Apocalipsis Wednesday 8/28/19 #12

Benjamin refuses to call Ricardo. Not finding anything incriminating just makes him suspect Ricardo more. He doesn’t want to get taken over and be just another cog in the machine. He likes getting to do whatever he wants and he doesn’t want the wrong person to get their hands on his potential future robot army. He wants to keep his integrity.

Andre is furious. That’s all easy for someone who’s always had money to say. He picks up his stuff and tells Benjamin he hopes he changes his mind.

When he opens the front door to leave, Zoe’s there. He leaves anyway, which means he doesn’t have to watch Zoe and Benjamin snog goodbye.

Ricardo has had a PI following Benjamin. He asks about Andre and Lawrence mentions his last name and says he’s related to Zoe, but they don’t really have a relationship.

Ricardo gloats to Luca that he sure hopes Benjamin tried to hack his phone. He won’t find anything there. Ricardo laughs and tosses the phone in the trash can.

Benjamin asks Zoe about her interview with Ricardo and then gets jealous when she talks about how interesting Ricardo is and how fascinating his project is.

Zoe’s gotta get back to Brazil, but she’s sure they’ll see each other again. She tells him to come to Rio and visit. He’s still stuck on the idea of her moving to New York.

Noah goes over to the school/orphanage to check on the girl from the bus. She’s an orphan whose parents died in Syria. He promises the army is going to protect her.

Hanna’s getting ready to visit a friend in Brazil who turns out to be someone who works in the same lab as Susana. Hanna’s friend Titi is the brunette and the blonde is Monique.

Susana’s dying to introduce both of them to Uri now that he’s single-ish, but Monique doesn’t date guys in other relationships. Titi tries to convince Monique to change her mind, since Titi and Uri have nothing in common.

Noah goes home and interrupts his mom ranting to his dad about Hanna’s mother-in-law. He tells them about the girl and I swear he’s going to ask them to consider adopting her, but they keep telling him not to get attached and saying his job was over once he saved her from the guy in the bus.

When Noah goes up to take a shower, Gideon and Tamar start talking about how you can only change the world if you have money, which gets them talking about Ricardo and what a good heart he has. (I know they mean well, but seriously?)

Ricardo has a meeting with Ariela, Luca, and Adriano about the problem he’s having with Sheik Farak. Now that the project is getting some publicity, Farak wants a higher price for the land he’s selling them. And all Ricardo had was a handshake agreement, nothing in writing.

Adriano begs Ricardo to let him wine and dine Farak and get him to change his mind.

But Ricardo wants Ariela to do it.

Ok, fine, he twisted her arm, she’ll accept his deal. She and Luca go talk details.

Adriano loves that Ricardo’s doing what he needs to do and not worrying about what his mom thinks.

Uh huh. He’ll deal with Debora later, but right now he wants to talk about Adriano’s behavior. He doesn’t give a crap if his dad wants to cheat on his mom, but he’d better be discreet. It’s not that hard, is it? Ricardo doesn’t want anyone to know about Adriano’s affairs from now on. He needs the family to look like they’re happy and close.

Adriano agrees and starts to open his mouth, but Ricardo says he can go now. I feel like daddy wanted to ask for a raise on his allowance, but he doesn’t dare disagree with sonny.

Satan’s voiceover: Here’s something you need to learn about being human. If you’re authentic, people will judge you. If you’re fake, they’ll love you.

Padre Stefano’s still around, huh? Padre Victorio’s come by for a visit. Stefano needs him to collect Veronica Montana’s charity money. She also wants to do a presentation of the grown kids who benefited from her charity. That includes Victorio, but Stefano warns him to stay humble.

Isabela comes over to visit Benjamin. He says he was expecting someone else and she guesses right on the first try–he was waiting for the love of his life. He pouts about how she went back to Brazil.

In Guido’s office, everyone’s going over the word puzzle again:


Dudú’s not impressed with the list of weird names. César says it’s the seven churches of the apocalypse. Guido adds that Samael turned out to be a code. But Natalia only has six on her list. César thinks he should talk to Pastor Ezequiel.

Dudú finds it hilarious that César would rather do that than interview Nicanor again. “Everybody” thinks Nicanor must know something. César knocks Dudú over with his forearm and Guido threatens to transfer Dudú to another precinct.

Isabela’s annoyed at Benjamin for not immediately buying a plane ticket to Rio. Benjamin whines that his life is in New York.

Yeah, and hers is in Rio! He should leave Andre to keep an eye on things and go.

But Andre’s mad at him for not accepting the deal from Ricardo Montana. He won’t tell Isabela what it is, but he’s not going to accept.

Isabela’s worried about him ending up alone.

The AI on Benjamin’s computer pipes up and says he’s not alone. She’s here.

Tamar goes over to Marta’s to scream at her about the way she’s treating Hanna. Marta screams at Tamar about Hanna having…reproductive difficulties (only she’s way more insulting about it). Osiel comes in wondering WTF is going on in his living room. Tamar takes her leave.

Isabela rushes over to Benjamin’s screen, amazed. Benjamin says that’s his android. The body’s over there.

Isabela finds that kind of weird, but the Android says most humans live that way. (*snort*)

Isabela says she’s smart as well as beautiful.

“Benjamin, was that a compliment? Should I say thank you?”

Benjamin says she’s not done, he’s gotta add some bla bla bla and he needs a big investment. Oh, and he needs to NAME her (seriously, how do you not start with that?).

Isabela thinks this is great–she can teach Benjamin how to quit running away from love. Benjamin doesn’t think she knows what that means, but the android reminds him he had her memorize Shakespeare’s sonnets. She quotes a little Shakespeare. (If I ever create an AI I’m going to have it memorize dirty limericks.)

Isabela tells her to talk Benjamin into accepting Ricardo Montana’s investment so she can get out of there and they can have coffee!

Dudú’s finally delivering the contraband cigarettes. He only gets 80% of the agreed-on price, because of the delay. The guy asks if Robinson’s still in jail and Dudú’s all “Yeah, I’ll get him out soon.” (Like…sometime this year….)

Robinson’s brother and some other guy are gaming online. They start talking about the girl the other guy likes and how she’s Robinson’s mom’s client’s daughter, but they’re calling her “Talita.” I swear, she has a different name every scene and I’m not sure which one is correct.

Aw, damn. Another murder. Samael’s written on the floor in blood. César borrows a crime scene tech’s Luminol and blacklight.

This time the word puzzle is turned the other way:


César and Guido are sure it’s the same guy, but César thinks he’s trying to one-up Nicanor. Which means Nicanor’s ego might be bruised enough to give them information. What did Pastor Ezequiel say about the missing name/church?

That would be Filadelfia, the one that wasn’t punished. Although, Esmirna also wasn’t punished and it’s here.

Guido wonders if that means they’ll only have six victims. César doesn’t think they should trust that the killer is using some kind of logic.

Dudú goes to the holding cell and gives Robinson the cash he got paid for the cigarettes. He tells him to hide it and give it to his mom so she can pay his bail.

Zoe’s back in the newsroom. Celeste’s happy to see Chico…because she needs him to film something for her. Arthur welcomes Zoe back and says she did a great job in New York. Beautiful segments…but not as beautiful as her.

It’s obvious to Bárbara that Arthur has a thing for Zoe.

Zoe thinks Arthur treats everyone like that. And besides, something happened in New York….

And the last scene–Gloria and Padre Stefano in the church. They had a thing and they had a son and Gloria wants to know where he is. (It’s totally Padre Victorio, isn’t it?)

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