Apocalipsis Monday 11/11/19 #59

Uri and Benjamin aren’t getting any readier to leave for Rome, but Benjamin’s figured out how to reach whoever’s publishing The Woman in the Burqa videos. It would be practically impossible to track them down in TOR, but he sent an irresistible comment–a link to all the information he’s found out about Ricardo. But he’s also sending them malware.

He gets a response and traces the IP to Jerusalem, then takes over the computer’s webcam and it’s…

Not Zoe. It’s Soraya. The dudes are bummed. Soraya, meanwhile keeps dropping her jaw farther open and her eyes keep widening, so I guess she’s reading all the info on Ricardo and freaking out.

Benjamin pouts until it occurs to him that the person in the videos might not be the person publishing them. Zoe wasn’t a hacker. She could have found someone to help her.

And look, if she figured out Ricardo brought that plane down, she could have been hiding all this time to protect herself and their child.

And she didn’t contact him because…?

Until yesterday he was Ricardo’s partner. And he never listened to her.

Uri agrees that makes sense. Benjamin starts packing for Jerusalem and Uri insists on going with him. No arguments! He’s Ben’s uncle and he feels responsible!

In Rome, Ricardo’s poring over the international news online, worried that one of the three cranky rich guys might have said something to the press. But no.

While he’s doing that Alan’s kissing Ricardo’s ass about how they kicked Benjamin out of the company for his own good.

Uri and Benjamin have made it to Jerusalem, but Uri keeps listing all the ways Benjamin might be wrong about this. They find a café with no one using the one computer and Ben orders coffees. He’s going to wait there for this person to show up and he’s going to keep waiting every day until they do.

Behind them Soraya sneaks into the café, which cracks me up. She sits down behind that sweet doublewide screen and pulls the cell phone out of a sewn pouch in her string bag.

Alan’s annoyed with Adriano for not just having a good time. What happened to Fun!Adriano?

Fun!Adriano’s gone. This wedding is like the last dance on the Titanic. The three rich whiners are in Moscow. They maybe kings without countries, but they’ve got money. He’s convinced something bad is going to happen.

Alan says Ricardo will take care of them after the wedding.

Adriano doesn’t get it. Alan’s completely changed since he started working for Ricardo. Ricardo’s slick. He can get a guy to hurt his own son.

Uff! Alan doesn’t want to hear that. Who’s Adriano to talk to him about morality?

OK, Adriano agrees he’s got no room to talk. But Ricardo really is capable of taking away what’s most important to people.

Soraya finishes uploading the video and leaves the café. Outside, Benjamin’s telling Uri “she” just uploaded another video. And Uri looks at Soraya and recognizes her face.

The two of them start chasing her. And by “chasing” I mean that they stand up from their chairs, Benjamin bumps into a waitress, and Uri gets stuck paying for their coffee because Benjamin only has $19.

When they catch up to her, she pretends not to speak English. I would’ve thought the smart thing to do was just say “I’m Benjamin” but no, he’s all “Do you know this woman?” and Jamal comes up to Soraya and asks what’s up. Before they can leave Benjamin says “I know you’re the one who publishes the videos of The Woman in the Burqa. I’m the one who sent you the information on Ricardo.” Oh sure, Benjamin, why don’t you just say it a little louder since I don’t think anyone outside of Jerusalem heard you! He says he just wants to know if Zoe is alive.

César and Guido are all grumpy about Enrique getting away. I have to admit that I just don’t care. César still thinks Dudú’s the one who helped him. Guido still insists they have no evidence.

Dudú brings their pay over to Robinson. They’re laughing about being rich, though Dudú was happy enough seeing César’s face when they found the ankle bracelet on the dog.

Dudú gives Celeste a ring–not as a proposal, but as an apology for being so busy lately.

Diogo comes over to Bárbara’s to talk. He doesn’t see why they can’t talk, considering they “almost” had a baby (awwww 🙁 ). He doesn’t know how else to say this, but he loves her. He doesn’t want her to change. He likes that she’s independent and modern and if she wants her space, he respects that. Whatever she wants, however she wants it, he’ll accept it. He thinks they should give themselves a chance.

Ricardo’s whiny because Bela’s thinking about Benjamin instead of him. She tells him Benjamin called him the devil and she thinks he’s gone “crazy.” Ricardo tells her not to worry, Benjamin’s like the brother he never had and they’re going to lose him. He gives her a kiss and a hug and makes a face behind her back. I’m just waiting for him to crack and start screaming about this being HIS MOMENT!

Zoe’s brushing her hair after a bath when Benjamin just shows up all “Zoe? I came to find you and our child! Don’t freak out!”

He reaches out to her and Zoe twists his arm behind his back and slams him into a tent pole. That’s right, bro, she’s had THREE YEARS to learn how to fight. “Who else knows I’m alive?! Does Ricardo know?” She’s got him by the throat.

Benjamin swears he’s not working for Ricardo anymore. And Pastor Jonas and César helped him find the truth. He’s got dirt on Ricardo and Ricardo kicked him out of Gudman. And he knows Ricardo’s the antichrist.

She lets him go, but she still thinks he’s faking.

He says she tried to warn him and now he knows it’s all as true as his love for her. And his love for God. Yep, he’s converted. He knows God protected Zoe in the desert and helped him find his faith.

They get to snogging in the bath tent, but wait! Soraya shows up with David. David’s not super enthusiastic about meeting his dad.

Uri’s back at the tents, talking to Jamal. Jamal just wants to clarify–Benjamin found out Ricardo’s a monster just like Zoe’s always saying? What’s the evidence?

Uri’s response shocks me–he says they have the evidence that the biblical prophecies are correct and they’re coming true. They’ve got bad times coming. But maybe they’ll be safe here, in the middle of the desert.

Ricardo’s in the study with Padre Stefano, complaining that the three “kings without kingdoms” are trying to bring him down and how hate invigorates him. Debora comes in wearing a long red dress that I wish didn’t just fall from the shoulder and have no waist. Ricardo jokingly accuses her of trying to outshine the bride.

Downstairs, the guests are starting to assemble. Ricardo hugs his grandparents. Debora whisks Susana off to check on the bride. I don’t know if it’s the dress, but Susana looks sad.

Ricardo has to console his grandmother. It’s not that Debora doesn’t care that she’s there, it’s just that she’s so nervous about her son getting married.

Maybe there was a dress code for the women. Everyone’s going flowing and floor length and wearing fascinators.

Talita’s in a short skirt, though, and sampling the champagne, which worries her mom and Felipe. I’m not sure “Don’t worry, this is like organic juice compared to the stuff I did before” was the right way to approach this.

Susana comes over to greet them. No, Benjamin’s not coming. And it didn’t quite go down the way it was described in the papers, but they’ll talk later.

Estela addresses Felipe as “mi amor” (?) and asks if that’s not his son over there.

Felipe didn’t know he was coming. He goes over to say hi.

Andre’s just telling Brenda how at home he feels around these rich people. Brenda’s like “You mean snobs.”

Felipe comes over and I get the feeling that when he mentions to Andre that he’s with Estela (!) and he’s the new hospital administrator (!!) Andre’s suddenly going to think having a dad is a good idea.

Back in the living room, Susana’s asking Estela how she’s dealing with Enrique’s escape.

Estela doesn’t know what she’d do without Felipe (!!!). And she feels bad for Talita, who never really had a good example of a father.

Susana says maybe it’s better that he’s gone, in that case.

Greta’s long black dress looks fabulous and she’s going sans fascinator, but she’s got an earpiece in. She tells Debora it’s time. Debora tells her to find Alan and send him to get the bride.

Ariela shows up with Luca. There’s some conversation, but Debora throws a glass of wine on him and Ricardo kicks him out. He tells Debora to act like his mother and not some cualquiera (slut, low-class woman). Then he asks Ariela to come with him.

In the office, Ariela gloats about how easily Debora gets upset.

Ricardo really doesn’t care about their sick little relationship, he wants to know what the three are up to.

Not much. After Moscow they all went on vacations with their families. And they’re so “conventional” she knows they won’t be thinking about anything else.

I don’t know what kind of service this is going to be, but Ricardo’s got his red cloak on and his yarmulke. Padre Stefano says it’s time.

Osiel complains to Gideon and Saulo that none of Ricardo’s groomsmen are his age. Saulo says they’re important men and Ricardo needs them for somethingorother. Gideon’s complaining that Ricardo’s Jewish and he should be respecting tradition and having a Jewish wedding.

Marta thinks so too and she and Tamar LOUDLY argue about it. Marta’s practically screaming that Ricardo’s the messiah and he should be getting married in Jerusalem!

Hanna’s relieved when Ricardo starts asking people to head out to the garden.

Tamar tries to check on Debora, but Debora says nothing’s going on, she just has a lot of things to do.

Dylan and Noah walk through the park, commenting on the lack of children. Dylan doesn’t think things will ever go back to the way they were. He always used to feel like an alien life form. That’s why he went to work for the Space Agency (haha).

But ever since all those people disappeared now he feels like the world understands him better. Like he’s finally a part of it.

And then Noah showed up and gave him back not only his family, but his faith.

Bela’s dress is all sparkly. She reminds her dad she can’t cry ’cause of the makeup. Alan tells her he always wanted to have a girl because watching her grow up to be a strong woman is the highest honor a man can have. Bela gives up on the makeup and hugs him. (I dunno, I mean…what’s that worth coming from a guy who stabbed his own son in the back?)

Benjamin comes back to the camp with Zoe and David and Soraya. Zoe says it’s good to see him and Uri’s like “This is…” Zoe says it’s a miracle. Uri says hi to his nephew. He’s now convinced God exists. He looks up and tells Monique she’d be proud of him.

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