Apocalipsis Wednesday 10/16/19 #41

At Marta’s house, they’re getting ready for a reunion dinner for Hanna and Titi’s army buddies. Titi can tell that Hanna’s down and Marta says they all miss Ester. Suddenly Marta smells something and goes running for the kitchen.

Titi tells Hanna she’s there for her. And hey, isn’t this fun, they’re going to see their friends again. They do a cheer until Marta comes in from the kitchen wailing about her burned tarta de cordero (lamb pie) which is her specialty and she can’t possibly host a dinner without it–even though there’s fish, salad, chicken, soup….

But they’re out of harina (flour). Titi goes with the flow and agrees she and Hanna should definitely flee the house…I mean, buy flour.

Outside, they hit the crowd around the Witnesses and Hanna insists on talking to them.

They’re out there all “this peace is false, repent, etc.” which just seems rude to me. Hanna and Titi are finally close enough for Hanna to ask how her daughter is, but before the white-haired one can answer, the crowd closes in, calling them charlatans and blasphemers and saying the truth is in the torah.

Titi drags Hanna away while the white-haired guy keeps smiling after her like “Aha! We’ve got one!”

Ricardo’s at Benjamin’s apartment, trying to console him while he laughs on the inside. (What? You know he’s doing it.) He blames himself for not waiting so Zoe could come back on his plane. Benjamin has to keep going for all the people who love him–Ricardo included–and he’ll be there when Benjamin needs to let out all his pain and anger.

Benjamin says Zoe believed in God and what good did that do her?

Ricardo goes on to philosophize about life being fleeting and living every day like it’s his last. Is it OK if he hugs Benjamin? (Uh…no.) As he does, Ricardo smirks behind Benjamin’s back and tells him to remember they love him. Ricardo’s there for him, whenever.

And then he leaves before the urge to laugh gets the better of him.

Ángela, Natalia, and Laodicea are waiting for the news to start, talking about how sad it is that Zoe died. Laodi calls Jonas to tell him it’s starting.

First up, people in Palestine and New York are protesting the plan to build the third temple. Ricardo has promised he has a solution that will suit everyone.

Next up, a dust storm prevented activity at the crash site, but they’ll be back to work tomorrow. Arthur reminds everyone the media lost colleagues and they lost Zoe. He even chokes up a little and I have to wonder if he’s faking. They show clips of Zoe in the newsroom and in front of the camera, talking about her career and what a great person she was.

Benjamin’s watching and crying. He remembers them playing on the beach as kids and then reconnecting as adults, how he asked her to stay and she asked him to come with her.

He wrecks his workspace and reminisces some more and then he blames God and uses the loss of Zoe and his baby as an excuse not to believe in him (I mean, believe or don’t, but don’t make excuses). He complains that God must be a sadist and Zoe trusted him and WHY?

Adriano’s bothered by how fake Ricardo and Debora are being lately. He calls her out for her fake reconciliation with her family.

Well, what did he expect? Quality hate burns forever, it doesn’t just disappear from one day to the next.

Adriano just doesn’t get it.

Well, sure. That’s why Ricardo’s powerful and Adriano’s still a spoiled rich kid who had everything handed to him.

Oh, no, he had to work for Debora and he’s still paying for it!

He starts walking out of the apartment and Debora asks if he’s going to go lick his wounds with some barata (cheap) woman.

Oh, no, his women are expensive and worth every penny.

The party at Marta’s has started. Hanna checks up on Isabela and tries to get her to come outside, but Isabela’s too worried about Benjamin. She just wants some alone time.

Osiel praises Marta’s lamb dish. She coos at him that she couldn’t possibly not make his favorite!

Hanna and Saulo mutter about The Witnesses. Hanna’s considering this whole “salvation” thing, but Saulo says her dad’s right–they can’t just show up and expect them to ditch thousands of years of customs. No, they’re going to keep trusting in the torah and he doesn’t want Hanna listening to those guys anymore.

Saulo calls for a toast. The old army buddies are apparently in town to do annual training for the reserves. He talks about how he thinks they’ve all become better people for being in the army and the army numbers about 200,000, plus almost another 600,000 in the reserves, ready to take up arms if needed.

Titi thinks that could be any time now. She’s been hearing rumors about the temple.

Saulo says they’re not rumors. This is the moment they’ve been waiting for.

Titi says it will mean a war.

Oh, no, the messiah’s going to handle it. Noah looks way too happy hearing this. He must not know Ricardo’s in on the project. Anyway, Saulo says there’s gonna be peace.

Benjamin goes jogging and thinks about Zoe.

Ricardo’s back in his office and he can tell Ariela wants to ask him something.

OK. Did Caliph Omar have something to do with the plane crash?

He knows what she really wants to know is whether he (Ricardo) had something to do with it. Well, first off, that meeting with Caliph Omar never happened. And second, whatever they didn’t talk about at the meeting that never happened, for her security, is better she continue not knowing about.

Ariela leaves angry, saying she’s headed for a meeting.

Ricardo doesn’t realize until she’s nearly out the door that maybe he shouldn’t have been a jerk to the woman who makes his nefarious deeds possible, but Ariela doesn’t come back.

Tamar’s missing Debora and Ricardo and stressing that they didn’t call to say they made it come. She decides to call.

Adriano teases Debora for ignoring the phone. When the doorbell rings he says it could very well be Gideon and Tamar–best not answer it.

It’s Luca, coming to pick up a book for Ricardo. Adriano knows the one. Debora tells him to go find it, then. Luca keeps turning down drinks, but Debora offers him a snog once Adriano’s out of the room.

Vittorio and Gloria have some mother-son time. He’s been busy advising Padre Stefano a lot. Gloria says that speaks well of his intelligence.

Has she read the latest message? He and Ricardo have been in sync lately.

Gloria says it’s always been like that, since Ricardo was a boy.

Vittorio admits he used to be jealous of Ricardo, thinking Padre Stefano liked him better.

Gloria tries to warn him to be careful, but then she has to say she doesn’t mean anything by it.

Vittorio wants to go to Stefano and tell him the truth so they don’t have to keep sneaking around like they’re doing something wrong! Padre Stefano was almost like a father to him Stefano’s sure he would understand.

Gloria says she’ll think about it.

Nobody thinks Benjamin’s coming into work today, but there he is. Andre, of all people, tries to talk to him, but if it’s not about work Benjamin doesn’t want to hear it! And why is everyone staring at him? They’re a company like any other and they’ve got a lot of work to do, so get to work!

Andre tries again and Benjamin’s all “What part of that did you not understand?!” Andre says he’s not OK. Melina comes over to back Andre up with some actual medical facts like that his blood pressure is high and so is his heart rate, and his brain activity indicates stress.

“Who asked you?!”

Melina asks if he knows he’s arguing with a robot.

Benjamin threatens to change her programming.

Andre tells him to just go home, but Benjamin flips out about how this is his business and nobody can tell him what to do and he already told them to get to work, so get to work and worry about your own lives!

Andre and Melina retreat to the other side of the room with HD and Brenda. Andre says Benjamin has never been like this before. Melina maintains that anyone under that much stress isn’t going to make good decisions.

Well, Andre’s going to take care of things before Benjamin does something he regrets later. He calls Ricardo and tells him Benjamin’s “going crazy” and Ricardo’s the only one who can rein him in, so hurry up and get over there!

How long does it take to find one book? Luca’s stuck in the living room with Debora still hitting on him. Adriano finally comes back with the book and decides he wants to go with Luca to find out what Ricardo’s going to propose at this meeting.

Bárbara sees Celeste looking at comments on their article about Zoe’s death. They’ve all been loving and supportive, which is how you know this is fiction (just saying).

And Arthur’s crying? Yeah, that was real. Celeste reminds Bárbara that he was in love with Zoe.

They go over to comfort him and they watch one of Zoe’s blooper reels from Israel. She kept messing up words and laughing at herself.

Benjamin’s working with headphones on and ignoring his ringing cell phone. Melina comes over and politely, but firmly, tells him to answer the call from his sister.

Bela can tell right away that Benjamin’s trying to push people away by acting like a tough guy. She tells him to cut it out.

He complains that it’s not fair…it makes no sense!

Bela knows. But he has to be strong. Life goes on.  And she loves him. She’ll visit as soon as she can.

The buffet’s on for the vultures at the crash site. Zoe’s got a head wound and a piece of rebar through her leg, but her fingers are moving. Nice try, Ricardo.

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