No Te Puedes Esconder Wednesday 10/9/19 #8

Previously: Hugo and Natalia make their escape. Alex claims he was sleeping with Beatriz and turns himself in for killing her. Daniel gets himself kidnapped by the port cop at Algeciras.

The port cop and the customs guy have no idea what to do with Daniel. They decide to search him. He headbutts the cop and the customs guy has to pull him off.

The customs guy has Daniel’s ID, but he’s not seeing a badge, so Daniel’s not a cop, then. How about if he takes the tape off his mouth so Daniel can answer some questions?

Daniel spits out a mouthful of blood and tells the customs guy he has no idea the trouble he’s just gotten himself into.

Velasco takes two cops with him to search Alex’s apartment for anything that supports his story that he was sleeping with Beatriz.

The first thing of interest Velasco finds, though, is the cigarette butt with lipstick on it that Urrutia left when she was there last.

In her office, Urrutia’s stubbing out another cigarette and working on the murder board.

Velasco comes in and says it’s time to interrogate Alex and he’ll be the one doing it.

Urrutia is pissed off until Velasco says she’s a great cop, but she’s got this one defect–she leaves half-smoked cigarette butts lying around. He shows her the one he picked up at Alex’s apartment and says he’s not going to tell anyone, but he thinks it’s best she not be the one to interrogate Alex.

Daniel explains to the customs guy, Moreno, that he’s looking for a girl named Natalia.

Moreno insists they don’t put people in containers.

Daniel warns him that the cops know he’s here. If he’s not back by morning they’re going to come check things out and it won’t take them long to find Moreno. Do the Russians pay well?

Moreno leaves the room and Daniel starts eyeing a letter opener.

In the interrogation room, Velasco says he’s seen the things people will do to protect their children.

Alex asks if he’s not tired. ‘Cause it’s the middle of the night. He knows that’s when they like to question suspects because they’re tired and they end up confessing. But he’s already confessed, so…?

Okay…last September he spent the night with Beatriz at a hotel outside of town. In his computer, there’s a picture he took of her when she was showering.

All that means is he did a photo session with Beatriz at a hotel. And he’s a photographer. Velasco’s going to need more.

Urrutia wanders in and Alex eyes her as he gives more details. Beatriz died without putting up a fight. She had a small birthmark near her vagina that he liked to go looking for while he was acariciando sus muslos con la lengua (it sounds better in Spanish). She died sleeping in the fetal position. With a puncture wound at twenty degrees from something that killed her instantly.

Then he propped her up with cords. She was beautiful. The murder was identical to the one of Gloria Gonzalez in Polanco twenty years ago. He’s a serial killer. He supposes they can all get some rest now.

Nope, because Urrutia wants to know WHY and she doesn’t think he had any reason to kill Beatriz.

“You don’t know me.” He loved Beatriz the way he loved Gloria. They both had the same fate. Women who he loves end up the same way.

“All of them?” Urrutia asks.

“The ones I love, yes.”

Velasco thinks it’s about time he and Urrutia had a word.

In the monitor room, he says she’s making things difficult for him.

Urrutia insists Alex is protecting his daughter.

Velasco thinks he knows too many details not to be the murderer.

She doesn’t buy it.

Velasco sighs and says the photographer’s apparently a good fuck (folla muy bien).

Urrutia slaps him.

Velasco slowly stands up and says it’s him. “Don’t make the same mistake twice.” He’s not going to jump in and save her this time.

He walks out, leaving Urrutia crying. (You know, I hate this trope–the successful, professional woman who has her shit together, but men are her Kryptonite. It’s bullshit.)

Hugo stops the car so Natalia can get his belt around his leg like a tourniquet. His cell phone buzzes, but he shuts it off. Natalia’s talking about getting “help”  but he pulls the gun on her.

They’re not going to get far with his leg like that, so Natalia says she’ll drive and if she does anything wrong, he can kill her.

The boss gets a call from Diego and tells him to quit making excuses and find them.

While Daniel works on cutting the ropes around his hands, Moreno is telling somebody to hurry up and get to the port now.

He tells Daniel it was the national police..and hey, that’s them knocking on the door right now.

Except it’s not. It’s Mónica and her deceptively friendly face. She asks Moreno if he can help her, then looks behind him. Moreno turns around to see what she’s looking at and she grabs some kind of crowbar on steroids and starts whacking him with it asking where Natalia Saldaña is. She grabs at his gun and from this angle it looks like she’s aiming at his crotch.

She hears Daniel calling her name and has Moreno get up and hobble back towards the office. Daniel’s nearly gotten his hands free, but she tells Moreno to untie him anyway.

Moreno tries to punch Mónica in the gut and get out, but Daniel’s free and he’s got his trusty letter opener. Daniel knows the port cop will be back any minute, so Moreno’s got three seconds to tell them what he knows.

Moreno whines that all he does is look the other way!

Daniel tells him to call the people he works for and Moreno says he already did. They should be on their way.

When the guy gets there, Moreno tries to lure him back to where Daniel and Mónica are waiting, but Mónica knocks something off a shelf and the guy takes Moreno as a hostage instead.

Mónica tells Daniel to just shoot him already, but the guy keeps telling Daniel to put down his gun, so Daniel brings his gun down, raises it again, and shoots the Russian guy in the shoulder. Excellent compromise. Now they’ve just gotta get this guy to tell them what he knows about Natalia.

Natalia’s still driving the car and Hugo seems to be asleep. She fishes his cell phone out of his pocket and he wakes up and takes it away from her. If she calls an ambulance or the cops they’re just going to throw him in jail, kill him, and de la Cruz’s men will kill her too.

Then what’s the plan?

Hugo says he needs to get somewhere he can get the bullet out.

Natalia thinks she knows a place.

The Russian guy’s talking. The last container that went out of here went to Mexico, to a company called CTO. They never give a personal name. He insists he doesn’t know anything else.

Daniel believes him. Mónica asks what they’re going to do now. She looks over at Moreno, who has fished a gun out of hiding spot near him and is aiming it in their direction. She grabs Daniel and tells him to duck….

Moreno shoots the Russian guy. He’ll say it was self defense. And now the two of them need to get out of there.

They let Alex meet with Eli in the interrogation room. He sticks to his story and says he did it.

Urrutia and Velasco listen from the room with the monitors and Urrutia says he knows they’re listening.

Alex refuses to say he’s lying. Eli’s angry and walks out.

In the car, Daniel argues with Mónica about what happened at the bar. He swears he doesn’t drink anymore and he was just trying to get information out of the guy. The guy turned on him, but that has nothing to do with drinking.

Mónica says she’s going to Mexico.

Daniel says he’s got a friend there who might be able to help them.

Uh, he’s going to Mexico?

Well, yeah. Unless she has a problem with it.

Mónica doesn’t know how to thank him.

“Buy the plane tickets.”

In the Comandante’s office, he complains that the media wants to have a go at Alex. So is he guilty or not?

Velasco says he confessed.

Urrutia says he only did it after they accused his daughter, so she has her doubts.

Velasco says he’s like…98% sure.

I guess that’s not enough for the Comandante. He sends Urrutia to question him.

Natalia takes Hugo to her old house. They have no problem getting past the front door, but there’s no electricity. Natalia finds a candle to light and a picture of her and her mom on the coffee table.

Hugo tells her she’s going to have to take out the bullet.

She makes it as far as ripping his jeans and pouring antiseptic in the wound, but then she balks.

Hugo’s like “I didn’t ASK if you could do it, you HAVE to get that thing out.”

Natalia keeps working on it, but Hugo’s getting a little faint. She tells him to talk to her…about anything. Why did he get into this?

Hugo says he messed with someone he shouldn’t have. His dad stole some things they needed.

Natalia asks why he’s helping her as she continues squeezing the wound like a zit, trying to pop the bullet out.

Hugo says it’s his fault someone he loved died. And his favorite thing about her was her smile. So when he met Natalia, he thought he had to give back her smile.

Urrutia comes into the interrogation room and says she has some questions for Alex.

Mónica and Daniel are still driving when Eli calls to tell Mónica that Alex admitted to murdering Beatriz Prats the same way he murdered some woman named Gloria twenty years ago in Mexico.

Hugo must be passed out. Natalia tries to use his cell phone to call someone, but the battery dies.

Urrutia asks why Alex came forward now and not when they found the body.

He didn’t want anyone else to pay for his crime, least of all his daughter. So yeah, he did it to save her, but it doesn’t make him any less guilty. Just less of an asshole.

And he really thinks this is going to help his daughter?

Yes. But it’s not enough. He’s witnessed a lot of people’s deaths. It’s logical that now people witness his.

Eli calls Humberto. He thought she was still in jail. She tells him to turn on his TV.

“I don’t understand. What does your dad have to do with this?”

Mónica’s packing for her trip when Urrutia comes over. Mónica invited her. She asks her to come in and says she’s leaving for Mexico. Natalia’s there and Daniel has friends who can help find her.


Mónica tells Urrutia that someone hired Daniel to kill her a few months ago.


Mónica explains that Daniel told her, that neither of them knows who hired him…and Mónica’s question is…does she think…?

That it could have been Alex? No. He only turned himself in to help Eli. And he wouldn’t have dared to hurt Mónica.

The kind of nod at each other for a minute. Urrutia gets up to leave, but Mónica has one last question–who is Daniel, really?

Urrutia says that’s a difficult answer.

Daniel’s sitting at a bar. He orders a tonic with lots of ice. Something about the sound of the bubbles makes him think about the first meeting with his contact about killing Mónica. He said he needed the money and the guy handed over 1/3 of the cash and told him he had three weeks to get it done. Daniel asked who Mónica was and the guy said he didn’t ask.

Eli comes over to Humberto’s. He’s getting them drinks when she notices a picture…is this his mom?

Humberto says she was killed.

Eli didn’t know that.

Humberto doesn’t like to talk about it.

Eli’s mom died violently too.

Her mom died during a war. His mom was murdered. It’s why his grandmother brought him to Spain. He was just a kid…his mother’s murderer and his people are going to pay. He takes the picture out of her hands.

Eli asks if they found out who killed her.

Hugo wakes up. He’s angry about Natalia using the phone and explains it has a tracker and that’s why he took out the battery. Now they’ll know they’re here. He tells her to go. He gives her some money and tells her to get as far away from here as she can and then buy a cell phone and call this number and tell his friend to come get him. And then she needs to go as far away as she can, but he can’t go with her or they’ll both get caught.

Natalia apologizes and leaves.

The street outside is quiet so far…but not really. Viking Diego and his friends surround Natalia.

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