from an intelligent woman like you.” (Guess who’s not having sex tonight.)

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