Apocalipsis Tuesday 10/22/19 #45

Natalia and Dudú are watching the interrogation from the other side of the glass. Natalia’s sure Glaucia’s hiding something, because no way is her father that much of a gentleman. Her mom said she saw the two of them kissing and her mom’s no liar.

Estela can’t convince Talita to go home with her, so she won’t force her to. She’ll be waiting whenever Talita wants to go home. The rest of the scene is Ze doing his usual routine about everyone being welcome, ascending to the next plane, blah blah blah.

Ricardo visits the Monitoring Center to promise Uri as much funding as he needs, as long as he keeps the past in the past. We’re humans, we freak out easily. Ricardo’s only worried about the future.

Uri admits he’s been talking to a colleague and it’s been difficult to keep an eye on everything threatening them from space.

Hey, whatever Uri needs, Ricardo will get it for him. They’re fighting against the forces of darkness and science will lead the way.

HD gets a text from Robinson about their dad being in a psychiatric facility. Melina notices his dilated pupils, scrunchy forehead, and increased heart rate.

He tells her about his dad and says he was always obsessed with the end of the world. And his mom said religion doesn’t get you anywhere, it’s faith that does.

Melina knows the definition of faith–something a person believes in despite there being no scientific evidence of it.

HD says it’s what got him here. Because there’s no scientific way to explain how he has zero schooling, a troubled past, and is now working at the biggest start-up ever. There’s no scientific explanation. It’s faith.

Benjamin interrupts–HD is here because he had the guts to reach out and he’s good at what he does. So get back to it.

Melina thinks Benjamin’s more rational than HD.

Yeah, well, humans are complicated.

Benjamin goes over to ask Brenda and Andre how work is going. They’re still working on the encryption for Ricardo’s project.

Benjamin’s been thinking that if it’s also monitoring people’s reactions and storing them in a database of memories it could be a way to avoid accidents. Like plane crashes. (Yeah, most of that went over my head, but I didn’t miss where Benjamin’s trying to act like he’s all logical, but he’s taking the project in this direction because of Zoe’s death which is an emotional reaction but sure, tell me again how science is completely logical and has nothing to do with messy human emotions….)

Ricardo’s back in the office. Ariela teases him about how much good his little affair did him.

Ricardo says he was with the woman he’s going to marry. So how are things here? They didn’t start the apocalypse without him, did they? (*snort*)

Ariela laughs, but his latest statements have been polarizing.

Ricardo knows there are objections to the building of the third temple, but he’s ready to deal with them.

And how was his meeting with the council of ten?

Eh, they’ve got more money than 99% of the world’s population and they still freak out at the idea of reaching into their pockets. But they’ll have to get over their fear of giving money and not expecting profits. It’s that or chaos, and Ricardo will set it up himself.

And now that they’ve gotten through the pleasantries, Ariela says she heard something interesting from Caliph Omar. About the airplane sabotage. That Ricardo ordered.

Ricardo’s pissed that she didn’t stay out of it like he told her to.

Ariela says she’s there for him unconditionally. And if he’d asked her about it she not only would have supported his decision, she would have made sure there was no way to link it back to him. It’s her job to protect him.

Ricardo thinks that’s cute.

Seriously, she means it. She’s with him 100%, but he can’t push her aside like that again.

Susana’s back home, getting a foot rub from Alan and sharing her worries about Benjamin. He’s resorting to anger to deal with his grief. She thinks the best thing for him would be to get closer to God.

But Benjamin’s an atheist!

Then why is he blaming God for what happened to Zoe? She knows Alan doesn’t get it. He’s an atheist.

He reminds her she doesn’t even go to the synagogue.

True, she stopped going. But her biggest mistake was not being a good example of what she believed in to her children.

Adriano confronts Debora about having an affair with Luca. He’s not angry, it’s more like he finds the whole thing hilarious. He asks her for details.

Yeah, not gonna happen, but Debora will say that she’s only been with two men in her life and compared to Luca, Adriano was a fumbling boy.

Doesn’t she want to know how he found out?

She assumes he hired a detective, which seems like a twisted display of love.

Oh, no, he wouldn’t be able to think of anything that sick. And he definitely thinks there’s not a more twisted thing a son could do to his mother. He found the pictures of her and Luca hidden in Ricardo’s office.

Debora’s like “No way! I’m his mom!”

Well, the two of them made him and broke the mold. There won’t ever be another like him.

Marta and Osiel are still trying to get to the truth about where Isabela was last night. (Seriously, just tell them you were in Rome–they’ll never believe that either.)

Hanna and Saulo interrupt because Saulo’s upset that Marta didn’t believe Hanna about the whole river of blood thing.

Isabela takes the opportunity to sneak off.

Celeste and Dudú make plans to meet at Diogo’s bar. Bárbara doesn’t trust online romances, but Celeste assures her she’s going to try out his kisses, live and in color. LOTS of color. And that’s after she goes home, has a shower, packs up her stuff, and leaves it at the apartment. She suggests Bárbara go with her so she can see Diogo, but Bárbara doesn’t want to go out with him (like, out in public) if they don’t have a commitment. (Which confuses me, because I thought she was the one who didn’t want a commitment.)

Party time at Robinson’s again. Dudú comes over with drugs for him to sell. He also complains that Robinson needs to keep a lower profile so the neighbors don’t complain.

Robinson has his own plans. He’s going to start supporting the neighbors and that’s what’ll keep them from complaining.

Natalia gets home and finds Ángela crying over a biblical novela. Natalia’s exhausted from the day. That doctor Glaucia gave her statement today and denied everything.

Ángela’s not surprised.

Natalia’s starting to worry that her dad really did have something to do with the embezzlement.

Ángela tells her to prepare for the worst.

Uri sits in Benjamin’s apartment and cracks open Monique’s bible. He remembers a conversation with her at the Monitoring Center  about refusing to believe in a God who had killed his parents.

So…he thinks God sent that big wave for them?

Well, no…he just wishes it hadn’t happened.

Benjamin comes home and finds Uri reading…the bible?

Yeah. It was Monique’s. So see, nobody’s perfect. They joke about being skeptics in love with women who believe in God.

Benjamin says Zoe said what happened that day was the rapture. God took her whole family.

Uri figures that’s where Monique went too. But Zoe went to church, so why wasn’t she taken?

Benjamin guesses that’s not the criteria. But she did go later. He wonders where.

Nowhere. Death is the end of life. But what’s going on with Benjamin?

Benjamin says it’s nothing. He’s just rambling.

See, this is why Uri believes in science. It’s the only way to get answers that make sense.

And what answers has he been getting lately?

Lately…nothing explains anything. But they should eat. Eating makes sense. Food kills hunger.

Zoe regains consciousness. The healer, Soraya, introduces herself and explains that Nadia and Samira only speak Arabic. She sends them to get some soup for Zoe.

Zoe asks about her speaking Portuguese.

Yeah, she went on a tour of the Middle East and fell in love with the tour guide, Jamal (grumpy guy). She left Portugal to have an adventure but she wasn’t expecting one so radical (extreme).

Zoe at least remembers her own name.

Soraya says she’s going to be fine and so is her baby, but her pregnancy is high-risk.

Samira suggests they let Jamal know Zoe’s awake. He seems surprised, but announces to the whole camp that the young woman is alive. It’s party time!

Ricardo’s in his office, reading articles about the Two Witnesses and the river of blood and scowling.

Padre Stefano calls to ask why Ricardo didn’t stop to visit when he was in Rome.

Ricardo says he was busy wooing the future Mrs. Montana, aka Isabela Gudman.

Sounds good. And Stefano insists on officiating the wedding. But that’s not why he’s calling. Has Ricardo heard about those two men terrorizing Jerusalem?

Yeah. They stole all the attention he should’ve been getting for his latest speech.

Padre Vittorio’s wandering into the church and overhears Padre Stefano says those two men have to be destroyed before they ruin their plans. And then he’s purposely listening when Stefano says the two men in Jerusalem have to be killed.

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