El Gran Final de No Te Puedes Esconder Friday 10/11/19 #10

Previously: Alex escaped from jail. Urrutia helped. Humberto’s got Eli. Daniel and Mónica found out from Hugo that de la Cruz actually does have Natalia…but the buyer is her dad.

No, she’s not happy to see you, asshole. Natalia calls him an hijo de p-. She’s disgusted to be his daughter. But he’s not going to be able to handle her mother.

Hey, he would’ve loved to see her rotting in a grave, but it didn’t go that way. How convenient that she’s here in Mexico. It’s a family reunion.

Daniel and Mónica threaten the desk clerk to get them into Natalia’s room.

Natalia tries to convince her dad to let her talk to her mom, just to let her know she’s OK.

He calls her “Amalia” and says he’s not going to fall for that. She has no idea how hard it was to get here, to hide for all that time. He was tired of it. Did her mom do it for her? He’s sure she didn’t like leaving Mexico like that.

But her mom just had to get involved with that gringo. And they really thought they could catch someone like him?

The desk clerk unlocks the room they think Natalia’s in, but she’s not. Daniel tells her to open up the next one. She objects.

De la Cruz gets notified that Daniel and Mónica are in the hotel. Not Dead Dad says they’ve gotta go.

A second room and there’s no Natalia.

Daniel gets a call from Andrés. They’re at the hotel, and Andrés is…?

Mónica asks for the phone and reminds him he said he’d help, so where is she.

Natalia starts screaming when they try to put her in her dad’s car. Mónica gets to the window in time to see them driving off.

They get blocked in by another car entering the drive, but Mónica and Daniel still don’t get there in time. De la Cruz tries to run Daniel over and gets his side mirror shot out for his trouble. Mónica barely gets her hands on the back of her ex’s car.

Alex is sitting in his car running searches on his computer about Gloria’s murder.

The DEA and cops show up at the hotel. They arrest Diego. DEA guy complains that they’re wrong about Sánchez being alive. He died burned up in his car, so it’s impossible for him to be alive. (Somebody needs to punch this guy before the show is over.) And if he’s alive, why did he wait three years to come back for his daughter?

Mónica says it’s not about her daughter. It’s about getting revenge on her for turning him in.

Then why didn’t he just kill them.

Daniel says he tried. Sánchez hired him to do it. It’s complicated. He’s been helping Mónica since then.

So suddenly DEA guy decides Sánchez is doing all this to get something from HIM and why didn’t he think about it before! (There was thinking? Before? Of any kind?)

Urrutia’s also researching Gloria’s murder and sees  a picture of Carlos Humberto, the victim’s son.

Eli’s still glued to the news. They haven’t found Alex yet. Humberto brings her a té de tila for her nerves and says it’s all going to be OK and she just needs to be calm.

Her dad killed two women and he’s running from the cops. How is she supposed to be calm? She apologizes almost immediately and says he’s right, she needs to calm down. She takes the mug of tea and downs most of it.

Whatever’s in the tea works almost immediately and Humberto goes into “telling you my entire plan because you’re about to die” mode.

When her dad was arrested, he was relieved. He thought it was over and felt sorry for Eli. He was even going to let her live. But now that her dad has escaped, he has to suffer the way he made Humberto suffer.

He saw his mother’s body. Naked. Tied with cords. And he can’t get that image out of his head. He wants her dad to feel the same way he felt at that moment. He hopes she won’t mind if he records this.

Andrés finally gets to the hotel and Daniel introduces him to Pointless Pete, the DEA agent. They actually know each other already. Pete’s like “Dude, Sánchez is alive!” And Andrés is like “No way, dude!” And Mónica’s like “Way. He wants revenge and he’s got a huge ego.”

Pointless Pete agrees. If Sánchez had been smarter and less arrogant he would have stayed hidden, gotten some plastic surgery, but no.

Sánchez calls Mónica, addressing her as Lidia. She wants to talk to Natalia? Anybody know who Natalia is?

From the back seat of the car, Natalia grabs at the phone and basically tells her mom she’s fine, “BUT COME GET ME!” Amen, sister.

Sánchez takes the phone back and Mónica threatens to kill him if he hurts Natalia.

It’s not in his plans. And now Lidia, Mónica, whatever her name is…put the gringo on the phone.

Sánchez tells Pete he’s got a deal for him. Pete moves off to take the call in private.

From what I’m hoping is right next to Humberto’s building, Urrutia calls Velasco. She says she was right and Humberto has Natalia. He’s the son of the woman who was killed in Mexico. He wants revenge for his mother’s murder.

Velasco figures that could mean that Alex didn’t kill Beatriz and Humberto just copied his mother’s murder.

Urrutia doesn’t think that’s relevant now. And yes, she’s calling from in front of his building.

Velasco: “Don’t go in there alone! Wait for me, do you hear me! I’m on my way!”

Come on, now, nobody thought she would really wait. She heads into the building trying not to make too much noise or move too fast. She uses a plant to keep the elevator stuck on the first floor and starts up the stairs. She can hear music coming from Humberto’s apartment.

He’s setting up the camera and he looks like he hears her too. He goes to stand by the door as Urrutia picks the lock, but he’s not behind it when she gets inside. The mannequins covered in cloth are stationed in the living room.

Urrutia sees Eli before she sees Humberto. Eli’s still alive. Humberto sneaks up behind Urrutia and stabs her in the neck with an awl.

Pointless Pete’s on his way somewhere when a guy comes up to hand him a phone. Pete says nothing revealing and walks on.

At the bottom of a long flight of stairs there’s a sports car waiting for him. Sánchez’s bodyguard’s in the back. He sounds bored when he tells the pinche gringo to get in.

Alex’s turn. He gets into Humberto’s building, sees the plant in the elevator door, and runs up the stairs. The door to Humberto’s apartment is open. The mannequins are still standing around looking creepy. Alex walks through them and sees the pool of blood. Alex calls for an ambulance and does his best to stick a wad of fabric under Urrutia’s neck and turn her over so her body will serve as compression.

He starts following a trail of blood to the roof.

When the hood comes off, Pete says death agrees with Sánchez. He looks younger. But Pete wants to cut to the chase and so do I.

In the three years Sánchez has been in hiding he not only found his wife and his daughter, he also found other “protected” witnesses. He’s got names and occupations. Wouldn’t it suck if that information got out? Or if he got to them the way he got to Mónica and Natalia? Heads would roll.

Pete says the water’s up to Sánchez’s neck. If he doesn’t disappear on his own, someone else will make him.

That’s the nature of the business. His daughter is a guarantee that this is a gentlemen’s agreement.

Pete says it’s a deal. (What’s a deal?)

On the roof, Humberto’s holding Natalia at awl-point when Alex gets up there. Alex tells him to let Natalia go–none of this was her fault.

None of it was his mother’s fault, but Alex killed her.

Yes, and that was his fault. No one else’s.

Well, Humberto wants Alex to suffer like he’s suffered.

Alex thinks they’ve all suffered enough.

Humberto says his father started drinking and committed suicide later that year.

Alex says Eli’s like him–she also lost her mother.

Humberto doesn’t want to hear it.

Alex says Humberto killed Beatriz and made Alex look guilty–isn’t that enough?

No, because Humberto realized too late that she didn’t mean anything to Alex.

Alex tries to tell Humberto he’s not a killer and he’s a much better person than Alex and he doesn’t want to go hurting innocent people–

Humberto doesn’t care if they’re innocent or not, as long as Alex suffers.

But Eli cares about Humberto and Humberto cares about Eli.

Yeah, and Alex screwed himself over to save Eli, but then he messed it up by escaping. He condemned his daughter.

Alex tells Humberto to let Eli go and kill him instead. That makes Humberto pause long enough for Alex to shove Eli out of the way and out of Humberto’s grasp.

By the time Velasco gets to the building, Urrutia’s being wheeled into the back of an ambulance. He puts his badge on and tries to pull himself together.

OK, at this point, Alex and Humberto can both fall off the roof and die for all I care, but no. Alex stabs Humberto in the chest with the awl.

Alex runs over to check on Eli, then looks up and sees Humberto heading for a break in the barrier at the opposite edge of the roof.

And the last thing Humberto says before he plunges off the roof and lands on a police car is that only he and Alex know the truth and now Alex is going to know what it’s like to have everything he loves taken from him.

Pointless Pete gets back to the hotel and tells Mónica, Daniel, and Andrés that Sánchez won’t let Natalia go until they give him a new identity and he’s out of the country. He assures them everything’s going to be fine.

Velasco gets to the roof, but Eli’s the only one there.

Mónica finally crashed. Daniel gave her something to help her sleep.

Andrés tells him Pete’s working on getting Sánchez’s papers and it shouldn’t take long.

Daniel wants to know where they’re doing the exchange.

Andrés says he can’t tell him, so don’t ask again.

Daniel calls him an hijo de p- and Andrés cracks up. Why is Daniel calling him that?

Someone told Sánchez they were at the hotel. He’s the only other person who knew.

Andrés insists he’s loyal….

He worked with Pete in Witness Protection. Someone told Sánchez where Mónica and Natalia were. And what a coincidence that Daniel was the one hired to kill Mónica.

Andrés says alcoholics are always making things up.

He was the one in the plaza. When he saw Daniel, he ran. How much did he sell out for?

Andrés tells Daniel to stop going in circles. It’s Daniel’s fault he’s going to have to do this.

Annnnd Mónica sneaks up behind him and whacks him on the back of the head with a vase.

Daniel points the gun at him and asks where the meeting with Sánchez is going to be.

“I don’t know.”

Mónica grabs him by the lapels and tries to shake the answer out of him.

Daniel threatens him with the gun again and now he says it’s at a fight ring nearby, tonight. (OK, but Mónica totally softened him up for Daniel.)

As Daniel’s marching Andrés out of the room, Mónica gets a text from Alex asking her to take care of his daughter.

Urrutia’s still alive and hooked up to machines. Velasco’s in her room when their boss walks in. He starts asking for explanations and wondering who’s going to give them. Since he agrees with Velasco that Urrutia’s got more balls than the two of them put together he doesn’t buy that she didn’t know what she was getting into and the guy snuck up on her.

Velasco insists. That’s the story. Leave it at that. Or he’s going to have a hard time explaining why they pursued Molina’s daughter as a suspect when all the evidence pointed to Torres. They’ve all got friends everywhere. Even in hell.

OK. Well. If she wakes up, let him know. He’s gotta come up with some kind of award or medal or something for her.

He leaves and Velasco whispers to Urrutia that she’d better wake up, even if it’s just so she can kick their boss in the balls.

Pete’s got the paperwork and he’s walking into the arena.

Sánchez won’t give Natalia back until he’s out of the country. And also, he wants them to leave his money alone. He reminds Pete he can screw him over.

Oh, Pete knows.

Sánchez’ plane leaves in three hours and when it lands, he’ll have them release the girl. He’s gonna miss her. (Oh, shut up.)

So now Daniel comes in with Andrés and the sad, sad news that Andrés has been bought. Daniel’s got his gun pointed at Sánchez, who tells him he’s the only one who knows where “Amalia” is, so he’d better not kill him.

Daniel lowers his gun and Sánchez shoots.

Mónica takes Daniel’s gun and demands to know where her daughter is. Everybody wants Mónica to lower her gun. Pete says they have a deal, just lower the gun.

Mónica lowers the gun.

Sánchez calls her a good girl and starts walking away.

But now Andrés doesn’t want to be left here and he tries to tell Sánchez that Sánchez owes him.

Sánchez says he paid him well and he knew the risks, so deal with the consequences.

Andrés says there’s just one more thing…he knows where the girl is.

Sánchez shoots at Andrés and Mónica shoots Sánchez and Pete tells everybody not to shoot, but especially Mónica ’cause she’s trying to get Andrés to tell her where her daughter is. Pete thinks Andrés had better tell her.

Andrés comes into a Hell-themed bar and tells one of his underlings to bring the girl.

Pete raids the bar.

Andrés clears the upstairs and then he clears the storage room where Natalia’s being held.

Mónica starts calling her name as soon as Natalia’s out the door and I don’t care how much body armor those guys are wearing, they need to get the hell out of the way.

Andrés tells Pete he kept up his end of the deal, but Andrés gets arrested anyway.

Daniel wakes up in a hospital room, again. Mónica’s there, again. But this time he’s been out for two weeks. She says she’s saved his life again. He really doesn’t know how to thank her for that. She says there are a lot of ways and carefully snogs him.

Natalia visits Hugo in prison. She asks how he’s doing and he says “alive.” He didn’t think he’d make it this long. He’s guessing that it got pretty ugly for them (de la Cruz and his guys). So now she can forget everything. She’s going to be fine.

Natalia wants to try to get him out.

He really doesn’t think it’s that easy.

“You don’t know my mom.”

They smile at each other.

Alberto’s coming in ahead in all the polls. He and Gabriel are taking the team out to celebrate, but Gabriel gets a call. There’s another applicant for secretary and she’ll be in his office in five minutes. He gives Alberto the little “behave yourself” nod. Wow, show. Not funny.

Urrutia’s back at work, but still a little delicate. She thinks it’s weird the boss didn’t say anything or ask her any questions. How’d Velasco figure out there was a deal with Torres?

Velasco says he didn’t. He just “followed his intuition.”

Urrutia gets a text from Alex. They started an interesting story they never finished. She tells Velasco it’s nothing.

He wonders if Alex did commit the first murder.

Urrutia doesn’t know.

How do they know he’s not going to keep on killing.

Well, they won’t, unless they hear from him again. Urrutia goes back to reading paperwork. She’s smoking one of those e-cigs now.

Someone lets the applicant into Alberto’s office. She says her name is Elisabeth Molina and she’s 19.


Mónica says she’s Natalia Saldaña’s mother. She wants him to use his influences to get a prisoner transferred from Mexico. She’ll be in touch with the details. If he doesn’t do it, he can forget about his political career. She hopes he’s understood her.

She walks out of Alberto’s office to where Daniel’s waiting by the elevator.

Alex takes a picture of a woman outside a café. She seems to enjoy the attention.

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Linda F.

Thanks so much for your recaps, Kat!

I’m so glad that Daniel and Mónica ended up together (I’ve had a crush on Eduardo Noriega since seeing him in “Abre los ojos” in 1997). I also like that we don’t really know if Alex murdered Humberto’s mother or not. Sometimes loose ends are intriguing, rather than irritating.