La Reina del Sur Wednesday 7/24/19 #2.57

Previously: Zurdo’s tracking Teresa. Teresa tells the team the plans have changed–now they have to stop Alejandro, not Epifanio. Epifanio knows he’s expendable and he’s not taking it well. Team Teresa kidnap Danilo. Zurdo, still in bad shape, decides to attack Señor Bubble.

Halfway across the street, a police truck rolls by. Teresa and Lupo get back into their SUV and drive away. Zurdo decides to follow them, still thinking Teresa doesn’t know she’s being followed.

Teresa and Lupo can’t figure out how Zurdo found them, but she needs to talk to him.

Uh, right, and end up with a bullet in her head before she says hello?

Teresa says she’s done worse and lived through it.

Zurdo and Lencho can’t figure out where Teresa’s going, considering the new safe house is in the opposite direction.

It’s rally time. Oh, please, not the Epifanio masks! That’s too creepy.

Epifanio remembers Teresa saying he’s a dead man walking…Alejandro saying he’d take a bullet for him. He pulls himself together and gets up on stage with Beba. The crowd loves it when Beba kisses him.

Batman’s in the crowd.

Epifanio’s talking about how they’re a family and family look out for each other and keep their promises.

Batman takes aim at Epifanio and there’s a shot…but it didn’t come from him.

I’m not seeing where Epifanio got shot, but Alejandro and the guys carry him to an ambulance. He tells Cristian, the new guy, to go after Batman. Beba insists on going with Epifanio in the ambulance. (That’s a good way to get yourself a free check of your blood pressure, Bebs.)

Teresa and Lupo finally stop the SUV. Lencho says they’re at one of the warehouses where Zurdo’s cash is hidden. He tells Zurdo to hold on and starts driving faster.

Epifanio was wearing a bulletproof vest. He explains to Beba that he heard from a very good source that Alejandro was going to try to kill him soon and take his place as candidate. He needs to know she didn’t have anything to do with it before he tells her a few more things.

If Alejandro did this, he’s dead to Beba. And of course she’s on Epifanio’s side! Who else has been with him through everything? She’s having his baby!

And now Epifanio’s sure that baby’s going to be born at Los Pinos.

Zurdo and Lencho pull up outside the warehouse. Teresa watches them come in with the other guys. Zurdo’s surprised to see all his cash piled up on the middle of the room…then he smells the gasoline and backs up.

Teresa steps out, lighting the rag stuffed into a bottle of booze. She wants to know how he found her. And if he won’t tell her, they’ll find out how quickly $200M burns.

She has him send the guys outside so they can yell at each other some more about him leaving her alone and her trying to kill him and one phone call is all it will take to burn up all the rest of his cash. He wants to know what her price was.

Teresa says she did it for Sofia, just like he would have done for Renata.

Sure. Renata’s the reason he admitted to financing Bravo. But he didn’t betray Teresa. He’s feeling pretty stupid right now for not killing Lupo as soon as he met him. He whines about Teresa pretending to love him and how that hurts worse than anything else.

Teresa says both of them were manipulating each other, using each other. That’s how they operate.

Zurdo whines about losing everything.

Well, Teresa lost her whole life. And she can still hurt Zurdo.

He doesn’t think she has to guts to torch the cash.

But she does.

Zurdo ends up with a burned leg in addition to all his other injuries.

Epifanio’s been checked out and he’s got no injuries. Beba’s still freaked out. Alejandro comes in pretending he’s thrilled that Epifanio’s not dead. He tries to take credit for Epifanio wearing the bulletproof vest.

Beba tells Alejandro to cut the act.

Epifanio says Beba knows Alejandro is an accomplice to his assassination attempt and Epifanio had to put his neck on the guillotine to prove it.

Beba begs Alejandro to say it’s not true, but he kind of doesn’t. He just sticks to “How many times have I said I love Epifanio?” and “They already have a suspect.”

Batman had been running from Alejandro’s guys and stole a motorcycle from a café. He’s riding around wearing an “Epifanio” t-shirt and a red cap that seems like a bad idea. He calls and sets up a meeting with someone.

Yep, the media think Batman’s the one who shot at Epifanio. I’m sure Alejandro had nothing to do with that. (*eye roll*)

Alejandro keeps insisting it was Batman, but Epifanio tells him to explain how he’s an agent for the DEA and the US government wants to make him president.

Alejandro resorts to calling Epifanio crazy. And then he says Teresa’s the one who told him all this, right? He tells Epifanio to tell Beba about “their” deal with Teresa. Maybe it’s just me, but at this point I’d think Beba would have noticed that Alejandro’s including himself and she’d start asking him for explanations.

They go another round of “Tell her, tell her” and “He’s just trying to distract you!” Alejandro says Epifanio’s crazy and he quits.

Which is convenient because from now on the president of Mexico has ordered the army to take charge of Epifanio’s security.

Works for Epifanio. He says when they find the guy who tried to kill him they need to interrogate him thoroughly because he MUST have an accomplice and that accomplice MUST be someone close to him.

In a train yard, with a bottle of antiseptic and a Swiss army knife, Lupo digs the transmitter out of Teresa’s foot. And now they’re gonna see if that’s how Zurdo was tracking her.

Zurdo tells Lencho to drive faster, before Teresa burns up all his cash.

Batman meets up with Sheila. She’s laughing at his outfit and his stolen moto and she hasn’t seen the news because they’ve been busy moving again and Zurdo’s after Teresa.

Batman says he was on the verge of death and she was all he could think of.

She feels the same way! It’s going to work! She snogs him.

Um…yeah he’s thinking that too, but not right now. See, Teresa said she wouldn’t help him get Epifanio, so he went to the rally–

And killed the candidate?! In front of everybody?!

Yes. Well, actually no, but they’re saying he did it and Teresa’s the only one who can help him, so can Sheila help him get to Teresa?

Teresa and Lupo watch from across the street while Zurdo and his guys pull up outside another warehouse. Zurdo’s frantic about needing to get Teresa. The guys start shooting as soon as they’re inside and Zurdo sends Lencho on ahead of him to find Teresa…but instead he finds a goodbye note and the transmitter.

“We’ve lost her forever.” Zurdo moans. Dude, you never had her.

Teresa’s in a much better mood now that Zurdo can’t track her. She says she’ll have a pain in the bottom of her foot forever to remind her about this.

Anyway, she thinks they need to get to Alejandro through his weak spot (I’m assuming she means Danilo) and then she can disappear again.

Lupo’s like, “From everyone?

The only thing she cares about is seeing her daughter again.

Alejandro walks out of the hospital and tells the gaggle of reporters that the only thing he can tell them is that Epifanio’s fine and he’ll be out soon to answer all their questions.

He makes his grumpy way over to Cristian and finds out they don’t have Batman. He says they need to find him, get him to admit he’s the one who shot Epifanio, and then kill him.

Uh huh. And what just happened inside?

Epifanio didn’t believe it was Batman. He accused him in front of Beba of trying to kill him and being in the DEA. Alejandro can’t understand why this is happening. And now the army’s protecting Epifanio.

Cristian tells him to calm down. Washington realizes they can’t go ahead with a public assassination. Only his inner circle are going to get close to him. So Alejandro needs to take charge of this himself.

Triana’s on her way to Cayetana’s.

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