Apocalipsis Friday 10/18/19 #43

Zoe’s stitched back up. The grumpy guy says they’ve done all they can and says to give her more herbal infusions so the wound will close up.

The woman in charge tells the other two to get to brewing while she watches over Zoe.

Uri finds Benjamin out on the balcony. Benjamin confesses that he’s still waiting for someone to wake him up. And every time the phone rings he thinks it’s Zoe. He doesn’t know how he’s supposed to go on.

Uri says there’s no map for this and gives Benjamin a hug.

At cult HQ, Ze’s continuing to reel in Guto and Talita with his charisma. He’s all kinds of interested when Talita mentions growing up in a mansion.

Estela’s been trying to call Talita all day, but keeps getting sent to voicemail. She hopes Talita’s not back at that cult….

Enrique says he forbid her to go back there or he’d take away all her luxuries.

Anyway, he heard Estela was back to normal at work today.

Oh yeah, Dra. Glaucia’s been very attentive.

Ricardo takes Isabela to Rome, to his house, where he’s so aggressive with the snogging that I feel sorry for the staff. If he was going to get right to it in front of the fireplace, he could’ve at least given everyone the night off.

Felipe and César are looking at old family photos and talking about regrets. Felipe says they always tell you it’s “not too late” but this time, it is.

César doesn’t think it’s too late. They just have to stay firm in their faith and not join the Antichrist. And he’s gotta get Guto to leave that cult.

At  cult HQ, Ze is starting the push to fleece all the cult members. He’s having them sign powers of attorney…not that they have to, of course….

César warns Felipe to watch out with Enrique. He’s sure Enrique framed Osvaldo but they’re still investigating.

Noah’s talking to his parents about the objects he saw at the dig site. Because “Bela” invited him over for a tour.

Tamar is pissed that he’s calling her “Bela” and that he still seems interested in her, even though she’s not looking for a commitment. AND she was openly flirting with Ricardo!

At Ricardo’s he’s keeping up his act…he was born rich and spoiled and he’s ashamed of what he was like as a kid blah blah blah.

No worries, ’cause Bela’s there to assure him that he’s such a kind generous man…and she can’t figure out what he sees in her! (nice hair, a pretty smile, a willingness to believe all his bullshit….)

He dismisses the staff, finally, acting like he gives a damn that they were working all day. And now it’s on to the main event….

He’s going to play the piano for Isabela. (That was unexpected.)

Zoe’s calling out for Benjamin in her sleep. The healer tells one of the other women to get compresses and tells Zoe to hang on–her child needs her.

Ricardo sings Cole Porter’s “So In Love” and I’m not loving his interpretation. At least they move up to one of the upstairs bedrooms for the sex. I was afraid they were going to defile that poor piano!

Andre’s working late and thinking about playing fútbol with his dad in the park. Brenda’s on her way out of the office and stops to check on him. Andre actually admits that having so many family members gone is affecting him.

Brenda gets on him about reaching out to his dad, since that’s basically the only family he has left.

Ricardo and Isabela snuggle after conceiving the Antichrist Jr. (I’m just guessing, but it seems like a safe bet.)

Chico and Celeste go out for drinks and Dudú comes over to hit on her. He follows her (YouTube?) channel. Could he get her autograph…and maybe her phone number?

Chico’s offended that Dudú completely ignored him.

Ángela’s complaining that all the news is bad news. Laodi says you can squeeze the newspaper and get blood. Jonas says it’s just reflecting the current reality and comforts Laodi. “This is why we have to get the word out to as many people as possible.”

“The Way We Were” plays over César remembering Raquel and Lorena.

Dudú sends Celeste a drink and Chico hurries to stuff his pockets with empanadas and gulp down their remaining beers so he can pull her out of the bar.

Isabela sneaks back into Osiel and Marta’s house and gets busted by Marta. She already called Isabela’s work and knows there wasn’t a function last night, so Isabela can drop the act.

Hanna, Titi, and Saulo are wrapping up a training session. Hanna’s glad they’re only once a year. Titi misses them. Saulo does not miss them at all! He hurts!

Isabela resorts to telling Marta it wasn’t an official work event and she’s running late for work so she’s gotta go and she’ll explain everything later!

Gideon tells Osiel he doesn’t want to see Osiel’s niece seducing Noah. He’s a nice boy and she’s…well…fast.

Maybe so, but Noah’s not a kid and he’s the one who should be responsible for maintaining his distance.

Gideon would love for the two of them to get together…but only if Isabela comes back to the torah and follows their customs.

So she’s not good enough for Noah? Well, then…maybe she’d be better for his grandson.

Nu-uh, Ricardo’s too worldly for her. And Gideon noticed Osiel’s tone and he’s not gonna put up with Osiel disrespecting his family!

No, Osiel’s not going to put up with Gideon disrespecting HIS family….

Noah and the others are leaving their training when they run into the Two Witnesses and a crowd of orthodox men. Noah has them form a wall in front of the orthodox men and tells them there’s gonna be no lynching today.

The Witnesses are confused. Didn’t they want a sign? That’s why God sent them here!

The white-haired one heads for a nearby body of water while the grey-haired one complains that they’re just trying to help!

The white-haired one says if words won’t convince them, maybe they’ll have to be shown a sign. He sets his staff in the water and it turns to blood.

Now he’s got everyone’s attention.

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