Apocalipsis Thursday 10/24/19 #47

Bárbara sent the box of Zoe’s stuff to Benjamin. In a note, she mentions Zoe loved that robot…

Benjamin remembers making the robot when he was a kid. He adds it to the stuff on the coffee table.

In the tent, Soraya, Samira, and Nadia are trying to get Zoe comfortable, but she doesn’t feel well and she panics when she notices she’s bleeding.

Susana has started thinking that it’s time to hire someone to take Monique’s place in the lab. Titi begs her to wait. She’d rather have that empty space than see someone else there. She apologizes for going on about Monique when Susana’s worried about Benjamin. How’s he dealing with Zoe’s loss.

Susana says he’s not. He’s avoiding it by focusing on work. And she’s not sure time can heal this wound. Benjamin doesn’t have any spiritual beliefs. He has nothing to cling to. She’s worried time will just amplify his destructive feelings.

Titi thinks Susana needs to relax. She’s happy to hear that Debora invited Susana to lunch. She’ll take care of things at the lab.

Team Gudman Tech are going over their to-do list. They’re still struggling with encryption for the Mark of the Beast project and they haven’t tested the nanochip. And also they haven’t made progress with automation for the City of the Future. And Ricardo wants everything done, like, now!

Melina comes in and introduces her twin. She doesn’t have a name yet. Benjamin says Twin is the one getting sent to Brazil, to the hospital. I guess we’re supposed to find them creepy, but Melina’s been good peeps so far.

Zoe’s still bleeding and panicking. Soraya sends Samira and Nadia for more cloths and their special brew. She makes Zoe drink a mug of it, saying it will help with the pain.

Ricardo shows up in Jerusalem so everyone can praise him for rebuilding the temple. I imagine he’s mentally counting up the crowd to see if it’s bigger than the ones around the two witnesses. As he moves through the crowd, Saulo starts calling him the messiah. (Poor Saulo’s going to be so disappointed.)

Ricardo’s just eating this up. He poses in front of a building while everyone’s chanting “messiah” and the witnesses watch from an adjacent balcony.

But not everyone is happy about the temple. A group of both Israeli and Palestinian people are protesting.

Ricardo begs everyone to chill. He wants to talk to their leaders and come to an agreement. He scolds the two guys who come forward, who look like they’ve probably been community leaders since before he was out of diapers, that they’re not doing violence anymore, ‘kay?

Padre Stefano confronts Vittorio about avoiding him. Vittorio caves and says he heard Padre Stefano ordering the two men in Jerusalem killed. How could he?!

Ricardo, Profe Rodrigo, Saulo, Osiel, and Gideon tour the model. Saulo brings up the whole “messiah” thing again, which Ricardo’s cool with, but he’s starting to slip in remarks about religion being the cause of a lot of bad stuff.

Now they move on to talking about how the temple will be next to the mosque and nothing has to be torn down. Gideon’s in tears because of how he treated Debora when she told him she was pregnant (even if technically, Ricardo made him do it). Ricardo says the important thing is they’re on the same side now.

So, yeah, Padre Stefano ordered those two guys killed and all human life is sacred, but those guys aren’t human. They’re just a trick of the devil. Blah blah blah, holy war, might have to die, etc. and Vittorio agrees that he’s a servant of the church and Padre Stefano can count on him.

The bleeding has stopped, but Zoe still feels some pain. Soraya wants her on total bed rest.

Zoe wishes she could tell everyone she’s OK, but no, there are no cell phones or computers out here in the middle of the desert. Zoe’s impressed they can live like that. Soraya says the modern world makes us carry a lot, but out here the less you have the lighter you feel.

Anyway…who’s Benjamin? The baby’s father? Zoe said his name in her sleep a few times.

Zoe says he doesn’t even know about the baby. She was going to tell him, but she didn’t have time.

Dylan meets Joyce in the park. A woman called her and asked to meet them both. She was a nurse at the hospital in Jerusalem where their baby was born, but that’s all Joyce knows about her.

Susana shows up for her lunch date with Debora. Ricardo’s in Jerusalem and Adriano went to Rome, so she’s got all afternoon to catch Susana up on her affair with Luca.

Susana nearly chokes on her wine.

Dylan and Joyce walk up to a woman who immediately recognizes Joyce. She’s been trying to reach them since the day of the mass disappearances. She ruined their lives! Their baby didn’t die, she gave him to a family to replace their dead child. She was paid…by Gideon Koheg. (Whoa! The hypocritical apple doesn’t fall far from the hypocritical tree!)

Susana and Debora have made it to the table, but haven’t broken out the takeout yet. Debora thinks Susana should have an affair, ’cause it’s totes bomb.

Um, no, Susana’s got her hands full with one man–no way does she want another! She mentions that Alan’s not happy that they don’t share the same point of view about…certain things. Alan’s an atheist and Susana thinks if Benjamin had faith he’d be doing better at dealing with Zoe’s death.

OK, well, Susana knows Debora was raised in an orthodox Jewish family where God was with you every second of the day. She believed he was watching her constantly. “Susana, God made my life hell!” Look, she’s fine with everybody believing whatever they want, but she’s not letting anybody tell her what to do! Much less someone she can’t hear or see.

Susana asks why Debora didn’t go to Jerusalem with Ricardo this time.

“And see those people?!” Oh, did Susana believe the reconciliation was real?! That was just for the press.

The nurse goes on telling Dylan and Joyce that Gideon and Tamar’s child had died and for whatever reason she suggested swapping out Dylan and Joyce’s baby who was born at almost the same time. Gideon said he was going to name him Noah.

Dylan and Joyce are happy that their son’s not dead and forgive her.

Noah and Isabela argue about Ricardo. She’s disappointed he doesn’t think Ricardo’s the messiah like everyone else does.

Ricardo’s supposed to be coming over to Gideon and Tamar’s for dinner, but he had a meeting to go to first. Tamar’s worried about why Debora didn’t come with him.

Ricardo’s meeting is with Caliph Omar. Omar is worried about the protests. They’re being led by a mullah and an “ultra-orthodox” rabbi who hate each other, but apparently hate Ricardo more.

And what’s with all this peace talk?! There’s no money to be made on peace!

Ricardo insists he knows what he’s doing and the peace won’t last long. Human beings were born for war. And nothing’s going to prime them better for bloodshed than abstinence. They have to give up a little now to gain more later. So is Omar with him or–and this would break his heart–against him?

Vittorio visits Gloria to tell her he bought Padre Stefano’s explanations. Gloria’s about to tell him that Padre Stefano’s his father when Stefano interrupts them and tells Vittorio to explain himself.

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