La Reina del Sur Monday 7/22/19 #2.55

Previously: Alejandro meet his soon-to-be campaign manager. Teresa tells Epifanio they’ve both been puppets and Alejandro’s going to take his place. Lencho smuggles Zurdo out of the hospital. Cayetana and Sofia go shopping.

Batman breaks into his family’s tomb to retrieve the envelope he buried in his wife’s casket. It’s time to bury Epifanio next to Ratas.

Cayetana and Sofia get home. Charo’s fussing about how long they took shopping. She completely approves of Cayetana having bought some outfits herself, after the gitanos….

Cayetana cuts her off and tells Sofia to come with her.

Triana begs Drago to let her get revenge for Juanito by going after Sofia. Drago keeps telling her to forget it, but Triana keeps whining that it would be fair and he knows it.

Batman gets back to his house and checks on Oleg. He says he’s getting some color back, but when’s he going to end his vacation? He’s leaning over to look at some of the medical equipment and Oleg says “I’m back.”

Batman jumps. LOL.

He starts updating Oleg on what’s been going on. Zurdo’s not dead, Sanchez-Godoy got arrested and he’s rooming with Antón. And Teresa…when she finally got them to return Sofia, they blew up the plane she was in. At least that’s what Sheila said, but he’s not sure he believes it.

Oleg tries to insist on talking to Teresa immediately, but Batman says it’s his house, his rules. First he’s going to explain to Oleg why he saved his life.

He pulls out the packet and says he’s got everything about Epifanio from back when he was a nobody all the way up to being the candidate. Aliases, how he laundered his money, pictures of him with narcos.

Oleg says Batman was Epifanio’s right hand.

Yep. “Was.” And Epifanio thinks he still is, but Batman hasn’t been loyal to him since Ratas killed his kids.

Oleg remembers Ratas. He came to Spain to try to kill Teresa. He got away, but not before he told them the order to kill Teresa had come from Batman.

Well, sure. Batman did all the dirty work so Epifanio could be in the papers. But Epifanio was the one who gave orders. Not even a mosquito could fly without him knowing about it. So that whole “Ratas acted alone” story–he doesn’t believe it. The man who killed his family is Epifanio Vargas. And if he’s still working for Vargas it’s because you’ve gotta keep your enemies close. Como dice el dicho, if you sit on the bank of the river long enough, the body of your enemy will go floating by.

Epifanio wanders into his stable to meet with Teresa, though he doesn’t exactly believe her. So Lupo appears and says listening to them is the only way Epifanio’s going to be able to save his own life.

Teresa lays it out for him. Epifanio’s like a chicken who thinks he’s an eagle. But it’s really his brother in law who’s the eagle and he wants them both out of the way. Epifanio’s a dead man walking–they’ve already given the order for his execution and it’s going to be a public one.

Epifanio can’t believe Alejandro would…

What? Kill? Lupo says Epifanio doesn’t really know Alejandro. But Lupo does.

Epifanio thinks Lupo’s just some mercenary hired by Alejandro to kidnap Sofia.

Lupo says this started way earlier than Italy.

Teresa says Alejandro and Lupo both work for the DEA.

And Alejandro’s Lupo’s boss on this mission. The mission being to find Teresa in Italy, kidnap Sofia, make Epifanio a candidate for president, and disappear. Washington organized the whole thing.

Teresa asks why he’s so surprised. Didn’t the same thing happen with Güero? The DEA got him into Epifanio’s organization and the same thing is happening with Alejandro. It’s just more sophisticated this time. Epifanio’s just a pawn. He hasn’t made his own decisions in this game, he’s done what they made him do.

Epifanio says if she’s trying to scare him, she needs another way to do it. He’s not the kind of guy who believes in all that conspiracy stuff–that the moon landing was a hoax, and the FBI killed Kennedy….

OK, whose idea was it to find Teresa in Italy?

Epifanio says it was his.

Really? They tell him to think about it.

In a flashback, Epifanio walks into campaign headquarters while Batman complains about Bravo being ahead in the polls. Epifanio said Bravo was only ahead because Zurdo was financing his campaign. They need to get rid of Zurdo.

Alejandro interrupted, “reminding” Epifanio of something he said about Teresa.

“Uh…what was it?”

That she was a very…capable woman. So he looked into it and he thinks Teresa could help them with Bravo.

Batman and Epifanio laughed. Epifanio says she’d put a bullet in his head first.

Alejandro says he wasn’t thinking of asking her nicely. When she disappeared she was pregnant. Kids are always a soft spot.

But how are they going to find her?

Doesn’t Epifanio remember mentioning Cayetana Aljarafe to him? She’s been spending all her money on private detectives to find Teresa. Maybe she’s got some information. Maybe he should call her.

Back in the stables, Epifanio insists it was Cayetana. She hired a PI to find Teresa! The guy’s name was…

And Cayetana handed out her address to every one of her enemies. Which is why Epifanio never suspected Alejandro. This was the bait and Epifanio took it.

Emilio. And Lupo knows that because HE was Emilio. There’s no private detective who could have found Teresa. The DEA were the only ones who knew where to find Teresa. Alejandro gave Lupo the address to give to Cayetana.

The General arrives at the hospital and finds Zurdo gone. And the only thing one of the guys on the door can say is “He didn’t leave, I swear.” Even though the bed is empty and the blinds are open so everyone can see into the room.

The General starts calling for backup and roadblocks. He calls the president.

Teresa goes further back. Who got Epifanio out of prison?

Alejandro. Because he has international contacts and they convinced the judge that Teresa had lied.

Does he still believe that?

Lupo says it was all planned by the new gringo government.

Teresa says they sent Alejandro to get close to Epifanio in prison. To save him, to be his friend, introduce Epifanio to his inner circle…and his sister.

Epifanio whines that Beba’s the one who came to him…because she’s a journalist…

But who did he meet first?

Epifanio tells them to back off of Beba. Why would they go to all this trouble to get him out of prison and make him president?

Teresa says a powerful government wants to interfere in a country’s elections. They get him elected president and now they have someone working for them. Because they know where all the bodies are buried.

So that’s what they planned for Alejandro?

No. He’s the puppet master, but it’s the US government running the show. They’re going to have the new president by the balls, working for them. The Russians have done it, the gringos…. (I see what you did there, show.) And that’s just the ones they know about.

Epifanio might finally be starting to get it. He’s surrounded by traitors.

Teresa shoots Lupo a “don’t forget, I still hate you” look and agrees. The gringos pay well for that, for getting traitors and infiltrators everywhere. They should be in Hollywood, the things they make people believe. They’re the ones who trained Alejandro Alcalá to get into Epifanio’s life. And now he’s even Epifanio’s brother in law!

Epifanio remembers thanking Alejandro for everything he’s done for him and asking what Alejandro expected to get out of it. He remembers waiting in a garage with Alejandro for a big “donation.”

“The money came from the US! How did I not know this?! I’m so stupid!” Alejandro came up with the whole plan to kidnap Sofia and bring Teresa to Mexico to topple Zurdo Villa.

Teresa asks the big question–did Epifanio know Alejandro gave the order to kill Sofia?

Epifanio’s surprised. They killed her daughter? He didn’t know! (Yeah, see I’m not entirely believing his shock because I do remember him talking about it with Alejandro.)

Lupo says he and another agent were given the order.

Teresa says that’s what her last phone call to Epifanio was about.

Lupo explains they were going to blow up Teresa and Sofia, but Teresa got off the plane at the last minute.

Teresa says he can check it out with Alejandro.

Epifanio whines that he didn’t give the order! He told them to take good care of Sofia! She can ask Lupo!

Of course he didn’t. He’s just a puppet. Puppets don’t give orders. The DEA never intended to give back her daughter.

Epifanio swears he doesn’t kill kids. Much less after what Teresa did for him. He swears! Now he realizes why Alejandro didn’t want him to talk to Teresa. But he’s gonna go rip that guy’s head off! (Nope. Still not convinced.)

Danilo makes it to the gay bar, complete with neon lights, shirtless servers, loud music, and drag queens. I think I’d call it more of an antro than a bar.

“Andrew” aka Ray manages to get Danilo to the bar before Danilo can run back up the stairs. He orders them two tequilas after he pretty much badgers Danilo into drinking something other than beer.

Ray’s turning up the flirt level. He asks what Danilo did this afternoon and manages to look like he finds all that walking and sightseeing super hot. (Note to self: must try this when Mr. 5ft speaks in acronyms….)

Danilo’s all nervous, talking about how “different” it is here. He’s probably also nervous because Ray’s hand is on his leg and looking at him like he wants to eat him alive.

Ray apologizes. He gets…intense…when he sees something he wants. He figures Danilo’s got a boyfriend?

Yeah. For three years.

No worries, because “Andrew” isn’t jealous.

In his hotel room, Alejandro looks like he’s talking to himself. He’s Mexican, educated in the US, doesn’t really have anyone in his family he cares about, he’s 38…

39 his future campaign manager corrects.

Yeah, Alejandro feels like he’s looking in a mirror. He was just in this guy’s place.

The new him seems impatient. Alejandro’s going to be the candidate. Bravo’s out since they got Zurdo to talk. And with Epifanio dead and his widow begging for justice, he’s sure people will turn out to vote for Alejandro in record numbers.

Alejandro’s struggling with the thought of taking the office his dad always wanted for him.

Yeah, whatever. It’s a done deal. Look, when they announce Alejandro’s candidacy, they need him to have a First Lady.

In less than a week?!

Well, his ex is perfect. Just call her up….

Alejandro says there’s no way! It ended badly.

Well, those are Sheldon’s orders. If Alejandro’s single people will start asking why. They’ve looked into his ex and she never remarried or had kids. If Alejandro doesn’t find a First Lady on his own, they’ll have to go with her.

What Epifanio doesn’t get is why Lupo changed sides.

“I fell in love with Teresa.”

Teresa, Epifanio, and all the horses rolled their eyes.

Teresa tells “Michele” to back off. Epifanio’s impressed that she got that much information out of him.

Lupo says when he was taking care of Sofia, he got to know Teresa. Only an incredible woman could have raised Sofia. He fell in love. And when he refused to kill Sofia or Teresa, they sent Manuela.

Teresa says Manuela’s dead now, like everyone who comes after her. Like Alejandro will be. He messed with what Teresa holds dear and he has to pay.

Alrighty, then. When and where is he (Epifanio) getting killed?

That they don’t know. But soon, since the elections are right around the corner. Alejandro’s probably working on it now. Epifanio needs to check his phone, his secrets….

They hear Beba calling for him.

Teresa says he should ask her, unless he’s sure she doesn’t know anything. She and Lupo split and Epifanio starts rehearsing a speech.

Beba wonders why he’s rehearsing in the stable.

Well, because he was smoking. And he didn’t want to disturb her. And hey, BTW, has she heard from Alejandro?

No. He’s been quiet and he was pissed off after that whole “kill the messenger” thing.

Right. Kill the messenger. Does she think he looks like a messenger? He asks, with his hand on her throat, if he can trust her.

Beba says he’s scaring her. They should go back to the house.

Epifanio goes back to the house without saying another word to her or even waiting for her to walk with him.

Epifanio starts searching a bedroom in the house. Alejandro’s? Beba comes in and asks what’s going on.

He needs to talk to Alejandro and Alejandro won’t answer his phone.

Beba thought he’d be at his hotel.

Epifanio needs to find him. If he doesn’t come back, she should ask Alejandro for an explanation.

Ray’s getting Danilo drunk. He dances, slips some cash to a dancer, and looks like he’s having a good time. But he’s drunk and he really wants to leave. Ray promises they will after 2 more tequila shots. He swears he won’t take advantage. Too bad Danilo has a boyfriend. Why isn’t he here?

He said he had to go to Mexico and he’d be back soon and he doesn’t like places like this. He’s always worried about appearances.

Is he famous?

Sort of.

And what’s his name?


Then they’ll drink to Alejandro, then. And then they’ll drink to “us.” Ray spills his shot on the floor while Danilo’s drinking his. He orders another two shots and gets Danilo back to the booth, where he complains about how much he loves Alejandro, but he has lots of secrets.

Ray suggests Alejandro’s cheating, which cracks Danilo up. His “lover” is work. He’s in Mexico now, but he’ll be back tomorrow. Why don’t they change the subject.

Ray responds by grabbing the back of his head and kissing him hard. It was verging on violent. Danilo kisses him back and Ray says he wants to kidnap him. He’ll take him to heaven. (Poor Danilo! He doesn’t deserve any of this.)

The part of Team Teresa we haven’t seen in a while are in their new hideout in Culiacán, fussing about not knowing what Teresa and the boys are doing.

And suddenly, the door opens and Teresa walks in with Lupo.

Uh, isn’t he…?

First things first. Teresa needs a tequila and she needs to tell them Sofia’s not dead. She lied to them.

Conejo’s pissed and so is Sheila.

Teresa’s really sorry. Sofia’s with Cayetana.

Rocio’s worried about that, but Teresa says she’s safe, even though she’s with someone who wants Teresa dead.

Conejo says that was smart. Shelia says Cayetana would never do anything to hurt Sofia. Paloma and Rocio agree.

But they’ve gotta keep this quiet. Rocio can’t tell Sanchez-Godoy, in case he tells Zurdo. And Ray and Jonathan are on a mission and they’ll probably show up tomorrow morning.

Sheila answers her phone and tells Teresa Batman wants to talk to her. Teresa turns to look at Lupo, who says he could have news about Epifanio.

In his hotel room, Alejandro and the new guy plan Epifanio’s assassination.

Epifanio heads down the hallway to Alejandro’s room.

It sounds like Alejandro’s going to shoot Epifanio himself? New Guy says it’ll be so crowded no one will know which direction the shot came from.

Epifanio stops to listen at Alejandro’s door.

Alejandro sees the shadows Epifanio’s casting by pacing the hallway. He bangs on the door and Alejandro and New Guy hurry to hide the assassination stuff and look like they’re having a campaign meeting.

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