Apocalipsis Thursday 11/7/19 #57

Soraya records another video of Zoe. It’s, like, really really close to the end now and everybody’s got once last chance to save themselves.

Benjamin visits Profe Rodrigo. He asks about Isabela and Benjamin says since she graduated she’s been focusing on planning the wedding.

So what’s with Benjamin’s sudden interest in the resurrection?

Benjamin explains he’s continuing Uri’s research, trying to debunk the bible.

OK…and how can Profe Rodrigo help?

Ricardo’s pissed off that Benjamin left town with only a message to him.

Andre agrees, it’s weird. He said he needed some time to clear his head. He just hasn’t been the same since Zoe died. But they’re ahead on their projects, so they don’t need Benjamin supervising them.

In that case, Ricardo changes the subject to “that woman in the burqa.” How is she still managing to upload videos?

Um…well…she’s using the TOR network. Nobody can find her.

Ricardo smarms that Benjamin would have figured it out by now. But whatever, he’s ready to talk about the progress on their official projects.

Benjamin records Profe Rodrigo as they discuss the resurrection of Jesus. Wasn’t it supposed to be a miracle? Can science prove miracles?

Profe Rodrigo says they don’t have to prove the resurrection happened, they only have to prove that Jesus was dead and later people saw him alive. They’ve got eyewitness reports from nine sources both in and out of the bible from a few months after the crucifixion.

So, if he accepts that the eyewitnesses were reliable isn’t it possible that the tomb was empty because Jesus was never there?

As in, he wasn’t dead?

Or even–he was dead, but they never placed his body there.

Profe Rodrigo’s starting to think it’s best if Benjamin talks to a friend of his. An expert. He can arrange a meeting for tomorrow.

Andre brags that the City of the Future is nearly ready and they don’t even need Benjamin.

Yeah, Ricardo was picking up on the “I like it when Benjamin’s not around” vibe.

Andre says his focus on ethics slows things down. The mark is in the final testing phase and the encryption Benjamin wanted…well, if Ricardo gives him permission…?

Ricardo sure does. He tells Andre to take advantage of Benjamin not being there to show him just how evil he can be.

Benjamin has coffee with Saulo. He admits he’s there to run away from his problems and needs a break from Ricardo’s projects. Are they happy with how the temple turned out? He’s heard some people think Ricardo’s the messiah.

Saulo says there’s plenty of evidence and he can list it all if Benjamin likes. Ricardo’s done more proezas (great deeds) than a lot of others have.

But he’s a businessman.

And he’s put a lot of his own money into projects for the common good.

Benjamin doesn’t remember Ricardo being particularly religious. Or having Jewish roots.

Saulo happily says he is. He’s “one of us.”

And Jesus?

Look, they believe the messiah will be born of human parents and not have any god-like powers. And that whole trinity thing is just idolatry.

One of the 10 is leaking information and Ricardo’s furious. Adriano offers to dig up dirt on them, but Ricardo fumes that they don’t HAVE dirt, they ARE dirt.

Alan tells him to chill, it’s only 3 of them who are against him and the other 7 are on his side.

“Stop thinking small!” He doesn’t care about majorities, he wants ALL of them on his side. And anyone who isn’t will face his wrath.

Ariela: “Even if it means all-out war and destruction?”

Ricardo: “Bring it.” He’s been ready for a long time.

Adriano rolls his eyes. Alan and Ariela trade worried looks.

Benjamin talks to Profe Rodrigo’s friend. Weren’t the bodies of people the Romans crucified thrown to the dogs? So how can it be true that Jesus’ body was put in a tomb?

They have records showing that it was. And the Romans allowed some of their victims to be buried.

OK, but what about the part where women were the first ones to see him after? Women weren’t considered reliable witnesses at that time.

Rodrigo’s friend chuckles. Benjamin’s gotta think of it like this–if someone were making up this story back then, they would never say that only women had witnessed it, it would completely ruin the story. So if the four evangelists were citing women, maybe that’s exactly how it happened.

Benjamin brings up the inconsistencies about which women were there…Mary Magdalene, another Mary, Salome, Mary the mother of James, and someone named Joanna. It sounds like a party!

Rodrigo’s friend says it doesn’t bother historians, because the core of the story is the same. On a Sunday morning, a group of women went to the tomb and found the body missing. When the police interrogate witnesses of a crime, they don’t worry about the details being different. They’re only worried about the core being the same. They tend to suspect stories that are too identical.

Benjamin’s frustrated. What if he recovered from his injuries? Wouldn’t it be possible for people to have seen him after that?

Rodrigo’s friend tells Benjamin he’d have to consult a doctor to find out.

So I guess Melina’s plan worked. Brenda’s with Andre now. But her hair is no longer pink. That can’t be good.

Like Ricardo, she’s noticed that Andre seems to be in a good mood about Benjamin’s vacation.

He is. He doesn’t like being in Benjamin’s shadow.

Brenda reminds him that Benjamin gave him his start. And that he owns the company and he’s a genius.

Andre says he’s not the only one.

Debora’s making wedding plans, talking about rose petals on the path where the kids will make their getaway.

Adriano tries to convince her this is all wrong. The wedding is just a smokescreen for something worse.

She thinks the only bad thing that could happen would be rain.

Adriano says there could be a war, started by their son. She didn’t see him earlier, the expression on his face, as if he enjoyed the thought of bloodshed. When is she going to wake up from the fairy tale?

Debora tells “Grumpy the dwarf” to go bother some other Snow White, because she’s tired of dealing with him.

César’s still complaining about Enrique going on house arrest. Guido complains that the guy at the sandwich shop only had tuna and egg sandwiches.

And then they get to the serious conversation, in which César wants to warn Guido about the end of the world. Things are about to get worse–third world war worse.

Guido says Ricardo would never allow that!

César says Ricardo’s the antichrist. He’s going to be seriously wounded in this war, but he’ll recover and turn into a tyrant. He’ll come after everyone who refuses to get his mark. Soon, César won’t know who he can trust and he’ll have to take Guto and run.

Jonas is in the church, remembering Ezequiel trying to warn him. Laodi comes over to ask if he’s OK and Jonas says he’s been calculating…it’s been 3 1/2 years since the arrebatamiento. So what happens now?

Jonas opens the bible and tells her to read the coming attractions.

Next up is the breaking of the second seal and the coming of war.

Zoe’s in the desert reading the same passage. She realizes it’s going to happen any time now.

Ricardo’s playing the piano for Isabela. She wants him to promise he’ll do this every night.

Debora wanders in with Adriano talking about how talented their son is, and here Adriano’s been saying he’s going to start a war!

Adriano tries to shush her, but it’s too late. Ricardo pretends he has no idea what his mom’s talking about.

Adriano changes the subject to Benjamin.

Isabela says he’s the same or worse. He never really got over Zoe’s death.

Ricardo starts playing again to get the focus back on him.

Alan and Susana are having dinner. Alan’s going on about Benjamin daring to take some time off and how Ricardo’s not happy about it.

Susana thinks he’s earned it after spending the last three years working on Ricardo’s projects.

Alan says he’s just trying to take care of Benjamin’s inheritance…and theirs. They’ve got stock in Gudman Tech too.

Yes, stock that Benjamin gave them, as a gift, because Alan lost $100M of HER money.

And she’s never gonna let him forget that, is she? (Dude…you brought it up.) What’s Benjamin even doing there?

Looking for answers for his doubts.

What doubts?

You know…Susana doesn’t think he’d understand.

César’s right about Enrique trying to escape. And Dudú’s still helping him. So is Enrique’s accountant.

But Enrique lives with Natalia and Ángela now and I think everyone underestimated the level of supervision Natalia would be providing. She catches him outside by the trash bins and reminds him he’s not supposed to be out of the house. Next time he’s going to throw the trash away, he has to tell her.

Benjamin’s back in New York and Susana’s got him set up with Titi, because she has a background in psychology.

Benjamin’s now trying to figure out if maybe everyone who saw Jesus after the resurrection was delusional. Or hypnotized.

Titi tells him dreams and delusions are individual. A hypnotist might be able to get 500 people to make animal sounds, but for 500 people to have the same delusion would take a miracle bigger than the resurrection.

Susana tells Alan that Benjamin’s back. Alan’s all pissy that Benjamin didn’t get in touch with him. And what was he doing in Jerusalem after all?

Susana says he’s getting closer to God.

What, he’s converted? He’s orthodox Jewish now?

Susana says he’s not and Alan’s being rude and she’s not going to keep talking to him.

He promises to back off, but as soon as she says Benjamin hasn’t converted he’s like “WHAT A RELIEF!” Um…sorry.

Susana says he’s on his way to finding God. And leaves the table when Alan starts groaning.

Alan, that no-good traitor, tells Ricardo that Benjamin’s out finding God. He’s researching the resurrection and the apocalypse. Right now he’s in Brazil looking for some pastor, Ezequiel. Zoe’s death really did a number on him.

Benjamin shows up at Pastor Jonas’ church looking for Ezequiel. They figure out how they know each other and Jonas asks if maybe he could help.

So Benjamin tells him about his “debunk the resurrection” project and how he’s talked to all sorts of experts and none of them have given him the answers he was looking for.

Jonas asks what it is that keeps Benjamin from believing in Jesus/God if even science can’t disprove them?

Benjamin just doesn’t know where that faith comes from. He can’t believe in something he can’t see or touch.

But he loved Zoe. And he couldn’t touch that love, but it was real. Like the love of Jesus is real.

Dudú got Robbinson to make Enrique’s fake passport. And the escape is all planned out.

Benjamin shows up at César’s. He apologizes about how he acted when César called him. And he would like to hear what Zoe said before she got on the plane.

Just like everything else everyone has told him so far, Benjamin has a hard time believing that Ricardo had that plane purposely sabotaged just to kill Zoe.

César said she had just figured out that the number of Ricardo’s name was 666.

Benjamin insists it’s a coincidence. Lots of people’s names probably have that number.

César’s treating this like a police investigation–when there are that many coincidences it means something’s going on. He can’t prove Ricardo brought that plane down, but what if it were an accident? What would that change? The evidence still points to Ricardo.

Benjamin complains that the prophecies are vague.

The bible says the antichrist is supposed to be a seducer, that he’s going to create a time of peace, that he’ll build the third temple, that the Jews will recognize him as the messiah, that he’ll unify religions, create a currency, make everyone get a mark to buy or sell…who else fits that profile? How much more does Benjamin need to hear before he’ll believe what’s written?

Zoe reads a passage about finding God. As Benjamin sets up a…well, a murder board…Zoe voiceovers about not being able to interfere with Benjamin’s albedrio (free will) and he has to decide to believe in God on his own. Before she left, he said he had an open mind. She hopes his pain won’t keep him from seeing the “truth.” But maybe God could also send some giant neon signs to light the way?

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