El Gran Final de La Reina del Sur Monday 7/29/19 #2.60

Previously: Everything.

Danilo’s begging Teresa not to hurt Alejandro.

She tells Ahmed and Ray to get him out of the room, but he has one question. Did Alejandro kill his cousin?


Now she seriously needs Ahmed and Ray to get Danilo out of the room and keep an eye on the radar. She wants to know what’s in the vial. It’s meant to kill Epifanio, right?

Lupo asks who shot at Epifanio.

Epifanio smacks Alejandro for trying to kill him.

Teresa reviews the plan–they were going to make Epifanio president and control him from the US, right? His boss in the DEA chose Alejandro, his best undercover agent. He’d get close to Epifanio so he could control him. But Bravo was doing too well in the polls, thanks to Zurdo’s money. So the boss gave Alejandro Teresa’s address so she’d take care of Zurdo, which would take care of Bravo. And of course she did it, to save her daughter.

Everything was going fine until they got to the part where Teresa and Sofia had to die. And they didn’t count on having someone in the DEA help them escape.

And then it became a mess. Epifanio became expendable. They needed to kill him and make Alejandro the president.

As Teresa narrates, we get a brief view of the shooter on the roof. Lupo says since the attempt failed, Alejandro had to come here to finish the job.

Epifanio says Teresa convinced him to have this meeting and hear his confession and Alejandro was going to kill him.

Teresa holds up the vial of poison. Lupo unties Alejandro’s hands, hands him the vial, puts a gun to his head, and tells him to drink it.

Teresa says they don’t have time to wait for his friends to come save him, so he’d better hurry up and drink.

Epifanio asks what’s in it.

Alejandro begs Epifanio to help him.

Teresa: “Sure, after you drink the coffee you brought for your brother in law.”

So now Alejandro’s ready to spill it all. The vial has radioactive polonium.

Lupo says it’s a poison the Russians sell.

Alejandro says his mission was to kill Epifanio.

OK, then Epifanio wants to see Alejandro drink it.

Beba comes in with Ray and tells Epifanio not to get his hands dirty. Beba’s getting to do all the fun stuff today! Beba says she followed “you” but I’m not clear if she means Epifanio or Alejandro. Ray says they’re not the DEA, but they have their ways.

Epifanio doesn’t think Beba should be here, but she heard everything. Who the fuck does Alejandro think he is?! He’s not the brother she grew up with. He tried to kill the father of her child. I think she mutters something about him going to hell before she kisses him on the cheek.

Ray’s watch is beeping. A helicopter is on the way.

Alejandro says things are about to get messy and they should leave.

Teresa says that’s not their style.

Cristian’s in the helicopter. He sees three people run out to an SUV on the street.

Teresa, Lupo, and Epifanio are inside, along with someone hiding on the floor.

Cristian sees them getting away, but Alejandro’s signal is back behind them. He decides to keep following the SUV and send another team to get Alejandro.

Alejandro’s in the SUV. He’s begging them to let him be seen so they don’t all die. Teresa doesn’t care if they do. At least they’ll all go to hell together.

Cristian calls Sheldon to get his “authorization.” Sheldon says “of course” which he has to repeat because Cristian apparently didn’t hear him. Sheldon gets off the phone and takes his daughter/s to see his new office.

Cristian tells his guys to kill them all.

Teresa flinches, but she keeps on driving and they never seem to get a good shot. When the road takes them into a wooded area, Cristian decides it’s time for a bigger weapon.

In the SUV, Epifanio’s says they’re screwed now. Alejandro says they’re going to be blown to bits.

Teresa heads for a construction area and drives through a temporary tunnel. So now they’ve made it, right? Alejandro gleefully points out a roadblock. Teresa says she’s driving straight through it, but the guys beg her to stop.

Cristian tells the pilot to circle.

Cayetana gets home with the lawyer and some chocolates. She tells Pepe to take them inside and put them in her room without Sofia seeing them. And then drive the lawyer wherever he wants.

The lawyer says he’s going to go back to the office and make the changes she specified to her will. Cayetana’s leaving her fortune to her three granddaughters.

He warns her she only has 48 hours to put her affairs in order before she’s taken to prison. He offers to take care of Sofia if she needs him to, but Cayetana says she’ll be in good hands. And thanks for everything.

Sofia comes running up to hug Cayetana and asks how she’s doing.

Good. Because she did what she needed to do. They head into the house.

At the roadblock, the Mexican military is waiting. They all get out of the SUV. Lupo attacks one of the soldiers, but falls. Teresa runs over to him all breathless while Alejandro gets back into the SUV and starts to drive it straight through the roadblock.

Teresa takes someone’s gun and starts shooting at the SUV, running after Alejandro.

The DEA team gets to the empty pool and finds nothing but Alejandro’s phone.

Alejandro’s driving through the tunnel, laughing about his escape, but when he gets out the other side, Cristian gives the order to fire.

Inside the tunnel, a soldier helps Lupo up. He and Epifanio pat each other on the back. Teresa says it’s all over.

Epifanio: “Except that poor Alex is burned to a crisp.”

Lupo says they fooled “them” (the DEA, Alejandro, etc.). Jonathan takes off his ski mask and says it was a risk, but it was worth it.

Teresa asks Epifanio if he really liked his brother in law that much.

Well, no, but he feels bad for his wife.

Teresa says they all got a little salpicado (spattered) today. No one avoided the blood.

Ray drives up and says they can’t keep the road closed any longer. They need to go.

Teresa stops to thank Jonathan for everything before she gets into the car with Ray.

Cristian gets a call from the guy at the pool. Alejandro’s not there. He looks at the burning SUV and realizes he killed Alejandro.

The guy at the pool orders a search.

Cayetana’s trying to decide between a blue dress and a red one. She calls Teresa to ask her to pick up Sofia as soon as she can. Sofia’s fine, but Cayetana can tell Sofia misses Teresa.

Teresa doesn’t get the change in attitude and thinks she’s lying. What happened to her daughter?!

Nothing. The war is over and they’ve all lost. Love can be a poisoned gift. She loved her son and gave him everything, but not what he needed. It led him to his death. It wasn’t Teresa who did it. It was her. She learned that from Sofia.

Cayetana asks Teresa to tell Rocio and Paloma they can come back to Spain whenever they want. And that she asked their forgiveness for not knowing how to care for them when they needed her most.

Teresa asks if Cayetana’s feeling OK.

Yep. She’s at peace. She just wanted Teresa this…well, and a lot of other things, but life is never long enough, you know? She asks Teresa to come for Sofia soon.

Teresa says she’s leaving in a few hours.

Cayetana thanks her and hangs up.

In her room, Cayetana raises a glass to Teo’s memory and eats a chocolate, sobbing.

Epifanio gets home. Beba wants to know what happened to her brother.

What needed to happen. He’s sorry.

Beba literally doesn’t know which way to turn or what to say to Epifanio.

Faustino and Rocio are leaving. Rocio asks Teresa to tell Cayetana she’ll visit soon. Faustino promises they’ll get on a plane as soon as they’re married.

Teresa asks Faustino not to forget her.

Never! If he ever started to he’d forget about forgetting and remember her again.

Sheila looks like she’s going to stay with Batman. She’s embracing the hat and boots look. Teresa warns Batman she’s not going to forget he kidnapped her daughter.

Yeah, and he’s not going to forget that she saved his life.

Conejo was going to go with Teresa, but Fermin wrote to her. (The guy she was dating in Spain.) Sheila’s happy for her. Conejo says they don’t call her Conejo because of the teeth.

Paloma tells Ray she’s naming the baby after him.

Teresa thanks Oleg for risking his life for her.

Oleg says everything that happened was the result of a deal between his government and the US. There are no coincidences. He hadn’t had time to think about it, but when Teresa told them about the poison he figured it out. You can’t use radioactive polonium in the US, but they get it from the Russians for…secret missions.

From Sofia’s kidnapping to the attempt on Epifanio’s life, it was all a setup by the US government and the Russians, to interfere in the Mexican election. There are agreements between the two countries and controlling the narcos is better for them than attacking.

Their escape from Russia wasn’t a coincidence either. They were following Oleg to make sure he left with Teresa. They were both manipulated into getting rid of Zurdo Villa.

Teresa knows this is going to sound unbelievable, but maybe Epifanio’s not the worst thing that can happen to Mexico. Good thing they warned him. Although, Teresa thinks Mexico is screwed.

Oleg tells her to worry about herself. Disappear. And this time, make sure no one knows.

They hug goodbye and say they’ll miss each other.

Oleg asks about Michele, but Teresa says he didn’t even want to say goodbye.

Oleg says he loves her. Teresa says she loves him too.

Alone in the third safe house, Teresa has a tequila. It’s la hora gris. It’s a good sign. She says she’s going to get Sofia.

Sofia goes out to the front gate when a car drives in. She hesitates until Teresa gets out of the back. They have their reunion first, then Paloma gives her Tozzi’s carrier and the two of them meet.

Sofia wonders if Cayetana knew they were coming, since she didn’t say anything. She’s asleep in the living room.

She notices Paloma’s belly and asks if it’s a boy or a girl. She asks permission to touch her. Sofia’s going to be a tía.

Sofia thinks Cayetana’s going to be happy to see Paloma. She’s changed a lot. She doesn’t wear black all the time and she learned to make mermelada.

Sofia and Paloma try to wake Cayetana up and realize she’s dead.

Months later…

It’s election night. Danilo took over as Epifanio’s campaign manager. The news reports that Epifanio’s in the lead with 47% of the votes. Beba congratulates him bitterly. He got what he wanted. She walks out of the office while everyone’s cheering.

Someone closes the office doors and Beba’s water breaks.

In Wangetti, Australia, Sofia flies a kite. Tozzi hangs out under Teresa’s hammock as she reads a book. Si Nos Dejan is playing.

Teresa notices a boat and a couple of helicopters approaching and tells Sofia to get in the house NOW!

Teresa runs towards the dock with a gun. Sofia followed her instead of going to the house. While Teresa’s waiting for someone to get off a helicopter, she hears Sofia calling “Mamá” behind her.


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Linda F.
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Linda F.

Thanks, Kat—this was a great final recap! I can’t help being upset that both Cayetana and Charo ended up dead. Did it really need to be *both* of them?

Linda F.
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Linda F.

I forgot to say that as long as Tozzi made it to the end and was reunited with Sofía, I have nothing to complain about!