Apocalipsis Friday 11/8/19 #58

Benjamin hits the beach. He gives up, he believes, he’s sorry he wasted time, etc. He’s talking to God, but I feel like it’s Zoe he needs to be saying this to. Like Zoe, he walks deeper into the water and takes a baptismal dunking.

Soraya and Zoe make another video. The time of the false peace is almost over and things are about to get ugly.

Debora’s on her way back to Rome, but Adriano and Ricardo are staying behind to deal with the three rich troublemakers.

Vittorio’s back in Rome. He seems so much more confident now, asking how the church is doing and about the wedding plans. Stefano tells him everything is going to change after the wedding. And hey, has he heard from Gloria?

Vittorio is a slightly better liar now. He gets a letter…from Sicily…every once in a while.

Stefano wants to know if she ever tries to visit him from Brazil. For no reason.

Noah’s going to New  York to visit Dylan. Gideon complains about the heavy suitcase. Tamar packed food, didn’t she?

Well, of course she did! All they have in New York are hamburgers, hot dogs, and fries.

Noah tells her not to worry, Dylan said he’d take him to places that have good food.

Gideon grumbles that Dylan’s trying to win Noah’s stomach over.

Soraya tells Zoe this video is the best one yet. Zoe just hopes people are watching.

They totally are. Lots of people are following The Woman in the Burqa. Even Ricardo Montana can’t stop the videos from going viral, even though he keeps getting them removed.

Zoe just wants to warn people. If she saves even one person, it’s worth it.

Soraya’s on her way to Jerusalem with Jamal. Zoe reminds her the plan this time–upload the first half when they arrive and the second half when they’re leaving.

Team Ricardo have worked up a new agreement, but Won Li, Warren, and Jacob reject it. They don’t like that because Ricardo’s vote is always the deciding vote, their votes don’t count for anything.

They start walking out and Ricardo throws a tantrum. Ariela reminds him they need those three to keep the peace going. Adriano suggests Ricardo forget about this, enjoy the wedding and the honeymoon, and they can take it up again later. Alan says they don’t have the guts to do anything now. Ariela says they’ll buy the three of them…unless Ricardo wants to get rid of them…?

Benjamin goes back to the church to tell Jonas and César he’s in. And not because of the evidence, but because he gave himself over and he could feel it.

César says Zoe would be proud. Benjamin’s sorry he took so long, but Jonas says if Zoe were still here, he might not have gotten there at all.

Well, now what’s worrying Benjamin is that his sister’s about to marry the antichrist, and he helped Ricardo create The Mark.

Eh, it was prophesied. There was no way to stop it happening.

Benjamin’s determined to go to New York and talk his sister out of getting married. César reminds him Ricardo’s got everyone under his spell. And if Ricardo really did bring that plane down to get at Zoe, what would he do to Benjamin?

Well, Benjamin was osado (daring) about helping the antichrist, so he’s going to be even more osado for God. Even if it means he has to die.

Gloria’s helping Estela pack for the wedding. She asks Estela to keep an eye on Vittorio.

Benjamin gets back to the office and finds he’s no longer allowed there. Ricardo’s orders. Andre smirks vindictively as he explains that Benjamin’s no longer the majority shareholder.

Enrique is making his escape. Ángela tells Natalia he took the trash outside and Ángela can’t find him anywhere–not in the house, not in the neighborhood. He’s gone!

Andre tells Benjamin the board of directors met and between Ricardo’s votes and Andre’s, and Benjamin’s parents’ votes, they put Ricardo in charge.

Benjamin notices Andre’s looking all smirky about it.

Yeah, well, Benjamin never “really” got to know him. He offered him a house and a job and all that, with the condition that Andre stayed in his shadow.

The what? That’s not how it was!

Andre doesn’t really care what Benjamin has to say. This is his time now, to show everyone what he can do without Benjamin. (Oof! Walk out, Ben. Let him sink on his own.) Andre does some more smack talk about how he tried to tell Benjamin so many times what he thought, but Benjamin didn’t listen because all he wanted was to be praised. He should go get some treatment. Maybe Ricardo will change his mind after Benjamin’s better.

Some of the other employees are filming. And seriously, even if everything Andre is saying were true, he’d still be looking bitter and tacky right now.

On his way out, HD approaches Benjamin. I’m not digging the haircut. He tells Benjamin this took all of them by surprise.

Benjamin says the people who actually cared about him tried to warn him, but he didn’t listen until it was too late.

Well, HD’s on his side. Benjamin’s the one who gave him a chance. He’s there for whatever Benjamin needs. He’s even thinking about quitting….

But Benjamin says he’ll be more useful if he stays. So he should probably walk away now, before someone notices them.

Enrique’s in a car with Robison and one of his crew.

The cops are following the signal from his ankle bracelet, which leads them to an abandoned warehouse/factory where Enrique is definitely not. A dog’s wearing the ankle bracelet.

Robinson drops Enrique off in a field where there’s a helicopter waiting for him.

Ricardo gives Ariela instructions to keep the news about his conflict with the three and the rumors of war from spreading. She can offer exclusives about the wedding, but nothing can put the opening of the City of the Future at risk.

Ariela’s not worried. He’s a born conqueror. She’ll see him in Rome.

Brenda tries talking to Andre about what just happened, but he’s all fake-concerned for Benjamin’s recovery. And now he’s got a lot more responsibilities and he would think his GIRLFRIEND would back him up.

Brenda, sadly, says she does and he’ll do great.

But for now they’ve gotta pack for Rome. Ricardo invited Andre to the wedding. Isn’t that so cool! He wants Brenda looking pretty.

Noah’s at the Monitoring Center with Dylan, picking the lettuce out of his sandwich as he asks what Dylan thinks about those guys in Jerusalem.

As much as it upsets Uri, Dylan can’t believe it’s a coincidence they predicted this drought. They don’t look like they’d have the technology to do it. What does Noah think?

Noah thinks they might be trying to deliver a message of truth the world isn’t ready for, or doesn’t want to admit.

Dylan changes the subject. He wanted to bring Noah here to show him the star.

Noah suggests they rename it for his mom. Joyce. *hugs*

Benjamin goes to his parents’ apartment and begs his dad to tell him it’s not true.

“There’s a reason….”

Aw, hell no! Benjamin starts screaming at him about being betrayed and Alan not knowing what he’s getting himself into.

Isabela and Susana come downstairs, wondering what all the fuss is about. Benjamin begs his mother to tell him she had nothing to do with forcing him out of the company.

Alan stands there looking guilty and Susana realizes this is what he did with that POA he had her sign. This is the SECOND time he’s gone behind her back…and he obviously didn’t learn from the first time when he lost ALL her money in the stock market.

Alan basically tries to say Benjamin’s incapable of making decisions in the state he’s in.

Isabela tells them both to shut up. THIS IS SUPPOSED TO BE HER MOMENT! SHE’S GETTING MARRIED! Benjamin’s packed, right? ‘Cause they’re leaving for Rome, like, now.

Oh hell no! He’s not going to a wedding. (Seriously, Bela, it’s better this way.)

He’s seriously going to skip her wedding because of something to do with his company! Ricardo’s a businessman. If he thinks it’s best that Benjamin not run the company and their dad agrees, then there must be a good reason.

Benjamin screams at her that it’s not because of the company, it’s because Ricardo’s the antichrist! The personification of evil! The devil! (Well, um, I guess there’s no softer way to say that.)

Bela’s convinced now that her dad is right and Benjamin’s gone “crazy.” What’s he going to do next, start quoting the bible? (Would you prefer that or a Power Point presentation?) This is HER moment! He’s uninvited from the wedding.

OK, well, they warned Benjamin people wouldn’t believe him. They’ll find out for themselves. Ricardo’s going to become a tyrant, a dictator, a murderer. He just hopes they don’t realize it too late. (You mean like Alan?)

Isabela throws Benjamin out of the apartment. Alan consoles her. Susana looks concerned.

HD asks Melina what she thinks about Benjamin leaving. She doesn’t answer right away and teases him about being able to multitask.

HD starts to leave, but Melina grabs him and very quietly says it wasn’t logical or fair. And she’s having an unexpected reaction. Like an important part of her code keeps erroring out. She thinks it’s what they call sadness.

“Do you want a hug?”


Benjamin gets home, in a daze, thinking about César telling him Ricardo caused the plane crash that killed Zoe. He gets online and starts researching the crash.

Uri comes home and tells Benjamin they need to get packed for the wedding.

Benjamin says he’s not going. He shows Uri what he’s been working on. The accident was the result of sabotage and the report was kept quiet…by Ricardo. Benjamin’s hacked into something and read Ricardo’s email to somebody in Israel asking them not to release the full report because it would ruin peace negotiations and interfere with the building of the temple.

But no worries, he did it all using TOR so no one will be able to trace his movements.

Uri asks if he has any more evidence.

Yep. Bank transfers from Ricardo to Caliph Omar after the crash. And more after the shooting. And Ricardo’s bank does business with the biggest terrorist groups. He finances weapon sales. He’s not a peacemaker. He killed Zoe!

Uri’s furious that he got the evidence illegally, so it won’t stand up in a court.

But Benjamin’s sure there are a bunch of websites that would jump at the chance to publish the news.

Uri says if Benjamin’s right, then he’s in danger.

All Benjamin wants is to find Zoe and his child.

But Zoe died!

Then why didn’t they find her body? He shows Uri a report…all the passengers’ bodies had been identified and returned to the families except for Zoe. They searched, but never found her. And none of her family came forward to offer their help in the form of information or a DNA sample.

Uri says it doesn’t prove anything.

And The Woman in the Burqa? The one who makes videos about the antichrist? It’s Zoe.

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