Apocalipsis Friday 10/25/19 #48

Padre Stefano pretends he approves of Gloria and Vittorio having a mother-son relationship. Then he asks Vittorio to leave the room so he can threaten Gloria to keep her mouth shut or Vittorio will pay. And no, he’s not going to let Vittorio go. He has plans for that boy.

Ricardo tells Gideon that he wants to marry Isabela. Gideon’s all for it, but he thinks Ricardo might want to have a word with Noah so there are no misunderstandings.

Dudú and César show up to arrest Glaucia for fraud. Estela has no idea what’s going on. She talks to Enrique, but he’s just making her more confused, talking about César having it in for him and trying to throw them off and of course they’re not going to get her a lawyer! What if she actually did it! Enrique’s not putting his hands in the fire for anyone.

At the police station, Glaucia’s still maintaining her innocence, even after César shows her the results from the graphologist. This is enough to send her to prison for years…unless she wants to roll on the real perp.

Natalia interrupts and asks César to let her talk to Glaucia.

She starts right off with “So. You’re my dad’s lover.”

Celeste tries to convince Bárbara to go out, but Bárbara’s still not ready. She wants to know how Celeste’s doing with her guy.

Chico wanders by as Celeste’s talking about him being a cop and being really good in bed.

Bárbara warns Celeste not to say that stuff around Chico. He’s in love with her.

Celeste doesn’t believe it.

Glaucia tries to pretend she’s not Enrique’s girlfriend, but Natalia says they’ve got a witness to the two of them snogging at the hospital.

“Who?! Your mom? Well, it’s her word against ours.”

But the handwriting test isn’t. And sure, maybe Glaucia could pay another expert to say it’s not her handwriting, but the cops can get ten more to say it is. It would be expensive. Does she have that kind of money?

Glaucia says Enrique and Estela will help her.

They’re gonna help someone accused of embezzling from their hospital? Why would they do that?

“Because I’m innocent!”

Hey, Natalia’s on her side. All she wants is the truth and if it points to her father being responsible, so be it. Unfortunately right now Glaucia’s their only suspect and if she keeps denying having an affair with Enrique, which would give her another motive for those signatures, the blame for the embezzling falls solely on her.

OK, then. It’s true. She’s having an affair with Enrique.

César cheers Natalia on from the other side of the glass. Guido joins him. He got a call from the hospital and no one’s sending a lawyer for Glaucia.

César goes into the interrogation room to deliver the bad news and pretend he’s sorry that they left Glaucia to fend for herself.

Glaucia refuses to say anything more until she talks to a lawyer. Can she go now?

Nope. The judge ordered preventive custody.

Dylan has told Uri about his son being alive and grown. Uri tells him to take all the time off he needs, but go, meet his son. Dylan hugs Uri in amazement…his son!

Melina watches Brenda watching Andre leave the office. She knows Brenda’s so totally got a crush. Increased heart rate, increased blood pressure, increased facial temperature. She can’t believe a woman like Brenda, who could make an android, can’t win over a man. She thought Brenda was more daring!

“I am! It’s just easier to deal with machines.”

Melina’s advice is to make Andre jealous. And she’s already got an idea of who with.

Benjamin’s in his apartment, missing Zoe. He remembers a conversation they had about missing their grandparents. She said she expected to see her again. It comforts her.

Benjamin agreed he wouldn’t argue, if it’s something that comforts her.

Zoe wakes up in the tent again and Soraya’s right there to scold her about needing to rest. Jamal’s out with the other men. They’re going to Cairo for supplies. She asked him to come back with more specific medicines for Zoe, a newspaper, and a cell phone. But Zoe needs to rest! She warns Zoe not to get her hopes up–he might not be able to find a cell phone or it might not work out here. But then again, she might be able to talk to Benjamin.

Zoe thanks her, but she looks sad.

Ricardo meets with Noah. He heard that Isabela turned down his marriage proposal, but if Noah still has feelings for her, Ricardo won’t come between them.

Noah thinks that’s Bela’s decision.

Adriano comes home, calling for Gloria, and wonders why she looks sad. Did someone break her heart? He’ll break their face!

Gloria says Padre Stefano’s a cruel, perverse man and he’s ended her life.

Back at the church Padre Stefano bla bla blahs about why he didn’t tell Vittorio that Gloria was his mother. And also, he’s going to make Vittorio a priest (which I already thought he was) and send him out to get more international experience because he might be replacing Stefano one day. For maximum perverseness he hugs Vittorio and says he loves him like a son.

Adriano’s thrilled with the news that Gloria has a son. When she says Padre Stefano’s been hiding him all this time, even when they thought she was dying, he offers to go talk to him. He can’t treat a woman like Gloria that way!

Gloria won’t let him go and Adriano starts wondering what Padre Stefano did to her.

Everyone waits anxiously for Noah and Ricardo. Isabela asks Hanna what she thinks they’re talking about in there.

Um, seriously? Bela can’t think of any reasons?

Noah and Ricardo finally come out of Gideon’s office. Ricardo says they had a good talk. Tamar announces dinner.

Soraya tells Zoe that she had two sons, but they disappeared one day.

Zoe says her parents did too.

Soraya thought it was just their tribe, that the children had been kidnapped, but if Zoe’s saying it happened all over the world and not just to children…what happened? Where did they go? Will she have her sons back with her?

Celeste convinced Bárbara to go to the bar with her. Diogo’s happy she did. César and Felipe show up and say hi, but they don’t want to interrupt–they’re just here for dinner.

Bárbara remembers that Felipe was married to Zoe’s aunt, right?

Dudú wonders what his marital status is if his wife disappeared. He and Celeste laugh while Bárbara looks worriedly over at Felipe.

Natalia gets home and glumly tells her mom that Glaucia had an affair with her dad. But that still doesn’t mean he had anything to do with the embezzlement! She swears IF the investigation leads to her dad, then it is what it is.

But will she have the guts to arrest her own father?

Enrique and Estela are arguing again. He doesn’t want to go drag Talita home and he doesn’t want to send Glaucia a lawyer. Estela can’t see in him the man she married.

Felipe tells César things are tense at the hospital after Glaucia’s arrest. César’s annoyed that Enrique’s just walking around like he had nothing to do with the embezzling. Felipe feels sorry for Dra. Estela. She’s got Enrique to deal with and her daughter’s with that cult.

César says he’s investigating them and trying to get juvenile court involved after getting a ton of complaints from parents. He wishes Guto would come home on his own, but he’s coming home one way or the other.

Bárbara comes over to give her condolences and tell them Zoe was pregnant. She thought they should know.

Soraya hasn’t been watching the show, so Zoe gets her caught up about the end of the world and the antichrist and how her kids are better off than they are, because things are gonna get ugly. Anyone who goes against the antichrist is going to die.

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