No Te Puedes Esconder Thursday 10/10/19 #9

Previously: Alex confessed to killing Beatriz. Urrutia doesn’t believe he did it. Viking Diego found Natalia again. Mónica’s heading for Mexico with Daniel.

Alex carefully folds up a note for Eli. In a few years, she’ll understand he did it for her. He’s sorry for what he’s about to do.

Whaaaaat the hell? Has he got an old-school cyanide pill hidden in a retainer?

Eli’s asleep on Humberto’s couch.

Humberto remembers seeing his mother tied up after she died.

Alex is starting to feel the effects of whatever he took and no one seems to notice.

In Mexico, Daniel and Mónica meet his friend Andrés. When Mónica steps away to take a phone call Andrés starts teasing Daniel about dating her, but Daniel tells him to knock it off.

What’s this DEA jackass’ name? He’s pissed at Mónica for coming to Mexico after he said he’d look into things. He never called back! I’m with Mónica–was she just supposed to do nothing? He gripes about her not “just” being able to leave Witness Protection, but Mónica doesn’t see the point of it given, you know, everything. Is he going to help or not?

He says he’ll see what he can find out.

Andrés is telling Daniel this thing reeks of influential people. No worries, he won’t tell Mónica.

DEA jackass tells Mónica not to do anything stupid and not to contact anyone she knew before.

Someone checks on Alex in the morning and calls for an ambulance.

In the ambulance, the paramedic tries to figure out what Alex took, but Alex is asking to talk to the agent. Alex says he’s sorry then jabs the guy with a needle from who-knows-where and takes his gun. Then he tells the paramedic to undress the guy.

At the hospital, the other agent gets wheeled in while Alex stands there looking way hotter in that uniform than the other guy did.

Alex is trying to get away with the paramedic who was in the back of the ambulance, but Velasco pulls up and Alex steers the paramedic into the hospital, following the gurney. Two other uniformed cops follow them in.

When Velasco notices Alex and the other paramedic are missing he pulls the mask off of Not-Alex and heads out the emergency door with the two uniformed cops.

Andrés drives Mónica and Daniel through a warehouse district as he tells Mónica he’s going to do everything he can to help her. The company, CTO, is owned by a Carlos de la Cruz. Daniel asks if that might be one of her ex-husband’s old friends, or enemies?

He had so many she really can’t remember. Why don’t they just arrest him?

Andrés says the judge hasn’t issued a warrant and there isn’t even an investigation open.

Daniel thinks the element of surprise will work in their favor.

Viking Diego’s got Natalia tied up and gagged in a container. He leaves one of the guys Hugo didn’t shoot to watch her.

The Comandante’s pissed off that a guy they were holding took cyanide and disappeared.

Velasco says they took his belt and shoelaces and patted him down. Who knows where he was hiding it.

And how could he leave?

Urrutia suggests he didn’t take it and just left the pill there to make them think he had.

So he just laid himself down on the floor and they called for an ambulance?

Velasco says he was sweaty and had a weak pulse.

Urrutia says “Alex” was a photographer in war zones. He’d likely know all sorts of tricks.


Urrutia corrects herself. Alex Molina.

To recap: A guy on the verge of death, in police custody, managed to inject a barbiturate into someone who accompanied him in the ambulance, got into and out of the hospital wearing a police uniform, and disappeared. They’re going to be a laughingstock. He wants him found.

Velasco steers Urrutia into her office and shuts the door so he can ask her if she helped Alex escape. And where was she when he was taken to the hospital?

Urrutia tells him to go to hell.

Andrés pulls up at the offices of CTO, where they’ve got an appointment with Carlos de la Cruz. He and his perfect beard invite them into his office and feign innocence. A young lady? Kidnapped? It couldn’t possibly be! His company handles three hundred of those containers a day, all over the world. The logistics have to be impeccable and legal.

Mónica says her daughter’s not merchandise.

Oh, no, of course he didn’t mean that! He’s sorry to have offended her. He’s got a six-year-old daughter himself and he can’t imagine what she must be going through.

Daniel asks to see the paperwork.

Sure, as soon as they show him a warrant. He’s not just going to give them his company’s records! Bla bla bla, he follows man’s laws and God’s laws and justice and he expects the same in return.

You know, now that Andrés hears his objection, he agrees with him–it’s not their fault. He’s just going to have to come back later with experts and crawl all over his company. His permits, his documents, health and safety. Mr. de la Cruz gets what he’s saying, right?

Carlos answers a text from his “daughter” saying family always comes first. Anyway, yeah, they should go do their job and come back with a warrant.

Mónica says if he weren’t lying, he’d help them. The container was under his name.

Before Carlos can say much to her, Diego walks in. He offers to leave, but Daniel says they were just leaving.

Diego says he needs to talk to Carlos.

Daniel asks if new girls have arrived.

Carlos ignores that, says the meeting is over–Mónica says he’s lying. Andrés apologizes for her, collects Daniel, and follows Mónica out of the office.

Mónica starts yelling Natalia’s name and Diego tries to block her path, which only convinces Mónica to go running after a truck with a container loaded on the back. Diego tries to grab her, but Daniel grabs him instead.

Carlos does his innocent act again and tells someone to open up the container. So, yeah, Natalia’s not in there. He tells them to come back with a warrant next time, or better yet, don’t come back at all.

Diego’s got her stashed in the back of Carlos’ car, thanks to Carlos’ timely text message.

Back at Andrés’ truck, he says he’ll get a friend at the DMV equivalent to help them. He thinks Mónica should get some rest, but she says she won’t be able to until they find Natalia.

Inside the truck, Andrés opens the glove box for Daniel. There’s a gun inside which Andre says is “cold” and says it would be better if Daniel didn’t have to use it.

Eli wakes up on Humberto’s couch and decides she should go home. He convinces her to stay and avoid the reporters who are probably camped out at her place.

Mónica and Daniel go to her old house. Hugo’s gone, or at least not in the living room. Mónica flips through an old photo album.

Daniel asks if she’s ok.

She doesn’t know how she’s ever going to thank him….

Daniel says he’s the one who’s grateful. So apparently, they’re using sex to express their mutual gratitude.

But wait! Daniel pulls out his new weapon and motions to Mónica to be quiet. He’s spotted the bloody bandage left by Hugo.

There’s a trail of blood leading to Hugo himself. He is not looking good. But he knows Mónica’s Natalia’s mom. He says he’s a friend of hers. He helped her escape after she got a bullet out of his leg. She told him her mom was a doctor and showed her how.

Humberto brings Eli breakfast, but he’s distracted by a folder on a table behind her. She notices, but he says it’s nothing…nothing that he really doesn’t want anybody looking at!

Mónica re-bandages Hugo’s leg and says he’s got an infection. He needs to go to the hospital. Hugo doesn’t even bother arguing with her.

Mónica asks about Natalia and Hugo says she left yesterday and she said the first thing she was going to do was call her mom. So if she hasn’t, that means they’ve got her. It won’t be for long though, because they already sold her to someone else.

Mónica asks WHO has her.

Some guy named de la Cruz. Daniel swears. Mónica grabs her purse and says she’s going to the cops.

Hugo says she can’t–he’s got everybody bought. Daniel agrees. Hugo knows someone who might know where Natalia is and where they’re taking her. He asks them to let him help.

Daniel threatens to let him die like a dog if this turns out to be a trap.

“It’s not like I could be any worse.”

Hugo guides them to where Diego and his pregnant wife are hanging out at a juice bar. He’s the one who can tell them where Natalia is.

He sways and Mónica says they have to get him to a hospital. Hugo begs her not to or they’ll throw him in jail. Daniel says they don’t have time.

When Diego walks away, Daniel follows him.

Urrutia gets home. Velasco followed her. Alex is waiting inside. He refuses to go anywhere until they find Natalia. And yes, Urrutia helped him escape. Her theory is that since he didn’t do it, the real killer will make a move and show themselves. Alex tells her to call Humberto–he’ll probably know where Eli is.

After that it’s all mumbling. Urrutia gives Alex an envelope full of cash and he hands her some keys. She starts crying after he leaves.

Velasco’s right behind Alex as he walks out of Urrutia’s house. He tries to arrest Alex, but Urrutia comes up behind him and puts a gun to his head. Alex says he’s going to go find Eli.

Velasco says Urrutia just screwed her life, and him, and her entire career for a liar.

Urrutia swears he didn’t do it. Because her gut says so. And not in an emotional way, but in a cop way.

Velasco says her sixth sense has failed. Her heart got in the way. She put a gun to his head!

Maybe she’s wrong, but there’s only one way to make sure. And if she’s not wrong, the real killer’s out there and she needs his help to catch them. She’ll understand if he stops her. It’s his job. But if he helps she swears she’ll be the only one to get burned.

Diego finally realizes he’s being followed and speeds up his hobble going through a mercado. Daniel catches up to him and he and Diego struggle over somebody’s gun, but Daniel tells him if Diego kills him, his wife will die. He shows him a video call on his cell phone–his wife’s in the front seat of the car with Hugo holding a knife to her throat.

“Boy or a girl? The baby. You want to see them born? Then where’s Natalia?”

Diego can’t believe all this is about that pinche vieja!

Mónica says that pinche vieja‘s her daughter and if he doesn’t tell them where she is then she’ll kill HIS pinche vieja.

No prob. He gives Daniel back his gun and says all he knows is Natalia’s getting handed over to the buyer tomorrow at some place called Hotel Parador Platino. Yes, he’s sure. Can they leave his wife alone now?

Mónica apologizes to Diego’s wife. She had no other choice. She tells her to get the hell away from Diego or he’s going to screw up her kid’s life. To drive that point home, Hugo flops over in the back seat.

Mónica calls for an ambulance.

Velasco tells the cops at Alex’s apartment to keep an eye on things and let him know if anyone goes in or out–whether it’s a grandma or a dog, he wants to know about it.

He calls Urrutia and says no one’s been in or out. There was some wine left in a glass. Maybe she went out?

Urrutia thinks someone’s trying to screw Alex’s life over and if she’s right, Eli could be in danger.

Urrutia goes over to Humberto’s and asks if he knows where Eli is.

Um…no…they went out for drinks last night and she went home with some guy.

So she didn’t come back here with him?

Urrutia can hear someone else making noise in the apartment and Humberto says they both got lucky…IYKWIM.

She does. She gives him her card and asks him to call if he hears from Eli.

Eli thought she heard someone at the door, but Humberto says no one came by. The news is talking about Alex escaping from the cops. Eli sits on the couch to watch and Humberto slumps back in his seat, staring at Eli.

Natalia’s at the hotel with de la Cruz. He’s bla bla bla-ing about how in the old days he would’ve messed up her face for making him lose money, but then he found the Lord. I hate talkative villains. He leaves her with the thought “Honor your father and your mother.” So. Daddy’s not dead, huh?

Daniel and Mónica get to the hotel. Daniel checks on Diego, tied up in the trunk and tells him to get comfortable–it’s going to be a while.

De la Cruz tells his bro to come on in. And yeah, it’s Natalia’s dad. (Way to go, useless DEA guy!)

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