La Reina del Sur Friday 7/26/19 #2.59

Previously: Alejandro found out Danilo has been taken hostage. Teresa made Alejandro accept a meeting. Cayetana killed Triana. Charo died.

Cayetana and her lawyer go to the police station so she can turn herself in for killing Juan.

Beba can’t believe what Epifanio’s telling her about Alejandro. He’s not even insisting, he’s just telling her to let the investigation take its course and yeah, if Batman shot him he’ll rot in jail…but they need to wait and see. He agrees to call Alejandro to keep Beba from being so upset.

Alejandro starts to tell Cristian about Teresa’s call when Epifanio calls. Beba wants them to talk.

Alejandro refuses.

OK, well, it’s not like Epifanio wanted to talk to him, he’s just doing this for Beba….

OK, Alejandro will talk to him, but he doesn’t want a bunch of soldiers around.

Why? He wants to finish the job?

If Epifanio’s gonna be that way then why should they even talk? Cristian’s motioning to Alejandro to calm down.

Epifanio offers him a meeting at 8am tomorrow, just the two of them.

Um…Alejandro can’t make it.

Epifanio screams at him that Alejandro doesn’t get to set the time. Epifanio will meet him at 8 and he’s leaving for the DF at 10.

Jonathan is almost done with something Teresa asked him to do. She offers Danilo a bottle of water and assures him she’s not trying to poison him. It’s not like he did anything to her.

Teresa sits down and tells Danilo about Pati and Veronica. Her point being that sometimes love can kill. Right, Michele? And these DEA agents…they’re well-trained. Especially when it comes to undercover stuff.

Lupo crankily asks if Veronica loved Pati.

Oh yeah, she was in love. Sucks when you love the wrong person. Does he love Alejandro? She feels sorry for him. He should love himself more than he loves Alejandro. She’s sure if they made him choose between Danilo and his ambition…Danilo would lose.

Teresa thinks Danilo’s a nice guy, but he fell in love with a monster.

Danilo defends Alejandro, saying he’s a good person and he’s shown Danilo his love.

Oh, Teresa’s sure he did. But like she said, these agents are good. They get close and whisper sweet nothings and then they cut you into pieces.

Danilo asks if they’re going to kill him.

Teresa promises he’ll get out alive, but it’s gonna hurt. He’s going to find out who Alejandro really is. He can ask Lupo here, they worked together.

Wait, his name’s Lupo?

Lupo says it’s actually Michele, but to the DEA he’s Lupo.

Danilo remembers the call he overheard, Alejandro telling Lupo they need Teresa to get to that guy right now and if anything went wrong it was Lupo’s fault.

Teresa notices the look on Danilo’s face and says he’s finally figured it out, right?

Alejandro mentioned that name once. But he said it was private and he couldn’t talk about it. So he’s really a DEA agent?


Lupo tells Danilo he and Alejandro worked together to kidnap Teresa’s daughter.


Teresa tells Lupo to go for it. Rip off the bandage and tell Danilo about his cousin.

Lupo says Alejandro ordered his death because his cousin blackmailed Alejandro. He threatened to share a picture that would have exposed Alejandro and Danilo’s relationship.

Danilo sobs.

Alejandro tries to insist on going to the meeting with Teresa, but Cristian talks him out of it. He’ll lead the attack on her while Alejandro’s poisoning Epifanio with a fancy odorless, tasteless poison that won’t kill Epifanio until a few days after he takes it.

Alejandro wants Cristian to promise that Danilo survives if he does this. And he’s not asking as Alejandro Alcalá but as the future president of Mexico.

Cristian agrees. Anybody believe him?

In the prison yard, Faustino and Antón are trying to figure out what Rocio’s message meant. Another prisoner hears them talking about David Kaplan and sits down to tell them the story of Kaplan leading a prison escape in 1971. The prisoners were watching a movie and all of a sudden a helicopter flew over the basketball court. They were all reading newspapers and flapped them and the helicopter came down, picked them up, and flew away within ten seconds.

The cops didn’t even shoot. Supposedly, because it was a yellow helicopter like the Prosecutor used. What the real reason was, he doesn’t know. And no one ever saw Kaplan again.

Rocio tells Oleg she tried to give Faustino the message, but the guards didn’t make it easy. He hopes Faustino and Anton figure it out.

Sheila and Batman come into the living room. She says Batman can sleep on the couch, right?

Oleg tells everyone they should get to sleep. Tomorrow’s going to be a busy day.

Faustino’s not sleeping.

Alejandro’s not sleeping.

Epifanio’s not sleeping.

Zurdo’s not sleeping.

Teresa slept with Lupo.

Zurdo tells Lencho they need to search that building Teresa was at yesterday.

Beba finally gets to have some stealthy fun. She drives an SUV away from the house with Epifanio hiding in the back.

It’s 7:30. Teresa sends Alejandro the meeting location and he shares it with Cristian. Cristian blah blah blahs about the surgical precision of his part of the mission and that nothing can go wrong. (He’s not a telenovela fan, is he?)

Teresa tells Jonathan to make sure everyone else is in place.

Jonathan notices Ray’s looking like a kicked puppy.

Ray says he ended up like the perro de dos tortas. He broke up with Jimena and Paloma broke up with him.

Jonathan says that’s how it goes when you’re trying to play both sides. Ray has a lot to learn. As Willy would have said, “Pinche rookie!”

OK, Alejandro, seriously, don’t be playing with the container of magic death juice while you’re driving!

Beba got a car for Epifanio. She drives him to it, pulls the keys out from under the wheel well, and tells him to play nice with Alejandro.

Epifanio says he will and she should go back to the house. He’s been through worse than this. He tells her not to worry.

A yellow helicopter flies over the prison and sends down two ropes for Antón and Faustino to clip to their harnesses. As it flies away, one guard wants to shoot, but the other tells him not to. Antón’s helicopter hair is hilarious. I can’t wait for him to get back to the land of suits and hair gel.

Alejandro gets to his meeting and puts one of the vials of poison into his pocket.

The DEA team arrives at Señor Bubble.

At the empty pool, Ray tells Teresa Alejandro has arrived.

Danilo asks if they’re going to kill him.

Teresa says it depends on how he behaves.

Alejandro hesitates, but finally rings the doorbell.

Epifanio answers and shows him in to where Teresa, Lupo, Danilo, Ahmed, and Ray are waiting.

Teresa taunts him about how she almost doubted he’d show up for his meeting with Epifanio.

Danilo begs Alejandro to get him out of here!

Alejandro and Epifanio agree–Danilo’s not part of this. He’s just an employee.

Oh, no, he’s the bait. And Teresa really thinks Alejandro’s love her his boyfriend is genuine.

Epifanio: “homophobia, etc.”

Teresa: “Hey, man, it’s the 21st century!”

Epifanio: “homophobia with a side of ableism.”

Lupo says this isn’t Alejandro’s only secret and Alejandro whips out a gun. But those two things really have nothing to do with each other. There’s a struggle on the tiles and Alejandro has to give in once he’s got Lupo tackling him and Ray pointing the gun at him. Teresa tells Ray and Lupo to search him and they find the vial of poison.

Meanwhile, at Señor Bubble….

The DEA team are waiting for Teresa to show up for her secret meeting with Alejandro, but they get Zurdo and his team instead. I hope nobody was planning to come back for their dry cleaning. Cristian gives the signal and his guys start shooting. So then Zurdo’s guys start shooting. And I really don’t think Cristian intended Danilo to get out alive, the way everybody’s just shooting at whoever.

Well, there goes Lencho. And Zurdo. It looks like Cristian and most of his team made it, but boy are they confused to find out they killed Zurdo Villa instead of Teresa Mendoza. And the guys have checked everywhere and neither Teresa nor Danilo is here.

Cristian radios for a chopper.

Meanwhile, the yellow chopper sets Faustino and Antón down in a field. Rocio drives down the dirt road to pick them up and gets out of the SUV to go running towards Faustino. As Faustino runs towards her, he grabs wild daisies for her. She says she told him so. And he says they can have their honeymoon anywhere she wants.

Cayetana testifies to the police. Rocio got a call from her sister that night, saying Juan was mistreating her. That he’d raped her. Rocio was desperate and Pepe, her driver had the night off.

So Cayetana drove Rocio over herself. She had Rocio wait in the car while she went up to Juan’s alone.

As soon as he saw her, he started insulting her. They argued.

“What about?”

Cayetana had fired him a few days earlier. Paloma tried to defend her, but he attacked Paloma instead, and threatened to rape her to show Cayetana what kind of man he was. He said all the women in her family were zorras. And Cayetana was so angry, she picked something up–she doesn’t know what it was, it was dark–and she hit him over the head as hard as she could.

He was bleeding and he tried to attack them, but instead he fell off the roof. Paloma ran off and Cayetana couldn’t catch her. Rocio wasn’t in the car when she got back.

The officer gives Cayetana’s lawyer a look like he’s not buying this at all, but as long as it fits the events he’s going to have to take it. “What happened next.”

She got into the car and drove around, trying to find them, but she couldn’t. And she hasn’t seen them since then.

Faustino thanks Oleg for the rescue and says he’s going to give him half his fortune.

Well, that would come in handy, the way things are going. He thinks they’ve got about an hour left before the army gets cranky. Soon Teresa will be back with them, if things go as planned. He’ll meet them back at the house.

The officer brings up the testimony of an eyewitness who said the person who killed Juan was young and dressed in black.

Well, it was dark, like she said, and she’s been wearing mourning clothes since her son died. She is absolutely the person who killed Juan Montoya.

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