No Te Puedes Esconder Tuesday 10/1/19 #2

Previously: Three years ago Lidia ratted out her ex-husband and went into Witness Protection with her daughter, Amalia. Today, the body of a mayoral candidate’s wife is found. Lidia, now Mónica, is at the scene of an explosion and saves the life of a man who was hired to kill her. Amalia, now Natalia, is kidnapped.

Mónica’s coworker brings Daniel, aka Garage Guy, aka Mónica’s would-be killer, his bag of personal belongings and asks him to turn down the ringer on the phone. She mentions Mónica was watching him all night until he opened his eyes, lucky man.

Daniel’s looking at his list of notifications when the phone rings again. He ignores it.


Daniel takes a swig from his flask while waiting for a meeting. A guy  gets into his car. He tells Daniel he has three weeks to kill Mónica. He’s getting a third of his money now, a third when the job is done, and a third when they verify he’s far away and has kept his mouth shut.

As Daniel looks at the picture of Mónica, the other guy goes on about how the first time is always hard, but he’ll get used to it. He asks who the woman is.

He didn’t ask. But she must have done something to have such a high price on her head. If Daniel does the job well, he’ll get more work.

Daniel refuses to shake his hand.

In the hospital, Daniel grabs his bag and starts ripping off monitors to leave.

Mónica calls Alex to see if Natalia might be over there with Eli. She hasn’t heard from her since last night. Alex offers to ask Eli and get back to her.

But first, Alex reviews his pictures of Mónica giving Daniel CPR last night.

The black van gets to the checkpoint and an officer asks for ID and passports. The kidnappers end up getting patted down and are about to have the van searched. But a guy in the car ahead of them is flailing around and screaming at the cops so, priorities. They let the van go.

Velasco and Urrutia have a conversation that’s too fast for me to keep up with. It sounds like he’s teasing her about this case making her career, but also busting her chops about not making the same mistake she did on an earlier case? Urrutia blames whatever he’s talking about on trusting too much in her intuition and it not having something to do with “the Italian guy.” Velasco says the boss is waiting to talk to her. “Now you tell me.”

Urrutia stands there until the boss comes out of his office to wave her over.

Mónica calls Humberto to tell him she can’t find Natalia. He knows she usually stayed home on Thursdays. And weren’t they supposed to have dinner?

Mónica explains she got home late after the explosion. Natalia said she wanted to talk to her about something. She begs him to tell her what he knows.

OK, well…maybe it’s nothing, but she argued with Eli the other day. He’s sure it was nothing. They promise to keep each other posted.

Alex calls back. Eli doesn’t know where Natalia could be. Mónica asks to come over and speak directly to Eli.

Natalia wakes up in the back of the van, bleeding from the head. The back door isn’t closed securely and it’s rattling. Natalia finds something to cut through the ropes on her hands.

Up front, the kidnappers are arguing about not drinking and driving.

Natalia tries to burn something with her lighter, then leans out the back door.

The boss asks Urrutia how she’s planning to conduct the investigation.

When she can’t get away with “I don’t know what you mean,” she says she’ll be polite and professional.

Well, Torres is a politician. He has the power to get her promoted or consigned to hell. If he gets out of this, he’ll be the mayor. And he’s got a good shot at being president. The boss does NOT want an enemy like that.

Right, well, the spouse is always the prime suspect. If either of them had a lover he would almost certainly be accused. So other than following procedure is there some other kind of act he needs her to put on? Because if there is, she wants it in writing.

He tells her to do her job and remember that until they formally accuse Torres, the interviews will happen in his office.

The Russian guy with the beard hands a beer to the Russian guy with just a mustache and starts talking about how they’re going to run out of beer. Global warming. The weather’s all crazy. The price is going to go up until it’s cheaper to have caviar for breakfast. And with no beer, society’s going to get worse.

They approach a coned-off area of road and have to slow down.

‘Stache guy says they can always drink vodka. It comes from potatoes.

Natalia gets ready to jump out of the back of the van. She hits the pavement and rolls, then gets up and runs into the woods.

Daniel buys a new gun.

Natalia makes it back to a road and gets a man to stop his car. He indicates he can’t speak and asks in writing if she knows where her kidnappers are before letting her in.

Mónica asks Eli, but she has no idea where Natalia could be and doesn’t change her answer after Mónica says she won’t be angry. Mónica makes a face at Alex and he asks if she can remember anything at all out of the ordinary.

Nope, Natalia was the same as always.

Mónica asks why they fought, but Eli won’t say. Mónica starts putting pressure on her, asking why she’s so calm when her best friend is missing.

Alex says they all need to calm down. Nobody’s accusing Eli of anything, right?

Mónica accuses her of lying and keeps telling her this is important. Suddenly her phone rings. The call is coming from Natalia’s phone and I expected it to be one of the kidnappers.

Instead, it’s Natalia. On her phone. Because Mr. Nice Guy turned out to be Kidnapper #3. Natalia says she’s out in the woods, she’s fine and she’ll come home when she wants to, ¡Joder! ¡Joder! ¡Joder!

Mr, Nice Guy takes the phone away and tells Natalia she’s doing a great acting job. Then he goes over to his coworkers and says “Unlike you two.” Natalia’s phone starts ringing and he smashes it.

Mónica tries calling back and leaves a message.

Eli’s like “I told you” and goes off to her room.

Alex is thinking this is all legit and Natalia’s going to be back soon. She must be off with her “friends” or whatever.

Mónica knows something is wrong. She’s going to the police.

If she thinks she needs to do that, Alex will go with her.

The cause of Beatriz Prats’ death was a stab wound in the back of the neck, between the vertebrae. Velasco says it was something small and sharp, like a pen or a knitting needle and it went in slowly and without a lot of force. She might have been tied up y/o drugged, but they wouldn’t be able to find anything after two months.

Urrutia adds that the crime scene setup suggests a high level of self-control. Everything was placed just so…harmonically.

El Comandante gets a notification…Torres has confirmed the interview time.

Eli tries calling Natalia and leaves her a message. She says she’ll pass up that guy? but come home. Her mom is going to the cops.

Daniel watches Alex and Mónica go into the police station.

Mónica explains to the officer taking her statement that while she did talk to Natalia about an hour and a half ago, she sounded strange. She wouldn’t tell Mónica where she was. And she used a phrase she never uses, one that annoys her when Mónica says it. “¡Joder!” She’s sure that was Natalia’s way of telling her something was wrong.

Alex adds that she hasn’t posted on Facebook and Instragram or connected to Whatsapp since yesterday. And if she (the officer) had a daughter her age, she’d understand.

The cop looks like she wants to blow this off, but she says they’ll send out the alert and gather all the information Mónica can give them, like what she was wearing…and they’ll need a DNA sample. In case they find her…you know. She pulls out a folder of paperwork and Mónica tells Alex she’ll call when she’s finished.

Alex ends up waiting for the same elevator as Urrutia. She recognizes him from an article about his work. She was intrigued by the title, “The Photographer of Death.”

Alex grins and damn, those crow’s feet look hot. Where was I…? Oh, he says reporters tend to use provocative titles.

Well, she’s sure it helps him sell a lot of photos.

Downstairs, as they walk out of the building, she says he seems to have an attraction to death.

They have that in common. She’s a criminologist. It’s just that his interest has to do with aesthetic criteria.

In her opinion, he’s got a good set of criteria. She saw an exhibition a year ago.

Well, he thinks death can have beauty just like any other part of life.


A sunset, a naked body….

She says she’s gotta go. Work.

He invites her for coffee and to look at his work. She can give him her opinion as a criminologist. He hands over his card and while she’s stowing it in her purse he leans over and kisses the back of her neck and I am so not going to be surprised when it turns out he killed Beatriz. Dude’s freaking me out.

Urrutia questions Torres. Why was his wife at the cabin? Did she like climbing mountains?

As far as he knows, she didn’t like mountains or senderismo (hiking).

Is he saying he doesn’t know what his wife liked?

He’s saying she didn’t like them those things.

Was she there with a friend, maybe? Could she have been having an affair? He doesn’t know that either? Was everything going well between them?

Torres asks if Urrutia’s married. Has she had a relationship that lasted ten years? Well, with time relationships get…routine.

Did the routine extend to physical or psychological abuse?

Torres says he’s ALWAYS fought against gender-based violence and supported every initiative to end it. Always.

Gabriel asks if she’s done and Urrutia says they’re bugging his personal and office phones. They’ve got a judge’s permission.

Gabriel asks if that’s necessary.

They wouldn’t be doing it if it wasn’t.

He warns her there had better not be any leaks.

She tells him not to worry. They’ve got very strict orders about that. She thanks Torres for his cooperation and then makes a face when he says he’s available as many times as they need. Her bosses know.

As soon as she’s gone, Torres tells Gabriel she can’t have access to his phones! Which judge authorized it?

Gabriel says he’d better not even think about talking to the judge. But what’s the big deal?

Torres says it’s nothing and walks out of his office.

Mónica doesn’t know what’s going on with Natalia. Is it just a teenage tantrum?

Alex encourages her to get some sleep and offers to stay with her.

Mónica would rather be alone.

Daniel watches Alex leave the apartment building.

Mr. Nice Guy kidnapper has additional henches. Beard and ‘Stache whine about wanting their payment.

After they let the girl get away from them and gave her a head wound?

They whine that she was making noise at a checkpoint and the cops would have caught them.

He tells them to read the last text he sent yesterday.

“The bird should arrive intact, as if it had just come out of the nest.”

So did they not understand that was part of the job? He apologizes to Natalia for the way she was treated. If she’s not hungry right now, maybe she’d like to go freshen up. One of his guys will take her.

The guy’s not that gentle when he grabs her arm. He and Natalia hear the shots from outside.

Um, they expect us to believe Mónica left her phone in the living room while she got ready for bed? As she rushes to answer it, we see Daniel sneaking around behind her.

It’s Alex checking up on her, suggesting she take a pill…but Mónica wants to be alert in case anyone calls.

She gets off the phone with Alex and finds a blouse of Natalia’s stuffed under a cushion. She smells it, crying, and Daniel is so not killing her tonight.

One of the kidnappers chains Natalia to a bed in what looks like a former restaurant dining room. He shuts off the lights and it doesn’t look like Natalia can see much.

Daniel stands behind Mónica’s couch, pointing his gun at her while she sleeps.

He leaves the building and tells his contact the job is done.

In a parking garage, he collects the second part of the payment and asks what that woman did to him.

His contact says it’s none of his business. And BTW, Daniel had better not try to screw him over. He’s sure Daniel knows what he’s talking about.

Daniel’s contact heads for Mónica’s apartment to make sure she’s dead. Looks to me like she’s asleep. He rings the doorbell and prepares to shoot whoever answers the door.

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stealth cacophony
stealth cacophony
10 months ago

This show is really frustrating me what with Natalia’s foiled escape and the guy with the gun arrgh.
I’m confused though, if the guy said he shot her, which is what I’m assuming ‘the job is done’ means, then why is the other guy going to her door with a gun to shoot whoever answers? Professional paranoia? or just realizes Daniel doesn’t have it in him?