Apocalipsis Monday 10/28/19 #49

Soraya has a hard time believing what Zoe’s saying. And Zoe understands. But when things start happening, Soraya will remember. Hopefully it won’t be too late.

Dinner at Gideon’s. Everybody loves Ricardo. Noah shoots him dirty looks. Tamar marvels at how much he gets done and yet he still has time to have dinner with family.

“Grandma! Is that a complaint?”

Nah, she’s just never going to feel like she has enough time to make up for what they missed.

Debora has Luca over to play house. She wants him to be Adriano, complete with Adriano’s robe and Adriano’s favorite wine.

Padre Stefano has a son. And how very dare he use guilt to make Gloria feel bad about what Stefano did! But that’s what powerful men do and Adriano’s not going to let him get away with it! Wow, Adriano really has changed.

Gloria begs Adriano not to say anything. Stefano threatened to make Vittorio pay if anyone else found out.

Adriano can see now how Ricardo’s turning into someone who will do anything to reach his goals. The good guy act is just an act. Stefano’s been telling him ever since he was a kid that he was destined for greatness. He’s been supporting him no matter what awful things Ricardo does. And now Ricardo’s getting less concerned about hiding his dark side. Adriano’s convinced it’s Stefano’s doing.

Ricardo checks to make sure Isabela’s willing to be his girlfriend before he asks the family. Noah definitely sees them, but does he hear them? Because they both mention they’ve had sex.

Noah splits when the rest of the family comes into the living room. Ricardo asks for their blessing to date Isabela and the guys are all happy. Tamar, Marta, and Hanna look worried.

Luca fell asleep. So much for Debora’s night of fantasy romance.

Uri gets back to Benjamin’s with Japanese takeout. As he pulls food out of the bag, he suggests Benjamin take a vacation. Doesn’t he trust his friends? They can handle things.

They start talking about Zoe and Monique and Benjamin admits he was on the verge of giving faith a try when Zoe died. He thought it was the least he could do. Zoe and Monique were smart and they believed. He wishes he could talk to Zoe again without his bias getting in the way.

Uri’s like, “Whatever. God doesn’t exist.”

Soraya’s letting Zoe out of bed to bathe in the river and change into fresh clothes. But she’s still gotta take it easy! (I dunno, as hard as it was for her to get out of bed I think she needs to get right back in.)

Vittorio comes over to tell Gloria about his promotion and how he’s moving to take charge of a church somewhere else.

Gloria pretends to be happy, but she looks worried. Probably she’s both. She agrees to go to his consecration.

Ariela came with Ricardo on this trip. She’s arranged a meeting with Jacob and Mahmud (the leaders of the protest) and yes, she understands that Ricardo’s gotta work this out one way or another. It’s as clear as water…or red as blood.

They’re walking away from a café when the two witnesses show up. Ricardo looks legit worried and changes course.

Soraya leaves Zoe to bathe while she does laundry a little farther down the shoreline.

Zoe looks at her reflection in the water and thinks about her family. She writes her name in the sand and remembers telling her dad the other kids made fun of her name. Osvaldo comforted her and reminded her the name means “life.” “Eternal life” in the original Greek.

Zoe heads for the water to re-baptize herself. She’s gonna do things God’s way from now on.

Ricardo gets to his meeting with Jacob and Mahmud and chats with them about their families. Mahmud’s fifteenth (?) grandchild was just born. And Jacob’s getting ready for his grandson’s bar mitzvah.

Saulo comes to the jewelry store to get Gideon and Osiel to the place where Ricardo’s going to announce the results of the meeting.

Arthur busts Celeste and Chico for messing around in the newsroom. They’re all waiting for pictures once Ricardo makes a statement.

Isabela calls home to tell her parents she’s dating Ricardo. She mentions having a dinner to “formalize” things, whatever that means. And then she’s gotta go. She lets her mom to pass the news on to her dad.

“Your daughter’s dating your boss.”

Alan finds it funny. Susana doesn’t know what to think.

Dylan and Joyce have made it to Jerusalem. They haven’t even stopped to get a hotel or rest. Dylan’s scared their son won’t want to talk to them. He mentions giving the two of them a second chance. Joyce is good with that. They’re headed for Gideon’s store.

A couple of potentially shady guys lurk behind them.

The crowd is getting restless. Gideon calls Noah over. He doesn’t like the crowd being this big and in this kind of mood. Once again the witnesses are watching from a balcony that overlooks the scene.

Dylan and Joyce ask for Gideon at the store and the guy he left in charge tells them he went out. If they want to find him, just follow the crowd to where the messiah is speaking. They look alarmed, but follow his instructions.

Ricardo’s trying to bully these guys into doing what he wants.

Jacob won’t go along with him because even though he never SAID he was the messiah, he also hasn’t said he isn’t. If he was, God would give them a clear sign.

Mahmud won’t do it because he thinks this “peace” isn’t real.

Ricardo says they’ll have to go outside with him and tell the crowd they’ve failed. I admire these two guys for just shrugging.

Everyone walks out of the meeting room and Ariela calls Omar to tell him to go ahead with the plan. He calls the two shady-looking guys and tells them to go for it. They hop on a motorcycle and start weaving through traffic

Dylan and Joyce have made it to where the crowd is gathered. Ricardo stands at the podium while seemingly everyone but him gets shot, including Joyce.

Noah brings down the guys on the motorcycle.

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