El Gran Estreno de No Te Puedes Esconder Monday 9/30/19 #1

A guy parks his car in an empty parking garage. He flips through the bills in an envelope, puts a silencer on his gun, has a sip from his flask, and looks at a photo of a woman.


Mónica, a nurse at a hospital, is laughing at one of her coworkers who insists that one particular doctor likes Mónica best because she’s got that Mexican accent. She takes a phone call from her boyfriend, Alex, while she’s on break. He gives her the classic “What are you wearing? Come home so I can take it off.”

He gets distracted by a news report about a politician’s missing wife and tells Mónica he doesn’t want to distract her from her job, so…he’ll see her at seven.

“Six thirty.”

The news is speculating that Beatriz Prats, the wife of Madrid mayoral candidate Alberto Torres, is the latest victim of a serial killer. She disappeared two months ago and they believe it’s her body they found in a cabin.

It looks like Beatriz’s body was tied up with rubber tubing and she’s still sitting up. Urrutia says the landlord found her. She’s probably been there since about the time she disappeared. They won’t know the cause of death until they do an autopsy.

One of her male colleagues complains about not liking cases that involve important or famous people. That would be Velasco. Urrutia tells him he’s getting old.

Natalia’s on the couch checking her social media and smoking when Mónica comes home. Mónica’s not a fan of the smoking.

In Mónica’s room, she tells Natalia she’s going out with Alex and she’ll be back late. She complains about a stuck zipper. “¡Joder!”

Natalia complains that she doesn’t like Mónica saying that all the time. So Mónica says it a few more times. And it’s all bleeped so only those of us who already know the word know what they’re saying and everyone else has no idea. So, yeah. “¡Joder!” means “Fuck!” You’re welcome.

Natalia was hoping she could spend some time with her mom tonight. Not that she wants her to cancel.

Mónica says she’ll just have coffee with Alex and come home to have dinner with Natalia at 10.

As Mónica walks out of her apartment complex, the guy from the parking garage starts following her. He waits for a section of sidewalk with no witnesses, but he can’t convince himself to pull the trigger. He watches her walk into a building.

Natalia gets a call from Humberto, who’s surprised she hasn’t heard “the news” and tells her to come meet him at the bar they went to for her birthday so he can see the look on her face when he tells her. She tells him not to bring Eli, but he’s hung up already.

I can’t believe they had the husband come in and identify the body while it was still at the scene! From the way everyone’s been behaving, there’s a smell.

So, Alberto, the husband, is in shock, but his campaign manager (I’m assuming) is already talking about preparing a statement to the press. Alberto tells Gabriel to back off, but looking out the window there are some journalists out there already. If they don’t give them something, they’ll start speculating about whatever sounds worst.

On the other side of the room Urrutia and Velasco’s boss tells them he doesn’t want any leaks on this case. Any leaks, and he’ll cut off their huevos.

Urrutia: “I don’t have huevos.” Yes, it was bleeped. “Huevos” in this context means “balls.” You’re welcome.

The boss ignores her and talks about managing the information and not speculating about anything unless it’s in his office.

Velasco points out they’re going to have to interview Torres.

The boss says they’ll have to do it in as discreet a place as they can.

Urrutia’s like “He’s our main suspect.”

He knows. And hopefully she’s clear about what he said.

Urrutia’s irritated at Velasco for finding the whole thing funny.

The boss goes outside to tell Torres that Urrutia’s in charge of the case, that she’s a psychologist and criminologist and she’s the best he’s got.

Gabriel says they have to make a statement to the press. Is there anything they should leave out?

No, they can say whatever they want. And Torres is going to have to be interviewed, so…do they have a place they’d like that to happen to avoid the press?

Torres is like “Wherever you want. You’re the professionals.”

Gabriel looks annoyed. Torres is the main suspect, right?

“He’s the husband.”

Gabriel runs over to where Torres is already talking to the reporters without him.

Alex is a photographer. He’s getting ready for an exhibit of photos of dead bodies and there are photos all over his desk. He tells Mónica the one she’s looking at is “Ali” and how impressed he was at Ali’s dignity in death. He tells Mónica he thinks people are only authentic at two times in their lives–when they’re asleep and when they die.

For Mónica, death is just…a certificate and you’re done. She finds a picture of a little girl screaming and recognizes her as “Eli.”

Alex says she’s been a fighter since she was small. He mother had just died when he took that picture. It was the first time he met her.

Mónica’s impressed. How’s she doing with the scholarship?

Alex can’t believe he took her out of that horrible situation and she wants to major in politics!

Mónica finds a picture of herself, sleeping. Alex was hoping she’d let him use it for the show. (Show of hands, who’s not entirely trusting this guy?)

Mónica agrees. And now she’s gotta go have dinner with Natalia…but Alex lures her back to bed with kisses.

Garage guy is still waiting for Mónica to come out of the building. He orders a whiskey at the bar across the street…and then another.

Humberto gets to the bar, with Eli, and tells her and Natalia both that what happened is more important than the two of them having some kind of problem they won’t tell him about.

I don’t know what I expected, but it wasn’t that the three of them urgently needed to talk about the murder of candidate Torres’ wife.

Mónica’s resting up after Round 2 with Alex. She asks if he took pictures of her asleep again, haha.

Alex’s phone starts buzzing. It’s Eli. Mónica gets out of bed with all the covers, leaving Alex with nothing but a pillow so Iván Sánchez can show us that he’s still got it.

Eli just wanted to ask if he’d heard about Beatriz Prats and no, she didn’t go to the game(?)–she’s out at a bar with Humberto. She’ll come home later.

At the bar across the street from Alex’s, garage guy is still waiting. Coincidentally, the suicide bomber we’ve been told to expect from all the previews is also there, having an espresso. Some other guy puts a backpack at his feet and walks away.

Garage guy finally sees Mónica leaving the building and starts following her.

Natalia’s gotta go. She’s having dinner with her mom. She asks Eli if they’re always going to be like this.

“You’re the one who would know.”

OK, then. They’ll talk tomorrow.

Humberto really wants to know what happened, but Eli tells him to forget it. She’s leaving too.

Natalia’s out of cigarettes. She stops in at a store and a van with two guys in it slows down to watch her. Passenger side guy’s wearing a gold ID bracelet and a chunky pinky ring.

Garage guy is still following Mónica, but there are a lot more people around them now, including the attendees at an outdoor concert.

The suicide bomber’s coming from the other direction.

Garage guy’s about ready to shoot Mónica when she bumps into the suicide bomber and garage guy can see he’s got a bomb. He just freezes in place, holding his gun out, even when the cops try to stop the bomber.

The bomb goes off.

Eli’s just getting home and asks what happened. Alex looks over the balcony, tells her to wait there, and goes running out to the street.

Eli calls Humberto to see if he’s ok and asks if he’s heard from Natalia.

Alex looks around at the injured people, including a woman in a red dress…but it’s not Natalia.

Natalia is over doing CPR on the guy who was going to shoot her.

Alex takes a picture.

Mexico, 3 years ago

Lidia (pre-Mónica) meets with a guy from the DEA on the roof of a building. He says her information checks out and tomorrow she needs to go about her business like nothing has changed. She shouldn’t talk about traveling to anyone, not even her daughter.

She wants to leave today, but he says they need to be ready to capture “Sánchez” first. They’ll be keeping an eye on her house, though. And now she needs to go home–they put some shopping bags in her car.

Lidia gets home, gets out of the car, goes into the house, and carries the bags upstairs. Amalia (pre-Natalia) is pretending not to hear her. Her dad’s on the way over, but she doesn’t want to go with him. Lidia begs her to go–her dad wants to take custody away from her and if she doesn’t go, he’ll say Lidia is trying to keep her away from him.

Amalia answers her cell phone and tells her dad’s driver she’ll be down in a minute.

When they get to Amalia’s dad’s house, he’s in the middle of a business meeting. She ignores his greeting and keeps walking.

Lidia goes for a jog. When she gets home, her ex calls her. He just wanted to check up on her and warn her that her new gringo friend is a bad influence. If she keeps hanging out with him she’s not going to see Amalia grow up.

Lidia asks why he doesn’t leave them the fuck alone and hangs up on him.

The next day, there are two guys in a car watching her house. There’s a voice coming from somewhere, saying the two women are inside.

Lidia’s nervous. Amalia tells her to take a pill already.

Lidia gets a call from “Pete” and panics.

Outside, the two guys in the car are dead.

Lidia runs upstairs and tells Amalia to do as she says, get her shoes on, and here’s her backpack with all the essentials.

Amalia doesn’t understand. Did Lidia do something? Who are they running from?

“Your dad.”

Amalia asks what she means, but they both hear glass breaking downstairs. Lidia tells her to leave the cell phone. They walk out to the balcony they share with the neighbor and Lidia begs her to let them in. They’re being followed. They have to hide.

Josefa tells them to move it. She’ll take care of things.

Instead, she opens her balcony door and gets shot.

One of the guys chasing them tells the boss they’re on top of things and he’ll make sure the daughter doesn’t get hurt.

Lidia and Amalia have made it outside and gotten into their SUV, but Lidia can see one of the men getting ready to follow in his car. She puts the SUV into reverse and crushes the front of the car. I approve.

But now there’s a guy in front of them who seems to be having some trouble with his gun.

Lidia floors it and he jumps out of the way, having to settle for shooting out their back window.

Natalia’s freaking out. Lidia can’t get past “Listen!”

Suddenly there’s a black van in front of them and a car blocking them in from behind and guys in black come pouring out of the van.

Lidia and Amalia watch the news on a laptop screen. Alejandro Sánchez is dead after a traffic accident. He was going to be arrested for having ties to organized crime, but when he was trying to escape, his car hit a retaining wall and he died instantly.

Lidia asks if it’s true and Pete says it is and hands her a folder. Lidia looks briefly. She figures they’re safe now, right?

Well…like she said, her husband has contacts everywhere.

Amalia thinks they should go.

Pete hands over two passports and says from now on they’re Mónica and Natalia. They need to get used to using those names. Their lives depend on it.

He gives them two boarding passes and asks Lidia to sign something. His team walk Mónica and Natalia to a car, he makes sure people are in position at the airport, and says they’ve gotta go.

Back in the present, two paramedics take over for Mónica. Alex quits taking video. I can’t interpret the look on his face.

Natalia’s startled by the notifications popping up on her phone. She tries to return a call and the number’s disconnected. She tries Mónica next, knowing that Alex’s apartment is right by the Plaza de Callao.

Mónica assures Natalia she’s fine, but they’ll need her at the hospital. She wants Natalia to go home and stay there.

“Mom…te quiero mucho.”

Y yo a ti, mi amor. Te amo.

Natalia really wants that cigarette now, but she answers her phone to tell Humberto she’s fine and asks if he’s heard from Eli. She says she can’t open this thing…she’ll call him right back.

She gets grabbed from behind by the guy from the van. He shoves her into the back of the van, picks up her phone and turns off tracking.

Garage guy wakes up in the hospital. Mónica’s there, asking how he feels.

His chest hurts.

Yeah, that’s from the CPR. Does he remember the bomb going off?

He asks how long he’s been there and if anything’s wrong with him.

He’s been there since last night and he’ll be getting out soon.

He thinks she’s hurt, but she says that’s not her blood on her scrubs. It’s his and other patients’.

“You saved me?”

Well, she was there and she was luckier than he was. Anyway, she’s going off shift, so if he needs anything he can call one of her coworkers.

“What’s your name?”


He kind of nods, she leaves, and he starts crying.

In the hallway she runs into her friend and says she’s OK, just tired, and she really needs to go home now. Her friend agrees to keep an eye on the guy in 334.

The black van drives on. They’re showing us the faces of the two guys up front, but I don’t know what we’re supposed to get from that.

In the back, Natalia’s got her hands and feet tied and a gag in her mouth. She tries to kick out the back doors, but they don’t budge.

Mónica gets home and Natalia’s not in her room. She closes Natalia’s laptop and starts to check the house. She decides to take a shower.

In Natalia’s room, the camera focuses on a picture of her with Eli and Humberto.

The van stops at a checkpoint. Natalia tries again to kick open the back door.

Mónica’s done with her shower, making tea, and there’s still no Natalia.

At the checkpoint, the guys in the van hide a gun so the police won’t find it. Natalia’s phone starts buzzing.

Mónica’s annoyed that Natalia’s not answering her phone.

The van driver is upset that the other guy didn’t get rid of the phone.

Natalia’s still banging on the back door. The driver tells the other guy to go back there and shut her up. He knocks her out and throws a blanket over her.

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stealth cacophony
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stealth cacophony

Thank you 🙂 the recap cleared up some things I missed or misunderstood. (like the fact that Amalia’s dad is supposed to be dead now. Kinda important, and I didn’t get it) *raises hand* there is just something off about Alex. Don’t know what. I missed the previews, so had no idea the suicide bomber was going to be a thing. Ok what is with the henchmen (in the 3 yrs ago part) sayin he’ll make sure the kid doesn’t get hurt and then shooting at her? That didn’t look like he cared if she got hurt. Good for Natalia… Read more »

Autora/ Author

So here’s my question…. Did Alex get permission from families to display the pictures of their deceased loved ones? I can’t imagine anyone consenting to that. Or have I misunderstood something?