La Reina del Sur Thursday 7/25/19 #2.58

Previously: Batman was framed for the attempt on Epifanio’s life. Zurdo lost Teresa forever. Teresa was ready to focus on Alejandro. Batman begged Sheila to get Teresa to help him. Cristian conveyed the DEA’s new orders–Alejandro has to kill Epifanio himself.

Batman swears on his family that he did intend to go to that rally and shoot Epifanio. He was working his way slowly through the crowd and Epifanio was spouting the usual political crap, but when he got to the part about how “family” looks out for each other and protects each other, Batman lost it. (I get that, bro.) And he really was going to shoot him at that point, but someone else did it first. He couldn’t see who it was.

Next thing he knew, everyone was saying he did it and he had to make a run for it. He really didn’t see anything but a shadow and he’s pretty sure the shooter wasn’t a n00b.

Lupo figures it was a DEA sniper.

Teresa scolds Batman for not being patient like she asked.

He knows he screwed up, but he’s been waiting eight years to get revenge. Maybe it was God or his kids who kept him from being the one to shoot Epifanio. At any rate, everyone’s looking for him now.

Sheila says all the news reports aren’t even saying whether Epifanio’s alive or dead.

Teresa says he was going to wear a bulletproof vest. He should be fine. She’ll agree to help Batman if he drops his revenge plans for Epifanio. The bullet with Epifanio’s name now has Alejandro’s name on it.

Batman whines, but Teresa asks if he’d rather eat mud or eat shit.

Triana gets into Cayetana’s house, tries to suffocate Sofia with a plastic bag, and gets a vase over the head, courtesy of Cayetana.

Team Teresa’s moving in to their new place. I don’t know if this is the 2nd new place or the 3rd one since Zurdo knew where the 2nd one was. Conejo insists on carrying Paloma’s heavy backpack and having Paloma carry Tozzi.

Oleg has been prepping Rocio. She’s got to deliver a message to Faustino without the guards hearing. He tells her to go on and he’ll finish getting the house ready for Teresa.

Oleg tells Ahmed they need to make up another bedroom somewhere.

Teresa gets home with Sheila and Batman and says Batman’s moving in. And they need to turn on the TV so she can get caught up on the news.

Beba’s trying to get Epifanio to explain about Lupo and Teresa. All he’ll tell her is that Alejandro didn’t approach him in prison just out of friendship. The DEA ordered him to do it. And the rest, he insists, can wait until after he’s gone outside so the press can see he’s still alive.

Beba’s really not OK with this, but she puts her game face on.

Team Teresa are watching the news. The media already know Epifanio’s alive and that he was wearing a bulletproof vest. While they’re waiting for him to come out of the hospital to talk to him, they roll the footage of Batman, aka their only suspect.

Batman swears he didn’t do it. ‘Cause he would’ve shot for the head. And if he’d known the attempt would be today, he would’ve stayed away from that rally.

Sheila and Conejo are worried about the Federales showing up, but Teresa’s more worried about the DEA. It’s convenient for them to have everybody thinking Batman did it.

Epifanio thanks Beba in front of the press, for being his “rock,” etc. Then he says he’s not going to back down and if the country wants him, they’ll have him for as long as they need him.

As far as the accusations against Batman, they need to let the investigation run it’s course and when they find THE REAL CULPRIT *glares at Alejandro* they’ll bring the full weight of the law down on him.

Beba looks worriedly at Alejandro.

Teresa says that was a message for her. And she has a plan to put an end to things.

Alejandro wants to stick to the original plan, but Cristian says Sheldon wants Epifanio to have a heart attack or a sudden respiratory failure.

Cayetana had Charo and Pepe haul Triana out to the stables. She tells Pepe to go call the cops and Charo to go be with Sofia. This is between her and Triana.

Basically, Cayetana’s going to shoot her and say Triana was breaking in to try to kill Sofia. (Which is pretty much the truth.) So, Triana will die without having gotten her revenge and Cayetana’s not going to go to prison for it.

Triana distracts Cayetana by saying someone else will be along to revenge her death and pluck Sofia’s eyes out. Meanwhile, she cuts the ropes around her hands with a knife she had who-knows-where.

Cayetana doesn’t care about Triana’s pain. She lost a son too. She knows what it’s like. His killer had her reasons–he deceived her, he stole from her, he sold her out, and he did it knowing she loved him. But Cayetana didn’t want to see it. She didn’t want to see that she hadn’t done right by him. She gave him everything growing up and he thought he deserved everything. His ambition cost him his life.

She’s sure Triana understands that. Her son came here intending to sleep with her granddaughter to see what he could get out of her.

Triana whines that her boy had talent!

Cayetana says he lacked the balls to face down a bull. He was a coward and an abuser and a rapist.

“That slut deserved it!” (Oh, Triana. I knew I hated you.)

Cayetana tells her to shut it. Instead Triana does some more trash talk and threatens to send Cayetana to hell if she kills her.

Cayetana’s not afraid of death. And she’s known what hell is for years.

Triana throws straw in her eyes and hides. Cayetana finds Triana and they struggle for the knife. Sofia, who had been lurking, tries to go after Triana herself. Triana throws her off and turns to attack her, but now Cayetana grabs Triana and in all the confusion, Charo ends up running into Triana’s knife.

Cayetana puts the gun to Triana’s head and says she’s going to be a grandmother, but she’ll never meet her grandchild. And she shoots her, right there in front of Sofia.

And then everyone rushes over to Charo. Cayetana sends Pepe to call an ambulance. Cayetana begs Charo to keep talking.

Charo says it’s the first time Cayetana hasn’t wanted her to shut up.

She’s glad she got to hear Cayetana defend her granddaughters before she died. She tells Sofia her yaya acts tough, but she’s a good person. She’s not scared of dying, just of leaving Cayetana alone. She begs Cayetana to make up with Paloma and Rocio. And she tells Sofia they’re good girls, like she is. She’s sorry she didn’t get the chance to know her better, but that’s life. It’s just a sigh. She asks Sofia to take care of her grandma, ’cause she’s hardheaded. But she’s a good woman and she loves Sofia. It’s been great being at Cayetana’s side all this time.

And then she either passes out or dies, leaving Cayetana and Sofia weeping over her.

Rocio visits Faustino and cuts him off before he can give her his speech about not needing to visit. He made a promise and he’s going to keep it. Soon they’ll be married and far away from this prison.

Oleg sent him a message. She doesn’t have time to explain how he’s alive, but she needs to know what time he goes out to the yard. Tomorrow at that time, he’ll get a special visitor.

The guard tells Rocio her time’s up. She whispers to Faustino to find out who David Kaplan is and not to forget, tomorrow at 8.

Ray shows up at Jimena’s to break up with her. Her grandfather killed his uncle, Güero Davila. She may not care, but there’s no way he can have a family with her, a child who would carry the name “Vargas.”

Beba and Epifanio get back to the house. She still wants answers from him, but he asks for a truce and suggests she go in and have a bath and he’ll join her later. The president calls (allegedly) and he tells her to go on ahead without him.

Actually, it’s Teresa. She says she saw his “message” and she can assure him Batman didn’t do it. She’s got a plan to clear Batman’s name AND get rid of Alejandro. Because he’s definitely going to try to kill him again and he won’t fail twice.

Alejandro’s stalling, asking for more time to come up with a plan, more time alone to think. Cristian’s irritated that he doesn’t just call Beba and apologize, but OK, he’ll give him time.

Ray tells Paloma he broke up with Jimena and he’s finally realized he wants to be with her.

He broke up with Jimena why…?

Well, because her grandfather had his uncle killed and no way could he be part of that family! What if they had a kid? That kid would have the blood of a murderer in their veins.

OK, well, if blood’s so important to him, then he and Paloma don’t have a future either. She’s expecting a child who isn’t his. She knows that’s always going to bother him. She’s sorry, but right now she needs to think of herself. And her child, who’s more important than Ray.

He asks if there’s any chance, however small, that they could get back together.


Cayetana gives a vague statement to the police. Triana came to her house to kill her granddaughter and Charo got in the way to defend her. Cayetana’s lawyer says he can bring her to the station later, but it’s been a rough night….

The officer reminds her she can’t leave Spain. And this case is connected to the murder of the dead woman’s son.

But her granddaughters didn’t do it!

OK, then they need to show up and give statements.

Cayetana assures him her granddaughters are innocent and if he needs someone to blame, she’ll find someone for him.

Sofia helps Cayetana up to the back porch and asks, if her sisters didn’t kill that man, who did.

Cayetana sighs and says she did it.

She asks the lawyer to come back to the house soon so they can talk about some stuff. Pepe tells her he’s left “Cristina” in charge of the house (this house?) and to let him know if they need anything.

Sofia thanks him, but she’ll take care of her grandmother.

She sobs to Cayetana that this is all her fault. If she hadn’t come here, Charo would be alive. She’s going to call her mother to come pick her up. She doesn’t want to cause any more problems.

Cayetana says it’s not her fault and if Sofia leaves, she’ll die.

Danilo calls Alejandro. Alejandro’s wishing he could be with him, hugging him, kissing him, making love to him all night.

“Alex, help me!” Danilo says they brought him back to Mexico. He doesn’t know who these people are!

Teresa takes the phone and says hi to “Alex.” He underestimated her. And she’s got Lupo and Jonathan on her side, so it’s up to him whether he keeps up with the lies or shows up to rescue his boyfriend.

Alejandro asks what more she wants. She’s already ruined the campaign, she got Batman to shoot at Epifanio, she’s dead.

Yeah, he needs to shut it. They’re going to negotiate her departure from Mexico and how she’s never getting bothered again.

And she thinks he’s going to do that just because they have Danilo? He’s going after all her loved ones one by one and then he’ll rain fire down on her head and finish her off.

“Blah, blah, blah.” He sees the storm coming and he won’t bend. Teresa puts him on speaker and nods to Danilo to beg for help some more. He begs so hard he knocks his chair over. Teresa begs him not to make her hurt this guy. Look, she’s a badass, but even she got taken in by Lupo.  Now she and Alejandro share the same weak spot.

Alejandro swears he’s going to kill her.

Good, she’s glad he’s pissed off. Now they can negotiate. If he doesn’t want his boyfriend back in pieces, they need to meet. No tricks. Tomorrow morning 8am. She’ll text him the location a half hour before.

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