Apocalipsis Monday 10/14/19 #40

The Gudman men convene at Alan’s. Uri knows Susana’s coming back eventually. And as for Benjamin…how are things with Zoe?

“I’m working on it.”

Alan and Uri are sure Benjamin’s going to have a great reconciliation with Zoe. Uri says making up is so great he’d pick fights with Monique just to make up later.

Um, Benjamin’s not comfortable having his dad and his uncle talking about his girlfriend like that. And he’s decided that he needs to bend a little to get closer to Zoe. Not that he’s become a “believer” just that he’s trying to be more open-minded.

Uri asks what he thinks about the idea of the apocalypse, of guys walking around telling everybody to repent.

Benjamin says stuff’s getting weird. Maybe it’s time to change their paradigms. Anyway, he’s gotta go. Big day tomorrow. He hopes the two of them won’t polish off that bottle!

Uri asks if Benjamin’s going to pray before he goes to sleep. If there really is a God, he’s ruined a lot of people’s lives.

Alan thinks Uri needs a hug and Benjamin’s happy to oblige.

Noah was really moved by the Two Witnesses, but Gideon insists they’re just trying to prey on the community.

Noah goes up to bed while Gideon and Tamar talk about how much they miss Debora and Ricardo already.

Saulo’s telling Hanna about the Two Witnesses before bed. She wonders if it’s just some synagogue trying to get the young people’s attention.

Saulo would have thought so, except for one thing–they said the loved ones who were taken are with God.

Bárbara’s still at her desk working on editing something when Celeste comes over to whine at her for working.

Bárbara says she’s trying to finish editing a feel-good article for tomorrow. Celeste goes downstairs to wait for her.

Barbara gets a call from someone she hoped would have a great story for the broadcast, but what they have is a report about a plane crash. A flight that departed from Tel Aviv (i.e., Zoe’s flight).

Ricardo and Debora are back in New York. Debora and Adriano are bickering as usual. Ricardo goes over to see if there’s anything on the news about his UN meeting…but instead they’re talking about a plane crash. So far there are no survivors. Ricardo grins and mutters that there won’t be.

Bárbara’s freaking out after Celeste says it was Zoe’s flight, but she pulls herself together and delivers the news.

Andre watches, looking worried.

Benjamin’s not paying attention to anything but the picture of Zoe in his cell phone background and talking about how they’ll be together forever now.

Andre calls and tells him to watch the news.

Benjamin turns on the TV, but once the reporter says they airline has released the passenger list, he goes online to look it up. Zoe Santero’s on the list.

At the Archeology Center, Isabela’s worried about how Benjamin’s taking the news. Profe Rodrigo’s worried about Bárbara. He tries to comfort Isabela.

In the office, Melina’s telling Andre, Brenda, and HD that while it will take some time to identify each of the bodies, the chances of someone surviving are miniscule.

Andre’s worried about Benjamin. He thinks it’s ironic, this happening now.

Melina reminds him that the idea of predestination doesn’t make a lot of rational sense.

HD says it’s hard to lose someone. He doesn’t know if he thinks this is better or worse than what happened to his mom. They couldn’t even bury her. Melina puts a hand on HD’s shoulder.

Brenda goes over to Andre to ask how he’s doing. Zoe was his cousin.

Andre says she was so young…it’s difficult…. Brenda goes in for a hug.

Debora and Ricardo are talking about how this is what Zoe gets for trying to be ethical. Ricardo makes a crack about there being too many people in the world anyway. Adriano can’t believe they’re making jokes at the expense of 300+ dead people.

And how does Adriano feel about enjoying his morning coffee that was grown using slave labor?

Adriano shuts up and puts the coffee down.

Debora finally finishes knotting Ricardo’s tie and he and Adriano get going.

Alan can’t get Benjamin to answer his phone.

Uri feels bad about what he said yesterday. Why does he always want to bring people down when they’re happy?!

Alan tells him to quit feeling sorry for himself–Benjamin needs them. He’s calling Ariela now to tell her they won’t be at Ricardo’s speech.

But first, Susana calls him, upset. Benjamin’s not answering any of her calls either. Alan tells her he and Uri are on their way over. Benjamin won’t be alone.

At the police station, Dudú brings Guido a breakfast sandwich and some coffee. They sit down to watch the news for about five seconds before Guido tells Dudú to get out there and get César!

César’s giving another officer a to-do list for the Aisen Hospital embezzlement investigation, but Dudú says he thinks this is more important….

The plane apparently went to Italy and then made a u-turn. There’s some technical talk about what might have happened. And again, no sign of survivors.

Guto and Talita do a mirror exercise at Ze’s while they talk about how their respective parents are doing.

Ze takes Bere into the mirror room to ask if she’ll be the other parent in this “family” and help liberate their children from the weight of material wealth.

Enrique’s furious that Estela hired Felipe to be the “hospital’s” driver. He keeps screaming at her about hiring him until Estela starts to faint. Then he’s all apologetic.

Dra. Complice’s handing Felipe a box of stuff she’s sending out for testing.

He’s distracted by Bárbara announcing that they’ve found the plane’s black box and naming Zoe as one of the dead. They play the recording, which mostly sounds like the pilot and copilot trying to keep the plane from crashing.

Bárbara can’t take it anymore and abandons the desk. Arthur promises more details on the evening news.

Bárbara apologizes, but she just couldn’t do it. She tells Celeste, Chico, and Arthur that Zoe was pregnant and she hadn’t told Benjamin.

Arthur sends her home. Before she goes, Chico and Celeste tell Bárbara she has to tell Benjamin.

César goes to Jonas’ church. He tells Jonas that he doesn’t think the plane crash was an accident. Zoe had figured out who the Antichrist is. He explains about the whole “number of the beast” thing and how Ricardo told Profe Rodrigo he was serious about building the third temple. He must have found out that Zoe knew something.

Jonas agrees that anyone who would bring down an entire plane just to get at one person is the devil himself. And the Two Witnesses have been seen in Jerusalem. All the signs, it’s all coming true. It’s all in the book.

Ariela announces Ricardo like he’s going to give a campaign speech.

He asks for a moment of silence for all those killed in the airplane crash.

Alan and Uri make it to Benjamin’s to offer their support.

Benjamin says unless one of them has a time machine, there’s really nothing they can do for him.

He hears a call coming in on the holo-phone…but it’s not Zoe. It’s Bárbara.

Alan and Uri are both impressed with the tech.

Bárbara gives Benjamin her condolences and says if he needs a friend he can always call her. And she does have one more thing to tell him, even though she doesn’t want to, but she doesn’t want him finding out from the news.

Before Zoe got on that plane, she had a suspicion and Bárbara encouraged her to find out what was going on. She knows this isn’t the best way to tell him, but Zoe…was pregnant.

Alan and Uri look at each other like they have no idea what to do with this information.

Ricardo’s speech is basically, “Archaeologists have confirmed the location of the first temple, so now the Israelis get to build a third one. Enough of all this fighting and enough of financial disasters, let’s give the people hope.”

And since the room has been hosed down with his pheromones, everybody thinks this is a brilliant idea and applauds.

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