Apocalipsis Tuesday 10/1/19 #34

Uri stops snogging Ariela because he hasn’t considered himself available since he met Monique. The short time they had together was worth a lifetime.

Ariela tries to convince them to give their relationship another try.

Um, no. She never loved him and he was just obsessed. He hopes one day she finds someone like Monique was to him. And sure, now he’s broken, but at least he had that love. He still feels affection for Ariela, which is why he thinks she should find another way to be happy.

Ariela fake-laughs and then says she’s not in the mood for sentimentalism, especially not from her. She leaves without the “documents” she was allegedly looking for.

Padre Victorio is talking to a woman who worked at the orphanage when Gloria’s child was left there. She doesn’t have any information for him.

Padre Stefano asks what that was about and Padre Victorio LIES (although, I approve) and says she was just asking about Sunday services.

The dads are in Ricardo’s office. Adriano’s impressed with the mock-ups for New Babylonia on Alan’s tablet, but are they really making any forward motion?

Alan says they’re financially ready and that’s all thanks to Ricardo. It’s like it’s predestined. Adriano must feel so proud. And now Ricardo’s over in Israel with the extended family, planting the seeds of a peace no one else dares to.

Adriano says he’s taking a big risk making Debora go with him. She’s liable to start the third world war.

Alan sure misses hanging out with Adriano and he’s just realized–Susana’s out of town with her family, so the two of them are “single” in New York!

Adriano says Alan’s dangerous.

Ariela shows up before they can make any concrete plans and asks if they had a meeting scheduled. No? Then get out so she can work.

Natalia makes a show of snogging Lucio at work, while their coworkers applaud. César pretends he didn’t see anything and says the bank manager said that Osvaldo called him the night before he was arrested saying there was a deposit made that he didn’t recognize.

Natalia says he did it on purpose so he wouldn’t look guilty.

And has the graphology report come back?

Lucio says it has and the signature on the checks was neither Osvaldo’s nor Enrique’s.

Natalia: “See! My dad is innocent.”

César says they’ll see and tells Lucio to take good care of Natalia.

In Guido’s office, César complains about Ze’s cult, but Guido says like it or not they’re not breaking any laws. (I still think fire codes and occupancy limits are probably being broken.) Everyone has the right to believe in whatever they want. They have to operate within the law–they’re the good guys, remember?

There’s still nothing on the Nicanor front, but Guido’s still convinced he’s going to come after César to “finish what he started thirty years ago.”

Enrique’s complaining about wanting to have César killed. Dra. Complice is worried about the graphology report, since she’s the one who signed Osvaldo’s name on the checks. Enrique tells her not to worry about it–Rio police are so efficient he already has one who offered himself for the bribing.

Dra. Complice’s also worried about Estela. Because Estela’s seriously not OK.

Enrique says the less connected she is to reality and the more worried she is about Bruno the less time she has to worry about what he’s doing.

They suck face.

Susana asked Estela to tell her what happened…and then she tells her to calm down, but didn’t Susana want her to talk about it?! Estela starts having chest pains. Susana gets her lying down on the bench at the foot of the bed and she’s just started to try and check her pulse when Talita comes in.

Talita’s freaking out, but Susana says Estela’s having a panic attack, not a heart attack and she needs Talita to bring Estela’s bag.

Lucio brings Natalia home. They’re standing at the door and Lucio’s inviting her over to his place while Nicanor watches from around a corner.

The panic attack has passed. Susana turns Estela over to Talita to keep an eye on.

Felipe gets back to Brazil. He’s staying with César. Now that he remembers everything, the house means more to him.

The guys commiserate about their sons. César remembers Osvaldo used to say that defying parents is the way they test their love.

Felipe’s sorry he figured out how wise Osvaldo was too late.

Anyway, they both wish the other luck with their respective sons.

Felipe asks about Zoe and César says she’s out gathering evidence. Before he can explain, his phone rings. Nicanor’s calling to do him a “favor.” He owed him a conversation about Samael. Right now Samael’s laughing behind César’s back. He’s already chosen his next victim.

Laodi finds Jonas at the church. She’s still talking smack about Tiao and Jonas doesn’t think she’s understood what he’s been saying about having this one last chance to save their souls. They have 3 1/2 years before they’re going to have to make a choice between Jesus and the Antichrist.

One of the neighborhood peeps comes in to ask Jonas for help. They’re dealing drugs in the neighborhood and he knows the cops aren’t going to come fast enough.

Ze. Confessional. One-way mirror. Video camera. Bere hates herself for abandoning her mother.

Nicanor tells César the next victim is his lover. Ex-lover. Whatever. It’s Natalia.

So who’s Samael?

Someone Nicanor met in prison.

But they checked all his visitors and cellmates and everyone who fit the profile had an alibi.

It wasn’t a visitor or someone who was in prison with him.

Wait, so…it was someone who worked at the prison?

Nicanor: “Nice talking to you.” Subtext: “Why do I even try?”

Felipe’s alarmed now and wants to know what’s going on.

Natalia’s still snogging Lucio at her front door. She still thinks it’s too soon to, uh, “visit his apartment.” She wants to, she just doesn’t want to make the same mistakes as before.

OK, they can do this on her schedule. She’s worth the wait.

Ángela’s waiting up for Natalia. They have a little mother-daughter love fest and then Natalia says she likes spending time with Lucio, but she’s not in love with him. There’s something about him that feels wrong and she can’t figure out what it is.

César starts to swear Felipe to secrecy, but he’s already agreeing not to say anything. Does César really think Natalia’s in danger?

He thinks she’s a potential target, but she’s an experienced investigator and she’s dating a cop. It would be risky for Samael or Nicanor to come after her.

Poor Felipe doesn’t understand what world they’re living in. César already told him the Arrebatamiento theory, but Felipe’s not sure he agrees. César points out that all the people they know who disappeared were strong in their faith and all the kids went.

OK…so they’re the ones who were left behind? What’s supposed to happen to them.

Zoe and Isabela have drinks and falafel. Isabela’s still not used to the food, but she likes Jerusalem and she likes having family around. Zoe misses her family.

Isabela asks what keeps her tied to Rio. Why doesn’t she just go live in New York with Benjamin? They’re in love! They should be together!

Zoe says they disagree about…some things. They both agree they would have liked to have each other as sisters-in-law.

Isabela asks about the interview with Ricardo. He’s so cute! How is a guy like that not married yet?

Zoe assumes he doesn’t have time.

No, but he must have a woman in every country.

Zoe says too many women is the same as no woman.

Isabela thinks he hasn’t found the right woman yet.

Zoe’s having a little acid reflux. She assumes something she ate didn’t agree with her. (Riiiiight….)

Benjamin’s in his apartment thinking about Zoe. Which I know because they’re playing That Song. I don’t know if what he’s thinking about is a memory or a fantasy.

He rode his skateboard over to Zoe’s hotel to tell her he only wants her and he misses her and his life is incomplete when she’s not there. He doesn’t want to break up. He’d never tell her to give up her job to live with him. He likes that she’s dedicated to her job. He didn’t want her to leave without knowing how much he loves and needs her.

Zoe told him he didn’t have to apologize. She was being insecure. She thought he would break up with her, so she decided to break up with him first. And her life is empty without him too. (So…memory?)

And then he thinks about them having hot dogs in Times Square.

Uri comes over to ask for a favor. It’s kind of about the committee. Can Benjamin get him a meeting with Ricardo?

Does Uri think he’d be likely to reverse his decision about dissolving the committee?

Ricardo seems like a smart guy and right now all Uri’s hearing are conspiracy theories and old bible stories.

Benjamin’s worried about that too.

Uri thinks they’re going to go into the middle ages again. But he and Benjamin are people of science! Rational men! They should band together. They have to get rid of these mystical ideas. He’s sure if he talked to Ricardo, he could get him to finance all their research.

Benjamin says he’ll try to get him a meeting after he comes back from his trip. And how is Uri holding up?

“If loneliness killed I’d be a dead man already.”

Benjamin gets that. He offers his uncle a coffee.

Ariela and her very wide leather flares come over to have wine and sex with Adriano.

At Gideon and Tamar’s, everybody’s nervously waiting for Ricardo and Debora to show up. Tamar sends Noah to answer the knock at the door.

Ricardo walks in first and then tells his mom to come in. Everyone’s waiting for her. She looks like a whiny teenager.

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