Launch Pad (August 24, 2019)

Last week

We posted recaps for La Reina del Sur (ended /29), and Apocalipsis (premiered 8/12).

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This week on TV

Sunday night, El Secreto de Selena begins on Telemundo.

On Monday, Telemundo’s rerun of Jenni Rivera: Mariposa del Barrio ends. Also, the rerun of Despertar Contigo ends on UniMás.

On Tuesday and Wednesday on UniMás, fútbol games shuffle some shows around.

Tuesday, Telemundo replaces Jenni with Anonima.

The morning rerun of María Mercedes on Galavisión ends on Tuesday. It’s replaced on Wednesday with Mujer de Madera.

Tuesday, Univision replaces Despertar Contigo with Un Camino Hacia el Destino.

Wednesday, Sin Tu Mirada ends on Univision. It won’t be replaced until September 3 and it looks like Univision might not be sure whether it’s going with Ringo or Y Mañana Sera, etc. Could we maybe at least get them to stop with the super long titles?

Friday La Reina Soy Yo seems to be ending. Men’s fútbol on UniMás bumps some shows.

Next week: The definitive answer about Univision’s afternoon intentions.

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