Apocalipsis Tuesday 8/27/19 #11

Zoe calls Benjamin to invite him out. They take a ferry to see the Statue of Liberty. But really they’re just making eyes at each other. Benjamin takes her out for a pastrami sandwich.

Newsroom. Bárbara and Arthur talk about the potential new serial killer and it sounds like the only detail they’re leaving out are the neon tattoos. There’s a tip hotline set up.

At the hospital Raquel and Leticia can’t figure out how this is happening again if Nicanor’s in prison. Raquel says César’s taking this case personally. She’s worried about what César might do.

The cops are working on finding studios who use neon ink or suppliers who sell it. César has an idea and takes Natalia with him.

Oh. Robinson’s still in jail. And he’s still pissed off at Dudú and Dudú keeps telling him to wait.

César takes Natalia back to the crime scene to see if there might have been anything written on the walls with neon. He doesn’t find anything on the wall with Samael written in blood. Natalia sprays it with Luminol (which the crime scene techs already did, but César says you can never trust anyone in Brazil).

Now when he puts the light on it there are more letters on the wall:


Hopefully he goes over this again, because I get the feeling “Esmirna” and “Laodicea” aren’t the only names we’re supposed to recognize.

In all the excitement, César kisses Natalia. Which is gross on multiple counts: he’s married, they’re at a crime scene, she knows Laodicea at the very least (her aunt, I think?). Priorities, people!

Uh oh. César and Natalia have a thing. Or they had a thing. She tries to get his attention back on the word puzzle and holds the lamp up so he can take pictures.

Esmirna begs Estela for an advance on her salary to get Robinson out of jail. Estela thinks she should let Robinson stew, but OK, she’ll ask Enrique. (That’s gonna be a “no” for sure.)

Call the fire department! Zoe comes over to Benjamin’s and they make with the smoochies.

Tiatira of the word puzzle is at a rave. Let’s just pretend I actually know what the word “rave”means.

Raquel’s trying to make the house look more romantic. Personally, I thought it just made it look like the plant in the spotlight was about to perform.

César, however, is busy snogging Natalia.

And they’re playing The Way We Were over both scenes.

The rave continues. And the Demon Dust is back with another episode of Wisdom from the Evil Guy:

“How do you make something bad, that destroys your brain, your body, your pocketbook, your reputation, and your relationships into something good and fun? Just call it ‘enjoying life.'”

Tiatira’s brother shows up trying to take her away from all this illicit fun. He has no luck.

César and Natalia have done the deed. A bottle of champagne shows up. Natalia ordered it to celebrate that César stopped ignoring her.

César whines about not being able to drink because he’s going to be driving and what if the cops stop him jajaja!

I guess he’d forgotten he had a note from his daughter Lorena in his pocket, reminding him that it’s his wedding anniversary and she has a surprise for him and mom.

César starts throwing clothes on and swears to Natalia that he didn’t do this on purpose, but he’s gotta go. Just…put everything on his account.

César gets home. Demon Dust: “Regret is like a painkiller. The pain stops, but the underlying cause is still there. César looks sooooo sorry, doesn’t he? Jajajajaja…. Deep down he likes what he’s doing. The real cure for the pain is repentance, but lots of people don’t want that. They just want the painkiller.”

César makes a bunch of excuses, lies, begs Raquel to give him another chance.

Raquel’s over it. He might as well keep doing what he’s doing and just quit lying about it. He can’t be an ass like he’s been all day, not wishing her a happy anniversary, not taking her calls, and now he thinks they can just sit down to dinner and everything will be OK?

Zoe and Benjamin are snogging again, and they’ve split his outfit between the two of them. I particularly like the sweater with the socks. Zoe asks what they’re going to do now and Benjamin thinks she should just move to New York. (Dude…she has a career…maybe you should move to Brazil?)

Zoe spent the night. Chico calls in the morning because they’re running late for the interview with Ricardo. She freaks out, gets dressed in record time, turns down Benjamin’s offer of a ride and she’s out of the apartment.

Leticia’s showing Osvaldo some supply inventories and something’s off. Osvaldo agrees, and it’s not just typos. It looks to both of them like someone’s stealing supplies. Osvaldo thinks she should talk to Enrique about it, but Leticia thinks he already knows. IYKWIM. AITYD.

That’s a serious accusation. She shouldn’t make it without proof.

Enrique interrupts to harass them about dealing with personal business on company time.

Osvaldo says it was his fault and he’s sorry.

As soon as he’s gone, Enrique hopefully asks Leticia if she’s got marriage problems. He’s disappointed that she doesn’t.

Zoe gets to Ricardo’s office with Chico. As usual, Chico starts setting up his equipment while Zoe starts chatting with Ricardo.

He mentions meeting her at Benjamin’s grandparents’ house and asks if it’s too late to apologize for being mean to her and her doll.

She’s kind of starting to remember, but she assures him it’s not going to interfere with the interview.

Greta comes in with coffee.

At Benjamin’s place, Andre has arrived and notices a sparkly scarf on the sofa. It’s not Benjamin’s, is it?

Benjamin says it’s Zoe’s. She was there yesterday.

Andre gleefully falls onto the couch asking if they *kissy noises*.

Benjamin says it’s none his business.

Well, did they at least make up?

Benjamin doesn’t know. Zoe’s complicated.

Andre says all women are complicated. (*cough* machobullshit *cough*)

And also, he’s thought about it and he’s going to help Benjamin hack Ricardo. (OK, but can we say it like grown adults who actually know things about computers and call it “get unlawful access to Ricardo’s home and/or business computer in order to investigate him”?)

It sounds like Benjamin thinks they’ll actually find evidence of Ricardo being the evil spawn of Satan sitting on a hard drive somewhere and if they don’t, then OK Ricardo’s not hiding anything. (He’s not accounting for the possibility that Ricardo keeps his Antichrist Standard Operating Procedures Manual on a tablet that’s not connected to anything. Or worse…that it’s on paper *shudder*)

Zoe’s wrapping up the interview, in which Ricardo says all visionaries get called “crazy” so if people think he’s “crazy” he must be on the right track. She gives the camera a “Back to you, Arthur” and Chico starts dismantling everything. (Chico’s very focused. He gets there, BOOM, setting up equipment. The interview’s over, BOOM packing everything up.)

Ricardo invites them to the grand opening of the City of the Future. Zoe’s in, which means Chico’s in.

Greta announces that Luca has arrived. Ricardo apologizes, but he’s got a tight schedule today. Is there anything else he can help them with?

Zoe thanks Ricardo again and BOOM, Chico’s all packed up and ready to go.

Luca’s cranky about Ricardo asking him to set up a network vulnerability to give Benjamin access to nothing but information that makes Ricardo look like he has no ulterior motives with the City of the Future. Luca hopes it’s worth it.

Well, Ricardo thinks it’s better to have a brain like Benjamin’s not working against them.  Ricardo sends Luca along to lunch. He’ll join him later. The camera lingers on a cell phone sitting on Ricardo’s desk.

Benjamin has decided he and Andre need to get into Ricardo’s phone. Because don’t we all keep our most incriminating information close to us? (Jajaja, of course not! *checks security settings*)

Andre agrees. How are they going to do it?

Well, Ricardo likes to be seen. He’s created a “routine” (technological?) where the paparazzi can easily find him and he’s guaranteed a spot on the front page. There’s a restaurant he likes with free WiFi and Andres will be there, diverting the connection to the restaurant’s WiFi to his and Andre’s network.

Ricardo signs in and Andres starts copying everything on his phone.

Luca has to tell Ricardo something he’s not going to like. Their friend the sheik is having second thoughts. There’s nothing concrete, but he just got the feeling from a phone call they had. He thinks the sheik is going to ask for more money.

Benjamin figured lunch would be long enough to get a backup of Ricardo’s entire phone….

Ricardo disconnects from the network on his way out of the restaurant. Andre’s tablet tells him the backup was complete and Andre goes back to Benjamin’s.

Zoe and Chico are having coffee. He’s picking up all the vibes and he can already tell she at least THOUGHT about moving to New York and living with Benjamin…the more she denies it, the more he’s convinced. Does she really like him that much?

Zoe says she had to leave his apartment so fast this morning they didn’t get to talk. Chico thinks she should go back for a proper goodbye. He’ll get their bags from the hotel and she can make it to the airport if she hurries. (Chico is the best!)

Benjamin is striking out. Now he’s convinced that Ricardo must keep evidence of his dastardliness on his work server.

Andre begs him to stop. There’s nothing wrong with Ricardo. Just take the deal! A (fallen) angel investor is what every startup dreams of. He has no reason to turn the proposal down. He hands Benjamin his cell phone and tells him to call Ricardo and accept the deal.

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