La Reina del Sur Friday 7/19/19 #2.54

Sofia’s asleep, holding a framed picture of Teo, Paloma, and Rocio. Lupo comes into her room and pulls the picture gently away from her.

Sofia wakes up, happy to see him. He’s like the dad she never had.

Lupo says Teo’s her dad.

No, Lupo is. Teo’s dead.

And so is he. Teresa just killed him.

Sofia wakes up screaming and Cayetana and Charo come running. Cayetana sends Charo for a glass of water while she sings Sofia back to sleep. (I know. It was weird.)

Cayetana picks up the picture Sofia was holding and starts imagining Teo playing the piano again. She’s returning to picture to its shelf when she starts having chest pains.

Sofia wakes up again and Cayetana says everything’s fine, she just broke the glass in the picture frame. Go back to sleep.

Cayetana walks slowly out of Sofia’s room and down the hallway. Charo meets her with a glass of water with valerian in it. Cayetana drinks it herself. She says death is approaching. La Mexicana’s going to win after all.

Charo asks if she took her medication after dinner, but Cayetana ignores her.

It’s morning in Mexico and everybody’s talking about Zurdo financing Mariano Bravo’s campaign.

At Epifanio’s place, Beba runs outside to tell him she’s had a call from Marietta Lancaster’s people. Zurdo admitted he was funding Mariano Bravo. Epifanio no longer has any competition. The office is his.

Alejandro doesn’t want to talk to Danilo about what’s happening. He says it’s election stuff. He doesn’t want to argue.

Danilo says he’ll order room service, then. Alejandro looks like he’s trying not to cry.

Jonathan takes Lupo, Ray, and Teresa to a Chinese food restaurant. It belongs to a friend of his from college who still owes him a bunch of favors. He leads them to a storage area and says his friend assured him no one would come in while they were there and there’s only one copy of the key, which Jonathan has.

Ray and Jonathan start getting set up.

Lupo points out to Teresa that she risked her life to save him. I’m thinking “Oh, just shut up!” Teresa says they’re even now and Lupo thankfully moves on to talking about something that’s actually important…he realized what the DEA is planning is bigger than they though.

Manuela said the same thing before she died.

Lupo fills Teresa in on the conversation he heard in the bathroom. Epifanio’s being taken out. He had no idea when he took this mission that this was all about manipulating the election.

Ray tells Teresa now that he’s been dating Epifanio’s granddaughter without knowing it. And that he told Epifanio off without revealing that he’s Güero’s nephew. So, if they need to, they can get to Epifanio through Jimena.

Teresa doesn’t get it, though–if the DEA takes out Epifanio then everything they’ve done becomes pointless.

Lupo says the president of the US is behind this and they’ve already picked Epifanio’s successor: Alejandro Alcalá.

Teresa’s really having a hard time with this. No way did Alejandro agree to kill his own brother in law.

Epifanio insists on a celebratory tequila that he’s sure will be fine for the baby. They watch a news report about Zurdo, telling them nothing they didn’t already know. He takes a call from the current president.

Teresa doesn’t know who would make a worse president, but poor Mexico!

Lupo thinks her plan’s solid, but they’ve gotta get to Mexico ASAP. And also they need to talk….

Dude, no. He’s her daughter’s kidnapper and she’s NEVER going to get over that, so don’t push it. The fact that she hasn’t killed him puts him ahead.

It gets real quiet. The camera changes perspective so we can see that Jonathan and Ray were watching the whole conversation. Awkward! Jonathan pulls Lupo aside.

Lencho shows up at the hospital as himself. Zurdo tells him he’s going to escape during the transfer, and Lencho had better make it look good.

Lencho brings up Teresa. They nearly had her, but she went to the US and he doesn’t have a visa.

Batman injects more of the stuff that’s supposed to wake Oleg up into his IV bag. He tells Oleg to wake up already so they can talk about his triumphant return.

Oleg waits for him to leave before opening his eyes.

Teresa’s having a drink, waiting for it to be time to leave. She offers some to Lupo, but he doesn’t like to drink.

OK, so that was true.

And it’s also true that he’s an orphan and grew up in an orphanage, but he doesn’t like to talk about it. He asks if Sofia’s OK.

Yes, and that’s all Teresa’s going to say about her.

Lupo says that’s all that matters. And he knows he owes Teresa, so he’s going to do everything he can to keep the DEA from finding her again.

I guess we’re not waiting for the transfer. Lencho’s going to smuggle Zurdo out in a laundry cart. As much pain as Zurdo was in just getting into the cart, I don’t see this going well. I’m wincing every time Lencho goes over a bump.

In the parking garage, Lencho and some other guys load Zurdo into the back of a van, laundry cart and all, before they drive off.

Cayetana and Sofia walk through the fields. Cayetana’s talking about how this land has belonged to the Aljarafes forever and sometimes when she’s sad she hugs a tree and feels the energy of all the Aljarafes before her. And one day this will all be Sofia’s.

But what about her sisters? They’re also her dad’s children.

Cayetana says they’re not Aljarafes anymore. They sided with Teresa.

OK, but does Cayetana believe in God? Because if she does, she’s supposed to forgive them.

Cayetana says she just can’t.

Sofia says she’s a strong woman, but the hate just takes away that grace the Aljarafes have.

Cayetana kisses her hand and suggests they go find some fruit Sofia’s never seen before and she can make mermelada from it. And Sofia can teach her how to do it.

Danilo and Alejandro have apparently just had incredible sex. And as soon as it’s over Alejandro’s back to his usual charming self, telling Danilo he needs to go to Mexico for a couple of days and he’ll be back. He doesn’t want Danilo to think about the campaign and he doesn’t want him in Mexico until Alejandro says so.

Jonathan and Ray are watching from across the street as Alejandro and Danilo part with a handshake in front of the hotel.

Cayetana takes Sofia shopping. They’ve already got three bags of stuff for Sofia. She knows her mom won’t like it, but Cayetana’s not concerned and there’s another store coming up where she used to buy clothes for Paloma and Rocio.

Sofia decides what they really need to do is update Cayetana’s wardrobe. She needs color and flowers and high heels. She drags Cayetana into a store, with Pepe trailing after them.

Triana’s watching them.

Epifanio greets a cheering crowd, promising an end to corruption. Alejandro looks irritated. Someone sets off fireworks and everyone jumps. Alejandro pulls Epifanio off the stage.

He still has to walk past/through a crowd and Alejandro’s seriously on edge. Teresa’s in the crowd. Alejandro gets a phone call and leaves Epifanio’s security team to get him back to the SUV.

Teresa gets close enough to Epifanio to remind him that she said she’d spill the beans to everyone. She needs to talk to him right now and without Alejandro. Epifanio grabs one of the security guys and tells him to come with.

Danilo’s having trouble finding a place to sit at a crowded café. He ends up asking Ray if he can sit with him. He’s so happy to find a fellow Mexican here! Ray introduces himself as Andrew. Danilo is not immune to his charms.

By the time Alejandro makes his way back through the crowd to the security guards, he’s furious to hear that Epifanio just took off alone.

Teresa hauls Epifanio into a bookstore as he complains that they might be seen. She says nobody reads anymore–they’re alone.

She came to tell him he’s surrounded by wolves and doesn’t realize he’s a lamb who’s about to get de-boned. There’s a plan to replace him as candidate.

Alejandro comes in, calling for Epifanio, but when he gets to the spot where they were just standing, they’re gone.

Teresa pulled Epfanio into a storage closet. No, she’s not trying to kill him. If she’d wanted to do that, he would be dead already.

Alejandro calls Epifanio’s security team, complaining that he can’t find Epifanio. He approaches the checkout desk and tells the guy behind it he’s looking for El Señor Presidente.

Miguel Ángel Asturias…down that way and to the left.

Alejandro makes a face like he should’ve been expecting that.

Teresa has just told Epifanio that Alejandro’s going to replace him. He’s all pouty about how he’s not stepping down and he thinks Teresa’s just trying to turn him against Alejandro.

Teresa says she didn’t believe it either when she first heard it. The two of them have been puppets all this time. They’re arguing loud enough for Alejandro to hear them and try the door.

Teresa motions for Epifanio to leave. He complains to Alejandro that he had to pee. Are they just never going to leave him alone when he’s president? Yeah, he knows that wasn’t a bathroom….

Teresa eventually emerges from not-a-bathroom. The camera lingers on an endcap with a couple of books about Colosio.

At the café, Ray tells Danilo he knows DC well, so if Danilo has any questions, just ask. He knows some good gay bars, too. Danilo’s gay, right?

Danilo acts surprised and then smiles.

Back in the SUV, Epifanio tells Alejandro to cancel his meetings for the rest of the day. He’s tired. He wants to go home and spend some time with Beba. What, now he’s not allowed to see Beba AND not allowed to pee alone? Priorities! He tells Alejandro to drop him off at home.

Ray and Danilo have traded numbers so Danilo can call Ray later if he wants. He says he’ll call when he gets back to the hotel.

Ray smiles at him and walks out, past Jonathan, who also smiles at him.

Alejandro’s back at his hotel and he’s being followed. Cristuan Núnes is the guy who’s going to be Alejandro’s campaign manager when he’s the candidate. They’ve got a lot to talk about.

Sofia’s picking out clothes for Cayetana that aren’t black. Look, she’s still alive, right? Then she should show it. And Sofia hopes she’ll be around for a while because Cayetana’s the only grandma she has.

We don’t get to see her trying anything on, but they leave with a shopping bag. Now Sofia’s on about Cayetana needing to change her nail polish color.

Triana sees them leaving the store and goes inside to ask if they have kids’ clothes. No? Because she just saw a kid walking out of there….

The sales associate says they only sell women’s clothes here. The kid was shopping with her grandma.

Triana says that sounds nice. She tells the sales associate not to worry–she’s leaving now.

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