La Reina del Sur Tuesday 7/23/19 #2.56

Previously: Teresa and Lupo explained to Epifanio what Alejandro’s up to. Triana begged the patriarch to let her kill Sofia. Epifanio showed up at Alejandro’s hotel. Batman explained to Oleg that he wants revenge on Epifanio.

Zurdo’s out of the hospital and in some apartment he probably thinks is beneath him. Lencho says it’s just for the night, since the cops are looking for them. They pretty much seized everything from the ranch. Lencho’s got this handful of guys plus maybe another twenty.

Zurdo decides his priority is to get revenge on Teresa. He wants to talk to the guy who hacked Teresa’s GPS transmitter.

Alejandro lets Epifanio into the hotel room and introduces him to Cristian, who he’s bringing in for the final month of the campaign to do blah blah blah lies lies lies.

Epifanio announces that he’s taking a week off with Beba.

Alejandro “forbids” him from doing that because they have all these important rallies, meetings, etc.

Cristian says he thinks it sounds like a good idea. So now Alejandro agrees.

Epifanio asks Cristian to let him talk to Alejandro alone for a minute. He asks what’s going on with Teresa. She’s not taking his calls.

First Alejandro says it’s because she’s with her daughter, then he says she’s been calling him and making threats and she’s trying to drive a wedge between them, but it won’t work ’cause they’re family.

Epifanio doesn’t look like he’s buying this.

Sheila, Teresa, and Lupo show up at Batman’s. Batman’s asking Lupo what’s up and why’d he switch teams and while Lupo would probably like nothing more than to tell Batman all about his deep and undying love for Teresa, she tells them to save it for a coffee date. Right now, she wants to know why Batman insisted she come over. She doesn’t have time for this!

“Not even for an old friend?” I’m seriously worried that Teresa’s going to hug Oleg to death, but he survives the initial assault, so maybe he’ll make it after all.

Ray takes Danilo to some rooftop bar where he pushes another shot of tequila on him. Danilo knows Ray brought him here for sex and he’s ready for it. Tonight, he’s all his. Tomorrow he’ll feel guilty, but who cares? He starts kissing on Ray’s neck and then passes out.

Jonathan comes over, laughing about what a good couple they make. “Admit it, you liked the kiss.”

Ray tells him to shut up as Jonathan starts checking Danilo’s pockets.

Batman tells Teresa about his epic rescue of Oleg. Sheila’s still mad at him for shutting the door in her face the other day. As far as Teresa’s concerned, it’s all in the past.

Sheila tells Oleg they all missed him so much! Oleg says he missed them too.

Lupo pouts.

Teresa feels awful about having left Oleg in the hotel. He says she only left because he told her to. It’s called a survival strategy. She didn’t have any other choice.

So, Batman’s gotten him caught up on some stuff, but there are still things he doesn’t understand. He thinks Teresa’s in more danger than ever now.

Lupo interrupts to say Teresa already knows he’s Lupo and Francesco.

Teresa sounds annoyed when she says that Lupo kidnapped her daughter.

Oleg needs to sit with that for a minute. No wonder he always suspected him! He’d always show up just in time to save Teresa and he was passing on what he found out from them. It’s his fault Sofia’s dead!

Oh, yeah, another bit of news–Sofia’s not dead.

Batman’s glad to hear it. He liked the kid.

Teresa warns him that if Epifanio or Alejandro find out she’s gonna shoot him where it hurts.

Alejandro walks Epifanio out to his car while he lays it on way too thick about how they’re family and Epifanio’s his nibling’s father and the guy who’s always going to take care of his sister, and he’d take a bullet for him.

Epifanio says he’s changed his mind about the vacation. He thinks Alejandro’s right and now’s the time to charge forward. He’ll sleep on it and let “Alex” know.

Jonathan injects Danilo with something while Ray starts copying everything off his phone. From what he sees so far, Danilo’s a nice guy who doesn’t realize what kind of a creep he’s dating. Jonathan’s going to check out Danilo’s hotel room and once he’s done that, he and Ray will leave.

Ray calls Jimena and says he needs to talk to her….

Teresa tells the others that Manuela’s the one who told her that Lupo was on her side. Sheila says Teresa went to Washington to bust him out with one of her “plans” that looked like it came from a movie. So, unfortunately, whatever this guy’s name is, he helped save Sofia.

OK. Oleg will trust Teresa. Even though she was always wrong about Lupo. So now what?

Lupo says Zurdo escaped from the hospital, so he’s a risk for Teresa. Batman’s sure Epifanio was behind Zurdo’s escape, since he already told everyone he was funding Mariano Bravo. Oleg says they have to keep Epifanio from being president and he knows how…

Batman says they’ve got a bomb.

Well, they’re not going to get to detonate it. They have to stop Alejandro Alcalá first. They all thought he was Epifanio’s lackey, but he’s the king on this chessboard. And if they don’t get him to checkmate Teresa and Sofia will always be in danger.

At Zurdo’s temporary hideout, Goldberg, the guy who hacked into Teresa’s GPS, explains that it’s an Israeli-made transmitter, which is why he knew how to hack it.

Zurdo figures Teresa’s at her new safe house, but Lencho says that’s not it. He knows where the new place is and they were just waiting for Zurdo to give an order.

What Zurdo wants for now is for Teresa not to know that he knows where she is. That way, he’ll have more time to plan.

Batman’s furious. He’s handing Epifanio to Teresa on a platter and she’s more worried about Alejandro?

Oleg feels like he’s missing something.

Teresa says a lot has happened since they captured Lupo. He got to hear about the plan. The gringos were going to hand Epifanio the election, but now they’ve decided to get rid of Epifanio and make Alejandro Alcalá the new president. Assuming they can’t screw that up before it happens.

Oleg grudgingly admits it’s a great plan.

Teresa never thought she’d say this, but she thinks their best move right now is to support Epifanio.

No way! They have to kill him! It’s the only way Batman can avenge his family. He doesn’t care what the gringos want. He can’t even understand how Teresa can say that! She gave birth to a child who got taken from her and who’s now off somewhere safe, but what does Batman have? He’s been swallowing his anger for years, crying at night in the room where Ratas shot his kids.

Sheila tries to say they understand–

But no, because if they understood they wouldn’t just leave Epifanio there, like a lamb. If the gringos want to kill him, Batman will do them a favor and do the job for free!

Teresa says she does understand. She freaked out when the plane blew up, thinking the plan didn’t work and Sofia didn’t make it.

But she did. She’s alive. And who’s going to return Batman’s family to him, huh? Who?!

Lupo says they’re not justifying what Epifanio did, but if they want to stop this they need to kill Alejandro Alcalá.

Oleg tells Batman he’s waited this long. He can wait a little longer.

Teresa begs him to trust her and she swears they WILL make Epifanio pay for everything he’s done to both of them.

At Cayetana’s, Sofia’s managed to get her to put the red dress  on. Then she talks her into a new hairstyle that’ll make the boys come running. She sets up a curtain so Cayetana can make a big reveal to Charo and Pepe. Cayetana complains about “this girl” but she’s loving it.

Zurdo’s swallowing some pills without water while staring obsessively at the map with the red dot. He calls out to Lencho–Teresa’s home. He knows what to do.

Teresa and Lupo brought Oleg back to the house with them. Everybody’s glad to see him, even if Conejo does hug him a little too tight.

While they’re all welcoming him back home, Lupo’s talking to Teresa about getting some rest. It’s been a rough couple of days. He says he’s leaving, but Teresa says he can’t. He might be seen. He should stay the night, at least. From the other side of the room Oleg’s Unsuitable Boyfriend alarm pings.

Epifanio’s in his office, polishing a bottle of tequila off by himself while he obsesses over the things Teresa and Alejandro said about each other.

Teresa’s up early. Oleg comes into the dining room and she says she still can’t believe he’s alive.

And he can’t believe she’s with the Italian.

Teresa doesn’t think she could say anything to make him change his mind. Plus, she doesn’t have much to say. She fell hard.

Oleg quotes Boris Pasternak saying he didn’t like people who never failed because life hadn’t revealed its beauty to them.

Teresa says she believes Lupo, because he helped save Sofia and he had no reason to.

Then Oleg hopes he keeps helping them. They’ll have to deal with Zurdo now.

Teresa says there are people coming at them from all sides.

But with Zurdo it’s a tactical battle. They have to leave him with no resources. Teresa knows where he keeps his money, right?

So they can leave him without any? They’d have to be quick about it. Catch him with his pants down.

And they also have to be careful. Wounded animals are the most dangerous.

Zurdo’s feeling way better in the morning. I suspect that’s more about his pain pills than his body actually recovering. He’s ready to take on Teresa now. Face to face. Of course, he needs help getting out of his chair and he’s walking with a crutch and Lencho’s hovering over him like a mother hen.

Alejandro’s leaving a “Sorry babe, I’m not going to make it back today” message on Danilo’s voicemail. (He’s going to have the worst morning ever.)

Beba comes into the dining room and says she can’t decide if it’s funny or pathetic, all his whispery phone calls.

Alejandro asks how the baby’s doing and Epifanio says he’s good. How else would he be? Kid’s gonna be born with mom’s looks and dad’s smarts.

Anyway, they’re off to a rally and running late, so they’ll just get some breakfast along the way.

Beba grabs her stuff. They discussed this–she’s going with him.

Epifanio says that’s right, he invited her.

Teresa and Lupo go into a building with a Señor Bubble sign over the door. Lencho and Zurdo are following Teresa’s signal.

This is the new Team Teresa workspace. Jonathan and Ray are back. Jonathan says he’s never had to fly so low to avoid radar…but Ray had the harder job. Everyone but Lupo laughs.

Jonathan takes Teresa and Lupo out to the hallway to point out…Danilo.

Teresa slaps him awake and he babbles about his family not having any money, so if this is a kidnapping….

She tells him to calm down. She’s sorry to have to do this, but it’s war. And sometimes the innocent pay for the guilty. That’s what’s going on now.

Lencho and Zurdo trace Teresa’s signal, but Zurdo’s confused by what the hell “Señor Boob-le” is.

Danilo’s still screaming in confusion when Ray runs in and says they have company.

Zurdo’s making his way slooooooowly down the street, insisting they don’t know he’s here and he wants to see Teresa face to face.

Teresa, Lupo, and Ray run back to the surveillance room and Lupo says that’s Zurdo all right.

Teresa doesn’t know how he found them, but it’s on now.

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