Apocalipsis Monday 8/26/19 #10

Benjamin likes what he’s hearing from Ricardo, but he’s not ready to talk contracts yet. He needs time to think.

Ricardo guesses his ideas sound “crazy.”

Benjamin says they don’t. And he’s got a different impression of Ricardo now.

“Not just a playboy trying to make money at any cost?” He knows what people think. And he wants to lessen the social differences that have been growing through the years. They have to do something now! Benjamin’s creations need to be seen by the world. He’s a genius and Ricardo needs brains like Benjamin’s at his side (figuratively or literally?).

Benjamin says he’ll think about it. And BTW, could Ricardo do him a favor and give his friend Zoe an interview?

Ricardo says he will, but only because it’s Benjamin asking. Have Zoe call his assistant to set it up.

In the newsroom, Bárbara’s fussing over the scarcity of news. Celeste reminds her and this guy who I can’t place that Zoe had an interview with Uri.

The guy says the end of the world is always good for ratings. And Zoe’s supposed to interview Ricardo Montana as well.

Celeste would love an “exclusive” “interview” with him too. Jajaja!

Abrupt subject change–how did Bárbara’s dad react to finding out he’s going to be the grandfather of a test tube baby?

Excuse you, it’s called artificial insemination. And he wasn’t happy about it.

Well, maybe Bárbara could try to find the love of her life.

Nah. Time’s not on her side and she’s ready for a baby. Why wait?

Saulo wants his mom to back off of Hanna. She’s so upset that Hanna’s not getting pregnant she doesn’t realize she’s contributing to the problem by stressing her out.

His mom thinks it’s too late for Hanna to get pregnant. Saulo will just have to live with it. (Um…I thought he was?)

Hanna’s parents are also talking about Hanna’s childless state. Tamar admits she felt guilty when she got pregnant with Noah when she was supposed to be too “old,” while Hanna wasn’t conceiving and wanted a baby. (Did anybody ever consider it might be Saulo who’s not able to reproduce?)

Gideon says if they had Noah it was because he had some important role to play.

Noah’s out on patrol when a gunfight breaks out. He takes down a guy who tried to hold a teacher and bus full of kids hostage.

Susana and Alan’s daughter, Isabela, wants to spend some time in Israel. They have family there, right? Alan says he’ll call his uncle Osiel.

Isabela’s off to do whatever and Susana notices the suitcase. She has no problem with Uri spending a few days with them.

Alan checks his phone and says Benjamin must be having his meeting with Ricardo right now. He hopes Benjamin doesn’t screw it up!

Susana’s annoyed that for Isabela it’s all smiles and encouragement, but for Benjamin it’s bitterness. She wishes he’d stop pressuring their son!

Alan only wants the best for him.

Benjamin had Zoe come over so he could tell her about the interview in person. And also, he wanted to see her again. Zoe admits she did too.

Zoe gets a call from Chico to remind her about their interview with Uri. Zoe thinks to ask Benjamin if they’re related. Really? His uncle is the guy from the space agency? What a small world!

Benjamin thinks fate is bringing them together.

Um, isn’t he the one who doesn’t believe in God?

Yeah, if maybe they could forget about that conversation…anyway, she’ll like Uri, he’s nice…like his nephew.

They agree they’ll talk later.

The cops have been doing research in to “Samael” and Cesár sums up the research with “basically, Satan.”

Dudú asks if they’re not jumping the gun to call this a serial murder case when there’s only been one victim.

Hey, Guido gets it, when he was young he also thought he knew better than people with more experience. But when Luis, who he considers the best cop ever, said Nicanor wasn’t going to stop at one murder, they didn’t listen to him. That was a mistake.

The MONITORING CENTER is looking more lively when Zoe shows up. As Chico sets up his equipment, Uri tells his assistant to put the live feed from space up on the big monitor.

So, there’s his asteroid, AKA The Other Woman, and it’s big and far away, but its orbit is unpredictable and it could be a danger to them. Periodically it drops out of whatever orbit it’s in to move closer to earth. It could take about three years. And it’s 2km wide, so yeah, it could be catastrophic. All they can do is monitor it and figure out how to use sound waves to destroy it.

Zoe says other people have made predictions like this and nothing happened. Why is that?

Because every time it changes course and direction. (Asteroids are so fickle.)

Chico’s ready with the camera, so Zoe introduces Uri and asks him to explain in more detail how they found this asteroid….

Ricardo’s flirting with Ariela in his office. He wants her to work for him, but she already has so much work with the United Nations. (What?! Excuse me. I need a minute.) He needs her language skills or at the very least to be able to bounce ideas off her occasionally. Paid, of course.

Debora comes in, pissed off that she can’t just walk into her son’s office unannounced. He explains he’s having a meeting with Ariela.

“About what, I can’t imagine.” Ricardo looks like he doesn’t know their backstory.

Andre’s frustrated that Benjamin won’t just take the deal already.

Benjamin says “There’s no such thing as a free lunch.”

Well, it’s like Ricardo said–he’s bored with being rich and he wants Benjamin’s inventions to be his new toy.

And that’s another thing Benjamin’s worried about.

Andre says they’re working like artisans. They’re never going to be able to take advantage of mass production without Ricardo’s money.

And as much as Benjamin likes the appeal of being able to help more people, it’s too big a decision to make this quickly. He needs to analyze the contract, find out who gets the rights to the patents and…a bunch of other stuff! And he doesn’t trust Ricardo.

Is this about the canoe thing? They were kids!

It’s not that. He just can’t trust him. That’s it. He can’t.

Ricardo’s like a parent at a playground, making Debora and Ariela say goodbye nicely before Ariela can leave. He doesn’t care what Debora’s problem is with her, he needs Ariela’s skills and her contacts. He’s not letting personal stuff get in the way of business.

And while Debora’s all pissed off, Adriano’s drooling over Ariela which is not helping the situation.

After the interview, Debora tells Uri she knew Benjamin when they were kids. They met at his grandparents’ house. Her parents still work for them. And she just happened to see him yesterday at the presentation.

She thanks him again for the interview. She knew there was a theoretical possibility of a giant rock hitting Earth, but now they’ve got scientific confirmation.

Uri says the end of the world might be near. Or at least the end of the world we know.

“Yeah, the Apocalypse.”

Well, the Apocalypse is a story that’s supposed to scare people and keep them in line, but sure ok. The Apocalypse.

Does he really believe it’s fiction?

Well, she’s an educated journalist. She can’t possibly believe a fantastical story like that.

But, as we and Benjamin have discovered–she sure does.

Uri dismissively says “to each their own.” He believes in science, where there’s absolute proof. (Insert five minute rant about misuse of “absolute” and “proof.”)

Uri just stares at her when she says he and Benjamin have that in common. Anyway, Chico’s packed up and ready to go. Uri tells Zoe to call if she needs anything.

She’s barely left before a warning alarm goes off. The asteroid changed course again and it’s going to hit them dead on. (Aww, Uri’s girlfriend’s just anxious to meet him in person.)

Andre thinks Ricardo agreeing to an interview with Zoe means he’s serious about wanting a partnership. And that Benjamin must have scored major points with Zoe.

He’s all “It was just a favor.”

With no ulterior motives? Hey, and if she did just happen to be grateful, they might as well, right? He’s single, she’s single…he puts his fingers together and starts making kissy noises.

Benjamin tells him to get back to work.

Debora’s still griping about Ricardo working with Ariela. He’s still ignoring her. She tells Adriano to do something useful and he decides to go get a coffee.

Debora complains about how lonely her life is. Ricardo’s all she has. And she doesn’t ask for much. Just get rid of Ariela! There must be other people…other women. See, she’s not possessive!

Ricardo wants to know what Ariela did to Debora that was so bad.

Didn’t he say he wanted them to leave the past behind?

The past is interfering with his future plans.

Debora says she’ll tell him.

Well, Enrique’s going to hell. In a public area of the hospital, in front of people who are not on staff, he screams at them not to admit homeless people. They have no arrangement with the public health department.

“But Doctor Rúben….”

He doesn’t care. Rúben is dead and he’s in charge now. No more charity! This is a business! He wants profits!

Damn…he’s already going to hell, but they’re gonna have to dig a basement for him ’cause he’s been stealing prescription medications from the hospital and giving them to the guy with the beard and the long hair to sell. And he gets a 2% commission.

As he heads back to the waiting area, a nurse confronts him, saying they can’t turn people away when they’re dying.

He asks who’s supposed to pay.

The government.

Yeah, and he’ll be dead before he sees that money.

Well, he’ll be happy to hear the guy’s getting transferred to a public hospital.

The medical examiner brings César and Guido in to see the body of Nicanor’s potential copycat’s victim. They thought the body didn’t have the symbols drawn on the back or the inside of the lip, but they were there. Tattooed in “neon” ink. So now they’re sure it’s a copycat.

Debora has told Ricardo the story and says she reacted the way she did because she was already carrying Ricardo. As far as she’s concerned Ariela can go be happy somewhere far away from her and her family!

Well, Ricardo can’t imagine how scared she must have felt, but he’d rather focus on how brave she was. How she fought for her life and his.

And Debora always will. She’s sure he’s going to change the world.

As long as he has the right people at his side…and one of them is Ariela.

But she betrayed them!

Ricardo says he doesn’t like to argue with his mother. Fine, he’ll forget about Ariela. She’s not more important than his family.

Debora leaves the office, relieved, as Ricardo’s assistant Greta comes in to tell him Luca’s waiting and she got a call from a Brazilian journalist about an interview.

He tells her to send Luca in, make an appointment with Zoe, and call Ariela and tell her she only has 23 hours left to accept his offer.

Adriano’s leaving the café and sees Ariela sitting at a table outside. He invites himself over and they flirt.

Benjamin has the brilliant idea that he should hack into Ricardo’s whatever to make sure he’s not hiding anything before Benjamin signs the contract. Benjamin’s done it before, but Andre reminds him that was investigating pedophiles. This is way different. Ricardo’s probably got serious security. It would be practically impossible.

But that’s not the same as impossible. And if Andre helps him, they’ll get it done faster and close the deal–which is what Andre wants, right?

But what if they find something? Like…weird porn. No, seriously, what if he’s got his money in offshore accounts to avoid taxes?

Benjamin says he’ll figure it out one thing at a time. But whether Andre helps him or not, he’s doing it.

Ricardo is already expecting Benjamin to “hack” him. He wants to be prepared. Hackers are just untrusting. Benjamin has created security systems and everyone who does that is or was a hacker. Plus he knows Benjamin and he’s not just sitting around doing nothing while he thinks about the offer.

Luca asks what he needs Benjamin for.

Philosophical bla bla bla, Benjamin’s the only person he thinks is capable of designing a system to wrangle all the information they need and spit it out quickly. And while he could find someone else, he’s sure no one has an android quite as developed as Benjamin’s. “Can you imagine an army of robots doing your bidding? That would be so useful….”

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