Apocalipsis Friday 9/6/19 #18

Guido brought Nicanor in for an interview without telling César first. Um…surprise!

César’s last name is Sardes. Seriously, dude’s name is in the word puzzle and he never said “Oh, hey, my name’s in there!”

Talita has gone home, so Leticia figures Osvaldo should tell Dr. Estela her husband’s an embezzler now. Enrique’s girlfriend is listening in on the conversation.

Thiago tells his parents Alice is recovering. Raquel supposes it was difficult to operate on his ex.

Thiago admits his hand was shaking. He was scared he would lose her.

César tries to act like a TV cop who’s an expert on interrogation, but it just makes it seem like he’s got nothing. Nicanor seems mildly interested that César and his colleagues are calling the new guy “Samael.” But he won’t admit to knowing who that guy is. He’s not giving them any information without a reward of some kind.

César tries to needle him with the biblical commandment about not killing, but Nicanor knows some of the other commandments too, like not committing adultery and not giving false testimony. He brings up César’s dad. How he admired him when he almost caught Nicanor, but then when Nicanor took a closer look at him, he was disappointed. Luis was an adulterer and a liar.

César punches him and Guido has to come in and hold him back. Meanwhile, Nicanor keeps insisting Luis was a liar and an adulterer and that’s why Nicanor killed him. He lured Luis to that house. He tells César to quit being a coward and go investigate. The woman who fled the scene–she was Luis’ lover. If César finds her, he’ll find out the truth.

Guido and the guy who was helping hold on to César shove César out of the room. Guido has changed his mind–he’s taking César off the case.

Zoe visits Felipe and Sabrina. Sabrina’s worried about his memory loss. She’s been thinking about taking him to New York. She’s excited about the possibility of having the whole family together.

And what’s going on with Zoe and Benjamin? Zoe says they broke up, but she’s already regretting it because he’s just the sweetest guy…and oh, look, there he is standing right behind her.

Alice is awake. She tells Thiago she wants to do things differently. Go to church, get baptized…but as for the two of them she’s not ready to get back together.

Zoe asks how long Benjamin’s been there.

Long enough. Andre called to say his dad had come out of the coma, so he came over. He’s headed back to New York today, so if Sabrina has a message for Andre…?

Sabrina says to tell him they’ll all be together again soon.

Benjamin says his awkward goodbyes and once he’s gone, Sabrina tells Zoe to snap out of it and go after him!

She catches up to him and asks…if he’s really going back today. After a little back and forth she gets him to agree to come somewhere with her later that day. And THEN she tells him it’s church.

When Ariela and Debora rejoin the party, they’re watching home movies from the orphanage. Luca was already bitter drunk earlier and now it’s getting worse.

After the video, Padre Stefano says it was great to see his mentor on the screen. He asks the orphans to come up front, but Padre Victorio says one is missing…

Oh, right, Luca Pergamo. He asks Luca to come take his place.

Uh, does he mean hell? ‘Cause that’s where Luca goes every time he thinks about his days at the orphanage. Or should he say, the nights.

In the office, Ricardo says now he understands why he always thought Luca was weak. He can either use that hate to help Ricardo or he can find himself a hole to cry in. Ricardo puts Adriano in charge of getting Luca sobered up…but in the guest room, because Ricardo needs to have a meeting in the office and see if he can salvage this day.

Ricardo announces to the guests that this event was supposed to honor his family’s bank and the church and he doesn’t know how much of what his friend said was true, but part of honoring something is not ignoring faults. He wants an investigation and he’s sure Padre Stefano will agree with him.

And now he thinks Debora should dig into the super exclusive section of their wine cave and share some vino with the guests.

He goes over to ask Ariela to bring the Sheik to his office in a few minutes.

As happy as Radiya is with her new necklace, Farak still won’t budge on the rewritten contract. Instead of a one-time sale on the land, he’ll lease it to Ricardo for five years and the contract will come up for renewal.

Ricardo begs him to spend the night in Rome, take Radiya to a nice restaurant. Ricardo will pay for everything.

Once Farak leaves the office, Ricardo tells Ariela to get rid of him. She knows people who can do it?

Of course. And she’d already planned for it, just in case. She’ll have a surprise for him soon.

Before she leaves, he reminds her to get his mother’s necklace back.

Ariela’s already got it by the time she walks Farak and Radiya to their car. She says she’s made a dinner reservation for them.

When Ariela goes back into the house she hands Ricardo a tablet. He has control over the Sheik’s car so he can kill him personally and get to watch. The car takes a curve too fast and flies right off a cliff.

Afterwards, Ricardo’s all “We did it for the greater good.”

Ariela feels bad for the Sheik’s wife, but Ricardo tells her not to feel that way. The important thing is they can get back to working on the City of the Future.

Ariela says they’ve got a substitute deal already in place and Ricardo’s all set for his talk to the UN.

Cool. Now he wants his mom’s necklace back.

Alan’s watching the price of his tech stock fall faster than the Sheik’s car going off that cliff. (Too soon?) He declares it the apocalypse and calls to tell his broker to just sell before he’s left with nothing.

Benjamin checks out Guto’s computer and finds the file with the trojan horse his “friend” sent him. One that’s so sneaky the only way to get rid of it is reformatting your hard drive.

But first, Benjamin (I hate myself for even saying it) hacks (*sigh*) into the game server to find Guto’s friend’s real name and contact info.

Dude’s name is Wallace and his Facebook account has a picture of him with his mom. The boys recognize Esmirna.

Enrique’s getting ready to head to the hospital. Estela’s staying home with Talita. Bruno and Benjamin come in with the news…the guy who shared the photo is Esmirna’s son.

That’s just more reason for Enrique to think she stole the jewelry, but Talita quickly and unequivocally says it wasn’t Esmirna who took the jewelry, it was her.

Esmirna and Wallace show up at the police station so Wallace can turn himself in for uploading Talita’s photos.

Enrique’s lover tells him that Osvaldo and Leticia have figured out he’s stealing from the hospital.

So what are they going to do, tell on him? Who’s Estela going to believe?

She says Estela’s the one who told them to investigate.

Now Enrique’s all “Behind my back! How dare she!”

Debora’s admiring her old necklace when Luca barges into her room. He just woke up and remembered what he said and he was trying to get out of the house. He apologizes. Debora asks him to stay for a while.

Zoe shows up at church with Benjamin. She introduces him to her parents and they sit down next to them in the pew. He looks so uncomfortable! They should have stuck him in the middle instead of on the end, so he can’t bolt!

Oh, great, now Debora’s snogging her son’s assistant.

And César and Natalia are having sex again.

In Jerusalem, Hanna convinces Saulo to at least meet Ester before he decides whether or not to adopt her.

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