Apocalipsis Tuesday 10/29/19 #50

Noah possibly doesn’t see Ricardo surveying the scene and smiling, but I think he sees Ricardo take a dramatic pause before checking on his buddy Mahmud and calling for help. Noah sends his dad, Saulo, and Osiel home where it’s safe.

Ariela shows up and tells Ricardo Mahmud’s dead, he should get out of there.

With his cream-colored suit now stained with blood for maximum drama, Ricardo tells her she should get out of there because she’s in danger! He whispers to her to tell Omar to keep following the plan exactly as it’s written and then leans back down over Mahmud and screams for paramedics.

Dylan’s trying to keep Joyce awake. Noah comes over and tells him to keep at it. All he can really do is put pressure on the wound.

Saulo looks up at the witnesses.

Vittorio comes running into the church to tell Stefano what happened in Jerusalem.

Stefano’s all “Chill! Ricardo wasn’t hurt and he’s never going to be ’cause he’s got a mission and he’s protected.” They pray.

Ricardo wanders through the area, stepping over people, being of no help whatsoever, just looking stricken and giving the occasional pat on the shoulder. He looks briefly at the witnesses and keeps walking. The reporter covering the scene is impressed with his (complete disregard for anyone else’s suffering and) determination to walk to who knows where.

Profe Rodrigo and his students are watching on TV. Leila worries this will change Ricardo’s plans w/r/t the temple.

Rodrigo says it will only make him more determined.

Isabela comes back from looking for books in the library and freaks out when she hears what happened.

Yep, the reporter noticed the blood on the suit and takes the opportunity to get all poetic about whether it’s his blood or someone else’s. Isabela takes off, saying she has to see Ricardo.

Noah and Dylan are trying to keep Joyce awake. He FINALLY tells them his name is Noah.

Debora’s panicking and Adriano’s no help. He’s sure Ricardo’s fine. He advises her to have a drink and some orange juice. Is anyone with her?

She complains that she’s alone, just like she always has been and hangs up. Luca holds out a drink, but what Debora wants is a hug.

Welcome to Relationship Coaching with Melina!

Melina and Brenda tell HD their plan to have Brenda use him to make Andre jealous. (Also, Brenda’s gotten her hair color refreshed and the pink is all vibrant and come-hither.)

HD’s a little iffy on it until Melina gets her flirt on with him and then…sure…why not…as long as he doesn’t get punched in the face! Melina thinks it’s a possibility, but hey, that just means their plan is working.

Now, here comes Andre! Melina tells Brenda to get close to HD, put her hands on his shoulders, talk about something, HD should compliment her. She’s frustrated that the two of them are acting like robots, but they definitely got Andre to look in their direction.

Melina steps away and Brenda and HD very loudly make plans to go out sometime.

Andre tells them to flirt on their own time.

Melina comes over as soon as Andre has left and pulls Brenda away from HD. Heh! She’s concerned that Andre doesn’t consider HD a serious rival. Andre’s still the “alpha male” around here. But it’s nothing they can’t fix with a makeover.

Uri and Benjamin watch the news. Uri feels guilty for encouraging Dylan to go over there and find his son. And now Dylan’s not answering his calls or his emails.

Benjamin is won over by Stricken!Ricardo wandering around the scene. He thinks Zoe was wrong about him. Uri agrees, it takes courage to stand up to millionaires. (Oh yeah, that’s a completely logical interpretation based only on facts.)

The ambulance has finally arrived. Dylan tells Joyce she’s gotta live for Noah. Joyce turns to Noah, touches his face, and dies. Or passes out. I mean, there’s still some hope, right?

Marta and Hanna are stressing, but Tamar made tea. It soothes her.

The guys get back and report everyone’s fine and Saulo is with Ricardo. Osiel’s all “Hey! Tea!”

Hanna opens the door and hears people talking about Ricardo. They all go follow the crowd to see what’s going on.

The reporter who was at the scene asks Saulo where they’re going.

He says it doesn’t matter. They’re following Ricardo. ‘Cause he’s the messiah. The chanting starts again.

Gloria writes Vittorio an “if you’re reading this it means I’m dead” letter and gives it to Adriano. He agrees to give it to Vittorio if anything happens to her, but he’s not going to let anything happen to her.

Dudú comes to the hospital to take Enrique in for questioning. Sure, Enrique’s paying him off, but not enough to perform miracles!

Estela scolds Felipe about not getting his checkups done on time. She’s gotta make sure all of Sabrina’s sacrifices and efforts don’t go to waste. She doesn’t mean to make him sad. She feels the same way when she thinks about her son.

Felipe asks if she’s ever read the bible and suggests she give it a try, but Estela’s not into it.

Dudú brings Enrique to Guido’s office. Natalia shows up with Glaucia. Guido kicks Dudú and Natalia out. He only wants César there.

Natalia’s worried that maybe her dad really did embezzle the money. The hospital is Estela’s and she and Enrique got married por separación de bienes (i.e., in case of divorce each one keeps the goods they came in with).

In Guido’s office, Enrique denies having an affair with Glaucia or anyone else at the hospital and claims she embezzled money to get revenge on him for not having an affair.

César’s all “This is the guy you’ve been protecting?”

Glaucia says they did have an affair, he stole the money to get revenge on Osvaldo for figuring out Enrique was the real thief, and she falsified the signature on those checks for him!

Enrique: “See, she admits it!”

In the next scene, Enrique and Glaucia are gone and Natalia and Dudú are back. Glaucia’s meeting with her lawyer. Dudú keeps telling Natalia her dad didn’t do it. César goes to see what kind of offer Glaucia and her lawyer have for them.

Back at the hospital Estela complains about Enrique not taking advantage of his trip to the police station to press charges against that cult Talita’s with.

Enrique blames Estela for Talita always doing whatever she wants. In his day parents used violence to keep their kids in line. (That’s not literally what he said, but that’s what he said.) Hey, it worked…just look at him! (An embezzler, a cheater, and an absent father. Oh yeah, smacking kids around obviously has excellent results and is the one and only thing that determines what kind of adult kids will grow into.)

Dudú tries to console Natalia by telling her she should go get a blessing. You know, since she’s had so much bad stuff happening lately.

In the interrogation room, Glaucia tells César and Guido that she still intends to tell all about Enrique. And, duh, of course she kept proof. A box full of it. All she wants is assurance that she won’t go to prison.

Guido and César show Natalia and Dudú the box. Natalia admits it’s getting harder to believe her father’s innocent, but let’s be real–the only thing all this paperwork is evidence of is that they had an affair and her father has offshore accounts. It doesn’t prove he embezzled money.

Guido knows she’s right. They’re going to need more than this. No worries, César has a plan.

At the newsroom, they still haven’t managed to get any photos or video from Jerusalem and Arthur’s screaming at everybody.

Ricardo went to pray at the wall. Gosh, that’s, like, so profound. That one reporter who’s managed to stick with him certainly announces it like it is.

Actually, Ricardo’s just standing there with his head down, smirking.

He turns around and gets a round of applause. The reporter asks him for a statement.

Ricardo tells the crowd that he’s had enough of bloodshed. He claims that he, Jacob, and Mahmud were getting ready to announce that they’d come to an agreement. So no more war, no more death and yes to life, yes to peace. He gets more applause.

Arthur and Bárbara and other reporters are quoting Ricardo’s speech.

Ariela and Omar watch on a laptop. Omar’s convinced now that Ricardo can do what he said he would. He’s prepared the next phase–a phony video from a fake extremist group taking responsibility for what happened. It’ll keep everyone busy investigating, but they won’t get anywhere. And of course it won’t lead to them. Just because they live in this part of the world doesn’t mean they don’t have nefarious computer skills.

Ariela asks if he’s ready to start his political career and rule beside Ricardo. They should celebrate!

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