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In which there is no apology.

Did you hear about that guy at a tennis club who shouted at two teenagers to go cut the grass, accused them of being on drugs, and just generally acted like a total tool?

Here’s a link to an article on Latino Rebels if you need to get caught up on the incident:

This guy’s been running his mouth ever since and last night appeared on a Florida news program to pretend he’d learned his lesson and was sorry he’d been “racially insensitive.”

Naturally, I have thoughts.

If I’ve got enough balls to tell people off and to be aggressive towards them I have to face the reality that my behavior was wrong. It was racially insensitive.

First off, “balls”? He’s allegedly here to apologize for a racist act, but he’s gonna make sure he gets some good ol’ sexism in there. Wouldn’t want anyone to think he’s being “PC,” amirite?

And so I don’t repeat myself about a million times, “racially insensitive” is such a bullshit phrase. It was racist. Punto. “Racially insensitive” is not a thing, except in the minds of people who are unwilling to examine their own racism. It’s a way to keep racists from feeling bad about their racism, because as we all know, the only thing worse than being a constant daily victim of racism, is being called racist.

It’s difficult to explain why one behaves a certain way, why one seeks to control the situation by putting somebody down.

Yeah, that’s a stumper. Could it be…racism?

From the get-go, the tendency and the temptation is to deflect…one sees this at national level, one sees it everywhere, nobody owns anything. We talked about Smollett and there is other things where people won’t face the reality of what they’ve done even if it’s as plain as the day is long.

THIS is your example of someone not owning up to what they did? You couldn’t think of anything more relevant? You’re just gonna go after the black guy first chance you get? Doesn’t that strike you as a little racist?

Oh, no, sorry, I meant “racially insensitive.” Don’t wanna hurt the poor man’s feelings.

Later, when asked about saying “cut the grass” he trots out the new buzzword again:

Oh, absolutely…it’s racially insensitive, it’s incongruous, it’s inappropriate, it’s designed to put someone down. At first, obviously I didn’t know the kids, where they were from. I was irritated by the fact they hadn’t taken direction to be quiet by somebody else. I asked them to be quiet, they wouldn’t and then I made that throwaway remark, which was petulant…you know, I’m 54 years old. I shouldn’t be making that kind of comment.

There’s some serious honesty hiding in here, but I don’t know what he thinks it is. So, to review

  • if you tell some brown-skinned kids to cut the grass it’s only racist if you know where they’re from and that they’re Latinx.
  • if you tell some brown-skinned kids to cut the grass and they turn out to be Latinx it was still just a “throwaway remark.”
  • if you’re 54 or more years old, you shouldn’t still be accidentally making racist remarks, but up to 53 it’s still fair game.

When the interviewer asked him about the comments on social media and how he was dealing with them, this fine, upstanding, totally-not-racist gentleman replied:

Well, you know, let’s be fair, quite a lot of them, I can figure out what racista means, but I don’t speak Spanish.

Really? He’s gonna try to make a joke about being called a racist by saying he doesn’t speak Spanish. And that’s not racist how, exactly?

And how is it not racist to act like people who speak Spanish were the only ones who had anything to say?

So yeah, Martin, eres un racista. Next up, we’ll work on teaching you what “no mames” means, you pedazo de basura.

The interviewer asked what he would have said if he’d been talking to another white guy.

I’d have said the same thing. I’d have made some crack about how you looked or whatever else. I would’ve been disparaging. It’s a disparaging comment.


I would’ve been rude to you, Bill. I would’ve been rude to anybody that annoyed me.

But of course he wouldn’t have been racist, because Bill’s a fellow white guy.

There’s a grammatical error in that last sentence. People who, things that. It should be “anybody who annoyed me.” Now, I’m not trying to imply that his use of “that” is a signal that he doesn’t register other people as people. It’s a fairly common mistake. But it’s there.

As for whether he would apologize (’cause he sure as hell didn’t in this interview)

Well, you know, I have, as much as I can, notwithstanding that I was allegedly offering bribes, I mean, I don’t know who the boys are. If the opportunity ever arises, yeah, absolutely, I’d like to take the opportunity to tell them to their face.

You know what they say about apologies. “I’m sorry” or GTFO.

And that “tell them to their face” does not sound like he’s talking about an apology.

If anybody else has got these kind of behaviors and kind of thoughts and whatever else, they should understand that, you know, we’re in 2019. It’s not colonial times, we don’t own people, and that we have to behave in a different way.

So…he’s not racist…but he’s specifically going to mention colonial times and owning people. Where is that coming from? If not racism?

I have to give props to the interviewer for wrapping up this farce with

Sometimes it’s good to just shut up.

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