Apocalipsis Thursday 10/17/19 #42

Zoe wakes up in the middle of nowhere, probably wishing she weren’t awake. She tries to rip out the bar through her leg, but it’s not budging (yeah, you just stay there and keep all the blood from gushing out). Next she tries crawling, but really…to where?

Ariela calls Caliph Omar and teases him about being hard to reach and on the FBI’s most wanted list. Omar gets snippy and she reminds him that she could tell the FBI where he is. She’s calling about his meeting with Ricardo and the merchandise they negotiated on. Has it been…delivered.

Omar angrily says the 300 weapons were delivered and they’re scattered all over the desert in Judea. It’s in the news!

Zoe keeps crawling in a twist, keeping her injured leg away from the ground. She thinks she sees Benjamin. She’s made it pretty far from the plane and starts up an incline. (Where the hell is the cleanup crew?) She takes a break and promises the baby she’ll get them out of here. She makes it to the top of the incline, but can’t get over.

Ricardo sends Isabela a dress with a note explaining that this is the dress he wants to rip off her tonight after their special date. Isabela’s excited. (I’m disgusted. He’s so frickin’ arrogant!)

Joyce comes to the Monitoring Center to visit Dylan. She’s been there before, but not in a while. Dylan puts a display up on the big screen–it’s a star he discovered the week their son died. They never named their son, so he wants Joyce to help him name the star.

Ricardo tries to approach Benjamin as a “friend” but if Benjamin won’t listen to him, then he’ll act like a business partner. No one makes good decisions in this state of mind and Ricardo’s not going to let him toss their project into the same dark hole Benjamin wants to throw himself into.

Whatever Benjamin wants, Ricardo can make it happen. Does he want to go to Israel and see Zoe’s body? Go to Brazil and visit her family? Get lost ona a deserted beach in Asia? Whatever he does, he needs to fill the hole in his heart and find a motivation to do something besides destroy everything in his reach.

Ricardo hugs him so he can hide his eye rolling behind Benjamin’s back. Benjamin looks like he’s trying not to puke.

A buncha dudes and a camel walk right past the crash site where NO ONE IS WORKING ON CLEANUP OR BODY RETRIEVAL AND IT SURE DOESN’T LOOK LIKE THERE’S A STORM GOING ON and find Zoe. One guy checks on her, says she’s still breathing, and splashes a little water on her forehead before trying to get her to drink some. Her vision’s blurry and she thinks it’s Benjamin.

Enrique’s trying to flirt with Glaucia and she’s having none of it. He stinks like alcohol.

Enrique says he always has a drink in the morning to help him deal with the pressure of his job. He mentions the accountant before Osvaldo talking to the police today. He’s kind of worried, but he did hire two lawyers for the guy.

Glaucia’s worried that this is going to lead to her. And then she’s worried someone will see them together. And then she’s taking the chance and snogging Enrique anyway.

César can’t get anything out of the ex-accountant except that he used to work as the hospital’s accountant. His only other answer to anything is “On the advice of my attorneys, I prefer to stay silent.” César tells him to just roll on Enrique and they’ll go easy on him.

Estela’s back in the swing of things at the hospital. Susana is making herself at home at the admin desk. As they head for a coffee break, Estela says she’s missed the adrenaline rush. She stops to remind Felipe he’s scheduled for exams and no, she didn’t forget!

Dra. Glaucia comes in with a patient who attempted suicide. Estela quickly takes over and starts calling out instructions. Susana thanks Glaucia for taking such good care of Estela.

“Oh, it was nothing.” As Susana walks off, Glaucia looks worried.

When Natalia comes into the police station, Dudú makes sure to point out the hospital’s ex-accountant and his lawyers and tell her that César’s trying to put her dad in jail.

Guido pretty much figured the ex-accountant wasn’t going to talk. César’s sure the lawyers were provided by Enrique. The only other thing he can think of to do is try to figure out whose handwriting it was on those checks. And maybe if they put pressure on that guy, he’ll give up his boss.

César thinks they should dig farther back. If the embezzlement predates Osvaldo, this is going to blow up in the ex-accountant’s face and he’ll give up Enrique.

Natalia comes into Guido’s office to ask about the hospital investigation and what the ex-accountant says. Guido knows both she and César have personal connections to this case, but he expects them to act like cops first.

Estela and Susana agree it’s time for her to go back to New York. Estela’s doing better and she’s planning to try to reconnect with Talita. Susana should go back to her son, since she still has one.

Ricardo tells Andre they need to make sure the business doesn’t explode when Benjamin does. He gets a text from Isabela asking where he’s taking her.

He won’t tell her, but he says it will be unforgettable.

Noah comes over to visit Isabela and ask how things are going at the dig site. She says it’s going well, with all the new equipment. She can show it to him whenever.

Zoe’s in a tent with three women crushing herbs and pouring water and fussing over her. They’re trying to stop the bleeding and lower her fever. Zoe mumbles about her baby and one of the women (the one who seems to be in charge) understands enough to know she’s pregnant. All three women share worried looks.

Zoe’s remembering breaking up with Benjamin (which time?) and Ricardo mocking her about not wanting to fly with the beast of the apocalypse.

Luca brings Ricardo the book he was looking for. Adriano sees the meeting attendees bickering with each other and tells Ricardo this isn’t going to be so easy.

Ricardo isn’t talking to heads of state, but to bankers, investors, businessmen. They’re already asking Ricardo what they have to do with “peace.”

Ricardo smarmily tells them he’s going to buy “peace” and they’re all going to get to finance it.

Back at the tent, the woman in charge is arguing with the guy who brought Zoe in. She tells him Zoe’s pregnant and she’s only hanging on because of her baby. There’s some past thing between them that he doesn’t want to talk about and she’s trying to tell him is the reason they should help Zoe.

Greta helps Ricardo into his tux jacket and says she’s jealous of whoever he’s dressing up for. “I always come back to you, Greta.”

Debora’s cranky that Ricardo’s going out when he just came back from the meeting. (Mooooom!) He pretty much tells her he’s going to go seduce Isabela Gudman because he needs a family and Isabela will fill the populace with jealousy.

Bela’s all dressed and ready to go. I swear Hanna’s having flashbacks to Debora when Bela says she’s got a work thing to go to for the Archaeology Center and it’s going to run until late and so she’s going to spend the night at a friend’s house so she doesn’t have to walk home late.

Uri moves himself into Benjamin’s apartment. He was soaking in all the hospitality at his brother’s place when he realized he and Ben need each other. Now, where’s his room? Does it have a tub? Uri wants a soak. And has Ben got a spare computer lying around? Uri likes to work from home.

“I guess there’s no point saying ‘Make yourself at home.'”

Uri says this is going to be great! The two of them! And grab the other suitcase….

Adriano comes over to Alan’s to fret about Ricardo. He’s worried about what he’s seeing and hearing lately. Ricardo’s not what people think he is. He’s not the savior of the world–he could be the one to destroy it.

Ricardo almost seems nervous waiting for Isabela. When she shows up they snog immediately. Then he walks around her like she’s some object he just bought before escorting her to his plane.

Alan thinks Adriano’s lost it, but of course we know Adriano’s right. Ricardo’s a master of illusion, he gets everybody to look away while he does things right under their noses.

Alan accuses him of seeing duendes (elves) in Central Park. Ricardo’s his son!

And that’s exactly why Alan should believe him.

Alan knows Ricardo’s not Ghandi, but he’s the kind of leader the world needs. Adriano should be proud of him.

Adriano says he doesn’t want to drink, but Alan says they’ll polish off the bottle and maybe Adriano will see reason when they’ve finished.

Back at the tents, the grumpy guy and one other have joined the three women. Grumpy guy complains he’s never done this on a pregnant woman before–“this” meaning pull an iron rod out of someone’s body and stitch them back up.

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