Las Semifinales de Reina de la Canción 2019 #8

We’re starting out with six semifinalists, but right away Alejandra announces the results of voting.

Gladys is going home. The five semifinalists left are:

  • Fatima, “Tu Amor Me Hace Bien” (de Marc Anthony)
  • Yennis, “Downtown” (de Anitta ft. J Balvin)
  • La Vikina, “Ven a Bailar” (de Jennifer Lopez ft. Pitbull)
  • Giselle, “Mi Peor Error” (de Alejandra Guzman)
  • Navil, “Gasolina” (de Daddy Yankee)

The fourth judge tonight is Anuel.

For the first round of singing tonight, the contestants have recorded new songs picked by Sony and premiere them on stage:

  • Fatima, “Sola sin ti”
  • La Vikina, “Quedate un poquito mas”
  • Yennis, “De tu cama por mi cama”
  • Giselle, “Esto es real”
  • Navil, “Bompeo”

While we’re waiting to find out who’s going on, Banda MS performs “No elegi conocerte.”

The four finalists sing duets with established artists:

  • La Vikina y Sech, “Otro trago”
  • Yennis y Pedro Capó, “Vivo”
  • Navil y Lunay, “Aventura”
  • Fatima y Kany Garcia, “Quedate”

Voting lines are open for 24 hours after the show and you can vote up to 10 times per method. Go to, call, or text

  • Yennis 1-866-918-8801 or send YENNIS to 22854
  • Navil 1-866-918-8802 or send NAVIL to 22854
  • La Vikina 1-866-918-8803 or send VIKINA to 22854
  • Fatima 1-866-918-8804 or send FATIMA to 22854

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