Apocalipsis Friday 10/21/19 #44

Osiel reminds Gideon that Debora left home and did…what she did and now everybody’s OK with it. But HIS niece…Gideon needs to stop being a hypocrite.

Noah and Saulo interrupt the argument–they’ve gotta see this!

Titi and Hanna try to tell Marta, but she thinks they’re delirious from being in the sun.

The guys get back to the water, where a line of soldiers are keeping the public away from the edge of the hill. They let Noah and the others through and Osiel goes right to the water, dips his hand in, and either tastes or smells it and declares that it’s blood. (EW!)

Gideon’s still determined to think those two fake prophets are scamming them. And where are they anyway?

Profe Rodrigo gripes at Isabela for being late to work. They’re working for Ricardo Montana now and he wants results, not excuses!

Ohhhh, Isabela knows how demanding he can be, heh heh! Uh, she means it won’t happen again.

Laila and Rodrigo review what Isabela has missed. A gold chain marking the location of the Arc of the Covenant was found and this means the location of the temple is NEXT TO the mosque. So the mosque won’t have to be demolished to rebuild the temple.

Bárbara thought Diogo had left her apartment early, and he did, but it was to get breakfast. He’s pushing for an actual relationship and moving in, but Bárbara can’t even think about any kind of commitment without getting goosebumps. She thinks they should just be “free” and eat their breakfast before it gets cold.

Estela’s frantic. Talita never came home last night. She’s talking to Felipe about going to the police and hoping Talita didn’t go to that cult again.

Felipe knows the one she’s talking about. Guto’s with them too. He agrees to take Estela there.

The hospital’s ex-accountant visits Enrique to warn him that César’s not going to give up. And also he needs more money to keep his mouth shut.

At the police station, Natalia’s annoyed at the thought of having to get handwriting samples from every single person at the hospital. She remembers what her mom told her once…although, her mom’s always talking smack about her dad…well, OK, she saw him with a woman, a doctor…but it’s still possible that that doctor could be the embezzler without this having anything to do with her dad!

Guido asks if Ángela could identify the doctor.

Grumpy Guy checks on Zoe. The healer says they’ve gotten the fever under control. He’s upset that they stayed up all night to watch her. There are other woman who can care for her while they rest.

He summons a couple of women who are as awed about Zoe being pregnant as the healer was. She tells them to care for Zoe as if she were family.

Susana gets back to New York and goes to Benjamin’s apartment.

Uri shows up at Ricardo’s office for a meeting, but he’s not there. Ariela says the schedule of the head of the UN council is unpredictable. But she’s here and maybe Uri could take advantage of that and relax….

Uri just gives her a pitying look. They’re not ever getting back together.

Ariela asks what Monique had that she doesn’t.

It would take too long to tell her.

Adriano shows up and Uri takes it as his cue to leave. Although, Ariela’s going somewhere too, so Adriano’s just going to hang out by himself, I guess? Find the really good booze and make himself at home?

Nope, he’s searching the office!

Benjamin tells Susana about the baby. He complains that he was actually on the verge of believing in a higher power, but he can’t believe in a god who would kill innocent people.

Susana tells him to let it all out, but Benjamin keeps insisting he can’t. He’s empty inside.

Vittorio hears from Gloria that Ricardo was in town impressing a young woman, but he’s gone.

Vittorio’s sure Padre Stefano isn’t going to be happy when he finds out Ricardo didn’t visit.

And speaking of Padre Stefano, Vittorio thinks this will be his last meeting with Gloria for a while. Padre Stefano keeps asking where he’s been and Vittorio doesn’t like to lie.

Adriano finds a packet of photos of Debora and Luca, but he dismisses them.

Alan catches Adriano searching the office and begs him to stop. And to stop distrusting Ricardo! Nobody’s perfect and it’s not right to expect Ricardo to be.

Adriano agrees with him. (Anybody think he’s telling the truth?)

Susana reminds Benjamin about the time he almost drowned. She consecrated him to God…

But it was medicine that saved him!

Yep, and so she turned away from God and Benjamin never had an example of faith that can transform. But it’s what Zoe believed in. So maybe he could just try to believe in it too.

Benjamin says he’s tried, but Susana knows he’ll keep trying every day. She’s convinced that he was saved that day because he has something important to do in the world.

At the camp, time passes. Zoe’s starting to heal, but she’s not conscious yet. The healer goes to tell the grumpy guy that Zoe’s baby is gonna make it. And they’re going to bring joy to the camp.

Grumpy guy, despite what the subtitles say, responds “Allah willing.” (All the Arabic I know I learned from watching O Clon.)

Anyway, he tells her to remember they’ve got a big battle ahead.

Robinson tells Dudú he’s done with his life of crime, but Dudú doesn’t take him seriously. Especially not when Robinson’s talking about not wanting to spend eternity in hell.

Celeste tells Bárbara about giving her autograph last night and says Bárbara should have been there.

Bárbara’s not in the mood to go out. She’s dealing with Zoe’s death by having Diogo over. She also suggests Celeste move into the apartment.

Ángela’s singing hymns and cleaning when Natalia gets to her place. She picks on Ángela’s singing, but what she’s really there for is to see if Ángela can recognize Enrique’s lover. She’s got photos/bios of the doctors at the hospital.

Ángela’s not sure at first, but she eventually picks out Glaucia’s picture. Natalia calls work.

Ze’s got the cult members doing a fairly legit exercise where they’re filling a bag with rocks for all the things that weigh on them. Talita and Guto are missing their family members, feeling bad for not going home….

Guto points out that Estela’s there.

Dudú was sent to pick up Glaucia, but he stops by Enrique’s office to warn him and give him five minutes to give “his girl” instructions.

Talita lets loose on Estela–they completely ignored her and Bruno, Esmirna was the one who took care of them, but now she’s gone. She refuses to go back to “that house.”

Ze comes over and he and Estela recognize each other. She tells him Talita’s her daughter and she’s a minor. She has to come home!

Enrique tells Glaucia to just tell the cops she has nothing to do with accounting and she’s a doctor. And he’s not going to get her a lawyer until later ’cause they’ll be suspicious if she shows up with one. She’s not convinced this is going to work. (Turn on Enrique! Do it! Do it!)

In the interrogation room, Guido and César are being obnoxious. What’s her relationship with Enrique?

She’s a doctor he’s a hospital administrator. He’s her boss.

So, they never got a little personal? Had some beers after work? It would be totally normal….

Glaucia says Enrique’s married. She would never hang out after work with a male coworker who’s in a relationship.

“That’s not what we heard….” (See, even though they’re right this sounds horrible!) She was seen in a compromising position with Enrique.

Glaucia demands to know who said that. She has a right to know!

Hey, hey, they’re the ones asking the questions here.

Glaucia asks if they have proof, because she’s not going to let someone defame her like that!

Guido and César get all snotty about how being married never stopped any man from flirting with beautiful women. (Um, no, but some guys just wouldn’t do it anyway, because work.)

Although, César adds that it especially wouldn’t stop a man who thinks he’s untouchable. So did he ever come on to her?

Glaucia swears he never did.

Gosh, well, they must be thinking of another Enrique. He can’t be the same guy. What did he promise her?

Uh, nothing. Why would he need to promise her anything?

To keep her mouth shut. Is she afraid of losing her job? If she talks they could get her immunity. If she lies she’s an accomplice. And it would be terrible if a nice girl like her ended up in prison.

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