La Mujer del Vendaval #138

So, Selma tells Alba what she came to say and pretends to want Alba’s advice, because she’s just so helpless and in over her head, poor thing (sure she is, just like a falcon is in over her head facing a couple of mice) Alba has no advice, but Amadeo arrives and Alba sends Rosa and Selma to hide in the kitchen.

Amadeo makes Alba listen to what he says. All of what he says. He tells her the whole story, the truth; he only pretended to be dating Selma to make Alba jealous cause he’s still in love with her, but now Selma is pregnant.

Rosa and Selma listen from behind the kitchen door.

Amadeo has always loved Alba but since she’d already rejected him once he didn’t dare tell her how he felt and now things are out of hand. Amadeo says he definitely isn’t marrying Selma but he needed to talk to Alba before making any plans. Alba is in tears as she tells him no. She wishes all the best for him and his new fam but she can’t be part of this and she runs out.

In the kitchen Rosa has lost all respect for Selma, but Selma is pretty happy with how things turned out. Rosa scolds Selma for trying to trap a man who doesn’t love her. Selma doesn’t care if he doesn’t love her as long as nobody else gets him. Well Rosa knows Selma is playing Alba dirty and makes her leave thru the back door.

Nuria asks Miguel how hard it would be for her to adopt the cute baby. He says there’s financial requirements for adoption, then there’s a psychological test. Neither of those should be a problem, but since Nuria and her husband are having marital problems they probably won’t qualify.
Nuria explains what’s going on with Cris and her from her perspective, and now Miguel wonders if maybe she’s trying to get the baby to keep Cris and maybe its not a good idea and maybe he should take the baby with him now. Nuria says no please just leave the baby here till he’s well and Miguel agrees.

Al calls Cris to tell him how terrible Marcela is. Since Cris is on the road to Huatulco, Al has to complain over the phone. Cris doesn’t sound too sympathetic as he says maybe now you’ll finally give up on that doomed marriage.

Nope. Al isn’t going to budge.

Oct gives Silvana the reports on the cruise line. Looks pretty good, Sil will show it to Luc and see what he thinks. Oct knows what he’ll think. he’ll hate it just because it came from her. What they should do is just present it to the board without telling Luc, after all its what he did to them. Or they could keep being his doormats until Valeria steals him away for good. Sil capitulates, they’ll do it Oct’s way.

Eulogio does a little blackmailing of Don T to keep him from going after July. After all what would his prospective bride think if she knew about Timo fooling around with his secretary? Not that Eulogio would tell, but you know how people talk, its bound to get out.

In the clinic Marcela tells Alba about the blow up with Al. She can’t believe Al is trying to throw mud on her when he’s the one who’s been lying to her all along. How dare he act like she’s at fault when she’s been working so hard to keep their marriage together.
Alba thinks that truth and honesty shine in Marcela’s eyes and voice and Al has to see that. Marcela’s not so sure, he was pretty hateful last night, like her wanted her dead.

Rosa is making plans with the guards in the kitchen. Instead of her picking one of them to go out with, why don’t they both invite her dancing, that way when one of them gets tired she’ll have a spare to keep dancing with. (I love Rosa)
ML is up and looking for food so Rosa shoos the guys out. She tells ML that her cousin is in the clinic in town having collapsed last night.
So then ML asks Al about it, why isn’t he there with her and Al tells ML he caught Marcela with her doctor friend last night. (You know, you’d think they’dve been naked the way he’s carrying on about it)

So ML takes Al to her room and pours more poison in his ears about Marcela. Now what he needs to do is get divorced so he can be with someone who really loves and cares about him. Someone who really appreciates him. Someone like… Val calls and invites Al over to talk about Marcela to her and he goes.

ML goes to her dad to tell him how everything is falling apart between Al and Marcela. Things couldn’t be going better if she’d planned it out herself! They won’t even have to dig up the necklace, all she has to do now is comfort Al and convince him to divorce Marcela. And somehow she has to get rid of Val so he can be all hers.

Cuchi cries to Gordo about how he lost his meal ticket. boo hoo. Oh well at least Cami didn’t get her either.
But Cami with the help of Lencho isn’t quite giving up, he’s trying to come up with a plan to make Nisa change her mind. Maybe if he quits before they can fire him she’ll want him back?

Nisa cries to Inez. She can’t believe she was just a bet between those two guys; who can win the rich girl? Inez says she might’ve set herself up for that, after all she was dating both of them at once. Maybe she should try not dating for a while? Nisa of course takes it to extremes and declares she’s done with men for good. She’s going to become a Tibetan nun.

Amadeo tells his bro how things went with Alba, but since Alba turned him down he’s decided to marry Selma. Roman disapproves, marriage without love doesn’t work. Amadeo thinks its better than mooning around after someone who only wants to be his friend and will never love him. Besides he wants to be there for his kid.

After some pressure from Marcela, Alba tells her about Amadeo’s confession of love and Selma and the (imaginary) baby. (I mean Alba doesn’t know its imaginary but I’m sick of pretending its real) (not that any of this is really real, its a tv show, so…) (but you know what I mean)
Alba’s mad at Amadeo for not telling her how he felt before now. (Wow hypocrite much? You still haven’t told him how you feel)
She also feels bad for Selma since she heard all that Amadeo said.
Marcela thinks Alba should tell Amadeo she loves him back but Alba says no, then Selma won’t have any chance with him. She’ll just have to switch to Cris.
Marcela disapproves, Cris is married and as far as she knows, his wife wants to keep him. Alba thinks surely Nuria will be reasonable, after all she has to already realize their marriage is over, right?

Cris gets home and its awkward. He’s acting like he doesn’t live there, and Nuria is being polite and Cris is trying to tell her what he came to say, but before he can she begs him to help her out, they need to get back together and try again. She’s about to explain but the baby cries. Nuria comes back with the baby and tells Cris how she got him, and that’s why she wants to get back together, she thinks the baby is a sign they’re meant to be a family.

Cris thinks that’s a little crazy. And besides while he was away her decided for sure that he wants a divorce.
Nuria becomes very upset and Cris is surprised, he thought she would be expecting this, but Nuria can’t believe he’d throw their marriage and all their history away for someone he just met. Nothing he can give her can compare with what he’s taking away from her. She gets so upset that she faints.

Cris takes her to the hospital and calls Sil. Sil calls Miguel to go pick up the baby and then goes to the hospital to yell at Cris for breaking his wife’s heart after all she’s done for him and all she’s gone through for him. Luc is there too and is clearly uncomfortable with the subject.

Oct sics Ines’s ex on her. First he gets his check then he finds Inez and pretends to care for her. He’s smarmy and creepy. Ick.

Emil comes to the clinic to talk to Marcela about telling her he loves her. He’s not sure when his feelings changed, but they did, and to tell the truth he’s always been fascinated by her. With how bad Al is treating her though, she can’t stay with him right? Her feelings are just confused, and Al’s behaviour is killing her, really he can’t love her and treat her the way he does. She needs to get away from him. Emil knows she can’t move on so quickly though, so Emil will be there for her, supporting her like always, until she’s ready to move on.

Val listens to Al and pretends to be very mad at her bro. But mostly Marcela. Really though Al has to get divorced now, right? I mean he used to lover but now all the feels are way neg so he needs to leave Marcela.
Al says no. He won’t let Emil win. He’s got Marcela and he’s keepin her.

(Let’s do the count
People rooting for Al and Marcela to get divorced: 7.5 (ML, Val, Emiliano, Al’s parents and sister, Oct and maybe Timo?)
People rooting for Al and Marcela’s marriage to work out: 2.5 (Alba, Sagrario and maybe Marcela?) (Al doesn’t count, revenge marriage doesn’t count)
So three quarters of the main characters (plus me kinda) want a divorce. Hmm. Sounds doomed)

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