Apocalipsis Wednesday 10/23/19 #46

There’s no mistaking it. Padre Stefano wants Ricardo to kill the two men in Jerusalem. He thinks someone might be eavesdropping, but all he can find is a swaying candelabra. He’ll call back when he’s in his office (where maybe he should have been the whole time if he was gonna be ordering a hit).

Jamal is actually married to Nadia and Samira in addition to Soraya. He tells Zoe that she and the baby are a positive sign for his tribe and they’re all going to take care of her as if she were one of them. Anything she wants, just ask him. (Got a sat phone?)

Ricardo gets home late and mommy’s waiting up for him to ask if he’s got someone following her. Ricardo fixes himself a drink and ignores her question.

“Truth comes after the second drink.” So anyway, yeah, he did. How’d she find out? Daddy? He just needed some blackmail material in case she decided she didn’t want to go to Jerusalem with him. He’s gotta keep his enemies under control, but he also needs control over his family if he’s going to achieve his nefarious goals. He tells her to quit making everything personal. She can do whatever she wants, as long as it doesn’t affect him.

However…Luca? She could’ve had better. He goes upstairs and leaves Debora standing in the living room looking angry.

Jonas is getting discouraged about Tiao’s lack of progress. He’s getting worse in rehab, refusing to take his meds, saying inappropriate things…they had to restrain him. Laodi reminds him there’s only so much he can do. We’ve all got free will.

Estela tells Enrique about finding Talita with the cult. He’s only half-listening because poor him, he’s got so many problems at work!

Estela reminds him he was the one who said they shouldn’t bring work problems home with them.

Enrique doesn’t know what she wants him to do and reminds her he’s been dealing with her and her “tantrums.”

Excuse you, it’s panic disorder!

In Ze’s confessional booth, Talita and Guto let it all out. Guto’s sure his dad was cheating. Talita feels guilty for letting Esmirna take the blame for stealing her mother’s jewelry. Nothing was ever the same for her after those nude photos got out.

Felipe calls Andre to tell him about his new job, but Andre’s in a hurry to get off the phone. Felipe complains to César that their sons don’t want anything to do with them. César’s determined to bust Ze and get Guto out of that cult.

Celeste meets Dudú at the bar. He’s his usual cocky self. Diogo brings over some burrata for them, which I’d like to think is his way of making sure Dudú knows Celeste’s a VIP. They talk about Bárbara still missing Zoe. Diogo thinks he might come over for a visit sometime.

Bárbara’s packing up Zoe’s stuff and crying over her.

Debora breaks it to Luca that everybody already knows about the two of them. Luca’s sure Ricardo’s going to kill him (well, sure, if it advances his goals). Debora says they can quit sneaking around now and snogs him in the park. Yeah, I don’t think she understood what Ricardo was saying last night.

Vittorio goes running right to Gloria to tell her what he overheard so they can try to puzzle it out. He never heard Padre Stefano say the name of the person on the other end of the line, but he absolutely heard Padre Stefano ordering those two guys be killed. But why would Padre Stefano hate a couple of nobodies enough to want them dead?

Gloria’s like “See, I TOLD you to watch out for him!” What he heard was the real Stefano. Vittorio has to be careful.

At breakfast, Ricardo asks Adriano to pass the honey and also why his he searching through Ricardo’s stuff? Ricardo says he’s not going to get upset, but apparently that only applied to the snooping. He IS upset about having to have an unpleasant conversation with his mom.

Adriano confronts him about putting on one face for the public, but not really walking the talk. He was searching Ricardo’s office to try to find out who Ricardo is.

Ricardo says he came here to rule and be obeyed and adored without question.

Adriano nods like this explanation makes more sense than anything else. Ricardo starts laughing at the look on Adriano’s face, like he was going to say it was a joke. Instead he tells his dad not to worry–everyone near him will be ruling too.

Bárbara’s having breakfast when Dudú walks out of Celeste’s room in nothing but his underwear.

Enrique objects to Felipe sitting in the waiting area reading. He sends him to go take his shirts to the cleaners.

Um…ok. But Felipe hopes there’s not an actual emergency that requires a driver while he’s out.

Celeste had Chico help her record an infomercial for edible underwear. In the interest of, um, journalistic integrity?, Celeste insisted on tasting the underwear and Chico decided to help. Celeste thought his reaction was so funny she uploaded the ENTIRE video and not just the part where she’s presenting the product. And everybody has seen it.

Glaucia whines to Enrique about how scared she is to get busted. She gave the cops a handwriting sample and even though she used a different handwriting on the bad checks she’s convinced they’re going to find out it was her.

Celeste apologizes to Chico. He’s her bud and she wants his support more than she wants likes (basically). Chico forgives her after she pouts that there’s no Celeste Beyonce without him.

Titi’s saying goodbye to Hanna before she goes back to New York. She reminds Hanna to call if she’s sad. Hanna’s sure she’ll always be sad, because of Ester.

Titi’s sure Ester is better off than either of them. She doesn’t know if Hanna will ever see her again, but maybe if she prays.

Profe Rodrigo explains to his team that based on what they found, the mosque wasn’t built over the temple. The temple will be right next to it. He sends Laila to call Ricardo.

Time passes. Ricardo’s on the front pages of everything.

Ricardo announces the building of the temple at a UN council meeting. Also Israel and Palestine are at peace and Israel has recognized Palestinian as a country. Ricardo’s gonna keep working on religious freedom for all, no fighting over religion, and world peace.

Jonas doesn’t think this is positive news.

Laodi asks if that means Ricardo’s the antichrist. Jonas nods.

The Two Witnesses try talking to people in Jerusalem about this only being a false peace. The crowd scatters when a car nearly drives into it and a guy with a grenade gets out.

The Witnesses tell the guy he can still be saved and he nervously drops the grenade and gets back into the car. The grenade goes off.

Padre Stefano’s got Vittorio reading him all the latest news about Ricardo. Basically, it’s all good. Vittorio hesitates, though, over a report about those two guys in Jerusalem.

Stefano actually takes the phone to read it himself. Vittorio says nothing can hurt them. No one can even get close to them.

Stefano curses them, but he tells Vittorio he’s fine. Those liars are taking attention away from Ricardo.

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