Apocalipsis Thursday 9/26/19 #31

At the police station, Ze lies his ass off. Sure, he did a biography of Nicanor, but he never met him personally. The interrogation is bad by the standards of TV cop shows. César has one line: “I don’t care what you call that group of crazies.” Guido lets Ze go and says they’ll be watching him.

Felipe’s getting ready to head back to Rio. He wanted to live in New York with Sabrina, but without her or Andre…. He thinks he probably needs a medical checkup, too.

He gives Andre the book they made for Felipe’s mom, Teresa. And he’s not giving up on Andre. Andre knows where to find him if he changes is mind. (It sounds like he keeps gasping for air. I was worried he’d pass out before he made it out the door.)

Andre and a couple of empty pizza boxes are working late. He takes a break to look at the picture book. He’s starting to look like that hard shell is cracking.

Isabela comes over to Tamar and Gideon’s to thank Noah for the gift. Gideon’s quick to tell Tamar he has no idea what this is about.

Isabela also came to ask Noah out for a walk. (*suggestive eyebrow wiggle*)

Ricardo’s furious when Luca says he’ll take another glass of wine at dinner. He starts screaming at him–and his parents, and Gloria–about how they’ve all seen what happens when Luca has too much wine and sure he forgave Luca, but that’s a one-time-only deal and he has no room for weakness in the new world he’s constructing.

Once Luca says he understands, Ricardo says he was kidding and tells Gloria to serve him another glass of wine. But he’s chewing like he’s still angry. Luca probably shouldn’t stand near any open windows.

Isabela would have thought Noah’s parents have never seen a woman ask a man out, they way they reacted.

Well, they haven’t. If he had just shown up like that to ask her out, it would have been considered disrespectful. But Noah felt like it was a compliment.

Before she succumbs to his good-boy charms, she changes the subject to her ruined backpack. He destroyed her raincoat, her wallet, her makeup, her passport….

He’ll replace the raincoat and the wallet but she doesn’t need the makeup.

And the passport?

Better for him if she stays forever.

Now Isabela does kiss him and he’s so stunned his feet stick to the floor.

Tamar is freaking out about the thought of her son out there with That Girl!

Marta’s freaking out that Hanna didn’t stop Isabela from going over to Tamar and Gideon’s house. Doesn’t she know what it’s called when a woman goes over to a man’s house at night?

Hanna says in the US they call it flirting. She picks up a magazine and starts flipping pages while Marta freaks out some more that they’re not in the US and here it’s called being shameless.

Talita tells Guto that she’s handling her brother’s disappearance better than her mom is. At least she said she’d go to work tomorrow. They’re kissing when Enrique comes home.

Enrique fusses about it being late and Guto agrees and goes home.

Talita thinks her dad was being rude.

Enrique’s convinced (or it’s a convenient excuse) that Guto’s spying for his dad or something. She’d better not be dating him! It doesn’t make any sense to Talita either.

Ángela thinks Natalia should go out with Lucio. ‘Cause he’s a nice guy. She shouldn’t get swept away–look what happened to her! And Natalia’s the only good thing that came out of.

Now that she brings it up, her dad’s being investigated for fraud and he’s coming to the station tomorrow to make a statement.

Estela can’t believe they’re making Enrique give a statement.

Enrique acts like he’s completely innocent so he has nothing to worry about and honesty is how you win people over.

It’s certainly the way Osvaldo won her dad over. And the whole family. She’s never known a family so trustworthy. They always had this dignity that nothing could break. They were so upright, like Esmirna..and everyone else who left. Even Bruno was different.

Ángela’s going off on Enrique and she’s offended when Natalia tells her this is exactly why he left her.

Estela wonders if that’s what they all had in common, the ones who disappeared.

Enrique says she can’t compare Osvaldo with their son. Has she forgotten what Osvaldo did already.

Was it really him?

Of course it was him! Or does she think he (Enrique) did it?

Of course not, but she’s got so many thoughts in her head, so many doubts. She keeps remembering what Leticia said–that one day Estela would know Osvaldo was innocent. Does the fact that he disappeared mean something?

Ángela’s complaining about how much good she’s done.

Natalia questions whether she was just going through the motions.

Ángela’s had enough. She takes off and tells Natalia to deal with the dishes.

Laodicea comes into the dining room and they talk about needing to be careful with Ángela now that there’s this new cult out there drawing people like her in. The ones who can’t face the truth. Jonas is actually out there now, checking them out.

Jonas sees Guto at a gathering where they’re all chanting “carpe diem.” He goes over to Tiao and apologizes for throwing him out of his church. Tiao says he’s here hanging out with all the other rejects, but Jonas says they still have a chance.

He takes Tiao home with him and raids the fridge. Laodicea freaks out when she sees him. Jonas says he’s a guest. Laodi’s complaining about not wanting his smelly self on her furniture.

Uh, then get him a bath and clean clothes. Jonas says he’s going to do what he should have been doing all these years, and if she won’t help him, he’ll do it himself.

Robinson’s friends are finally leaving the house. Wallace tells him he’s leaving too–he got a job in the US. He’s finally going to fulfill his dream. They’re getting him a visa and everything.

Robinson says if he needs anything, he’s here for him. (But did he mean it?)

Ricardo confronts Debora after dinner, asking since when she’s a supporter of the weak and oppressed. Does she have a thing for Luca? Hey, moms have needs too. (He made that sound so gross.)

Look, he doesn’t mind, but she’s gotta be more careful. People really believe the “perfect family” routine, stupid as it is. He can’t do anything about that.

Debora’s like “WTF is your problem?!”

Ricardo says it’s been a long day. So, is she getting used to the idea of going back to the place of her birth.

If it’s important to him–

Ricardo says it’s important for all of them and for what he has to do for the world.

Gloria brings Adriano an aspirin and a glass of water. She knows him so well. And she misses his mom like he does.

Adriano says to forget about his pain he’s going back to New York. Ricardo thinks it’s best.

Gloria asks if Ricardo seems different to him.

Adriano says he’s become powerful. Power’s not always pretty. But Ricardo’s his son and he’s going to love him no mater what.

Zoe shows up at Benjamin’s and surprises him. This is the last place he’d expect to see her. *smoochies* *theme song* *recapper slapping her hands over her ears*

So yeah, he’s fine with the visit because he can’t live without her. I think she could live without him, but she tells him she can’t. Gotta take care of his fragile ego.

Although, making up isn’t the only reason she’s here. She just needs him to listen. (Nothing good starts with that.) She knows he doesn’t believe in God or the bible, but if she gave him a list of things that happened that were predicted and some that will happen in the next seven years, could he open his mind to the possibility that the prophecies about the end of the world are coming true?

I’m going to take his annoyed sigh as a “No, and quit trying to convert me!”

Isn’t he always telling her to be more open-minded? Can’t he try to set aside his prejudices?

Benjamin says that’s fair. He’s been disrespectful to her opinions and her beliefs and he’s sorry. So, what does she need to tell him?

Talita’s been keeping Susana informed about Estela and Susana agrees going back to work is a good sign. Susana tells Alan she also told her about the investigation at the hospital. She’s going to go to Rio and help her sister.

Alan’s off to work. He’s still enjoying working with Ricardo and mentions the “Nueva Babilonia” project which is what Ricardo’s decided to call the City of the Future.

Susana’s not sure what to make of that. Babilonia was kind of a sinful place.

Alan remembers it as the center of the world and the Garden of Eden, so it sounds to him like a good place to start over.

Ricardo’s still cranky in the morning, complaining that Debora needs to hurry up…but then he’s the one delaying their departure to take a call from Greta. Zoe Santero wants an interview? Well, have her talk to Ariela and find a space for her in next week’s schedule. He takes his phone call outside, leaving his parents alone in the living room.

Adriano knows their life isn’t what Debora dreamed of, but he really believes she’s a strong woman and she’ll be able to get through this. Maybe she’ll even find something to enjoy. And now she’d better get going before her son starts yelling at her.

OK, so…Ricardo’s the Antichrist? Does Zoe have any proof? Benjamin admits he’s been suspicious of Ricardo before too. She’s going to need more than prophecies to convince him.

Zoe says that’s fine. It’s not like she expected him to believe her just for being her. She just wants him to keep an open mind. She wants him to watch Ricardo’s attitude and how he speaks and remember the things she told him about one religion, one currency, the mark of the beast–

The construction of the third temple. But it’s impossible! The Israelis and Palestinians are never going to get along.

Zoe’s sure they’re going to get to a point where Benjamin can’t say it’s all just coincidence. She’s got one more thing to ask him.

“I hope it’s not reading the bible. Sorry! Sorry!”

Zoe’s there for work. She convinced her boss to let her follow Ricardo around. If he finds out Zoe told Benjamin anything, her life could be in danger. She’s serious–she needs him to promise he won’t say anything to Ricardo.

No worries. He doesn’t have any reason to tell him.

Zoe swears she’ll prove this isn’t just in her head.

Benjamin snogs her before she leaves and tells her to be careful. (It’s never too late to stop…this theme song.)

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