Apocalipsis Tuesday 11/12/19 #60

It’s wedding time. Isabela comes out holding handfuls of dress. Greta, for some reason, hands her off to Alan. As they make their way up the aisle Ricardo’s face is just kind of “Whatever.” Or maybe the sun’s in his eyes, who knows.

He moves into more of a smirky facial expression as he shakes Alan’s hand and puts his robe down for Bela to step on.

Zoe is thrilled, in a disturbed way, to be able to read the news as it happens and not have to wait days for a paper from Jerusalem. Benjamin explains to Uri they’re using the internet through a sat phone he has and using anti-tracking software he built himself.

Zoe says they’re already talking about the wedding. Poor Bela. She wouldn’t even listen to Benjamin.

Uri asks Zoe if Ricardo’s just a regular guy or if he’s got some antichrist powers.

Zoe says he’s the opposite of Christ, which doesn’t exactly answer the question. They exposit some more about how much longer they’ve got to survive–another 1,260 days, aka 3 1/2 years.

Uri says for sure they have to let Ricardo think Zoe’s still dead.

But he knows Benjamin’s still alive. Uri realizes they’re all targets.

Benjamin’s not going to let anything separate him from Zoe, their child, or his love of God.

The wedding ends, Ricardo and Bela kiss, everyone applauds.

Dylan and Noah are still in the park. Dylan’s assuring Noah that his hot dog is kosher. And then the missiles start hitting buildings and everyone’s running.

Ariela pulls Ricardo aside at the wedding. New York’s being bombed.

Dylan and Noah decide to head for the Space Agency.

Ricardo actually seems angry? But I could have sworn this was his plan. Or maybe what he’s upset about is the news invading his wedding via smartphones. He gets everyone’s attention and tells them to follow Ariela inside and then complains that they’ve ruined his party. *snort*

Then they bomb the Coliseum and Luca gets caught in the explosion. He stands up after like nothing’s wrong, just so we get a look at his half blown-off face before he straightens his tie and falls down again.

Next up is the Iglesia de la Sagrada Luz.

At Casa Montana, they’re feeling the impacts. Saulo asks if there’s a safe room underground and Ricardo says it’s in the sub-basement. He asks Alan to take Bela with him and keep her safe. Susana has this look on her face like she’s not surprised any of this is happening.

Ricardo calls out to Ariela who tells him it’s not just New York and Rome, it’s Jerusalem too. Ricardo vows revenge. I’m assuming he thinks this is the three cranky rich guys.

In the desert, they watch one missile get intercepted by another. Soraya and Jamal explain that’s Israel’s anti-missile system. They’ve seen it before, but not on this scale. Little Daniel is fussy ’cause the adults are stressing.

Ricardo’s insisting on going back to New York right away and Alan and Adriano can’t talk him out of it. He sends them down to the basement to see if they’ve got everything they need down there, tells Ariela to find out what’s really going on, and then turns on Andre.

Now’s the time for Andre to show what he’s made of. Is the city ready for him to move in immediately with his family?

Um…they thought they’d have a few more days…. But sure, he can get it ready.

Without Benjamin?

Andre hesitates but yeah. Without Benjamin.

Melina stumbles off the elevator at Gudman calling for Andre or Brenda or anyone. The office is a wreck. Melina’s arm has been blown off. She just kind of freezes like a mannequin. Which is somehow sadder to me than the dead humans. (Yes, I know. I’m going to hell.)

Bárbara and Arthur try to explain what’s going on. A terrorist group has claimed responsibility and said they were targeting the banks that helped finance the building of the temple. They mention Israel’s anti-missile system and that the UN has convened an emergency meeting. (Which sounds less-than-effective to anyone who has been to a meeting before, ever.)

At Casa Montana, the maids are lighting candles and Deborah’s bringing everyone up from the basement. They’ve got food and drink and Ricardo said the bombing was over for now. She and Ariela have a moment–I mean, I don’t think they’ve made up permanently, but for now it’s like “You’re a strong woman…so are you…” and then they start wondering what happened to Luca.

HD’s ok and he’s working on Melina ’cause he’s a good human like that. Melina wakes up and says it’s dangerous for him to be there. Andre and Brenda show up. Brenda’s shocked at the state of the office. At least they have everything backed up in the cloud. Andre says they’ve gotta rescue as much of their equipment as they can. HD goes back to working on Melina.

Noah’s at the Monitoring Center with Dylan, keeping an eye on the news. Nothing has changed and the UN meeting is closed-door.

Dylan says maybe Ricardo can–

Noah cuts him off. He doesn’t trust Ricardo. He never has. But if he came back from Rome that must mean everyone there is safe.

Dylan hands Noah his phone and tells him to try calling his parents again.

The UN meeting is a predictable disaster. Everyone’s pointing fingers and eventually the guy from the US military says he’s attacking whether the council approves it or not.

It’s morning in the desert. Zoe’s anxious. She thinks she should tell people she’s still alive. Benjamin disagrees. He’ll tell them, one at a time, but she has to stay there. Ricardo already tried to kill her once!

Uri’s got a different idea. Ricardo has nothing to lose by trying to kill Zoe again as long as everyone still thinks she’s dead. But if she were alive, all eyes would be on her. The press would love the story–a pregnant reporter survives a plane crash, gets taken in by Bedouins and she and her son spend three years in hiding. Benjamin hates this idea, but it’s 2 to 1.

Ariela’s exasperated at the loss of the peace they worked so hard to create, but Ricardo tells her what he needs her to do now is prepare everyone in Rome (as in, the wedding guests?) to move to New Babylon as soon as its ready. His dad and Alan will take care of getting the VIPs who already paid for rooms and bunker space moved in. And he needs her to rustle up some people to do a press conference with him.

Noah finally gets through to his parents. Dylan’s relieved. His coworkers weren’t all so lucky.

Noah’s planning to go back to Jerusalem as soon as he can. It’s his job. And it’s his home. It sounds like his parents have opted not to go to New Babylon.

Debora’s in the office organizing paperwork when she hears on the news that Luca died.

Adriano comes in and has no patience for this. They need to get moving NOW. He’s heard from Ricardo and the safest place for them to go is New Babylon.

Susana’s refusing to go. At least not before she’s heard from Benjamin.

Alan talked to Uri, who told him he’s in Jerusalem.

But has he seen Benjamin?! How is it that men can manage to talk to each other without asking the right questions?!

Well, it was just a message. Alan begs her to come. He’s sure Benjamin will get there eventually.

To the city that Ricardo built, after everything he said about Ricardo? If Alan wants to go, he can go. She’s going to New York until she hears from Benjamin.

Titi heard what Susana said and she’ll go back to New York with her.

OK, Benjamin agrees, but they have to plan this out. Zoe suggests recording some videos they can upload. She’ll say she’s alive, but not where she is.

Benjamin wants to go back to New  York and so does Uri. If all the prophecies are coming true that asteroid is definitely going to hit earth and he needs to make calculations. He tells Zoe that Dylan’s a believer.

Benjamin wants Uri to call his dad and see if he might be open to listening now. Uri doesn’t think they should tell him about Zoe…or about Uri’s conversion.

And how are they going to get Zoe out of Israel without ID or a passport? They could get help at the embassy, but then word might get back to Ricardo that she’s alive. They can’t take her back until everyone knows she’s not dead.

Susana visits Isabela to tell her she’s not going to New Babylon. She needs to see Benjamin. And after that…she doesn’t know if Benjamin’s going to want to be in the same place Ricardo is.

Jamal’s taking the guys back to Jerusalem. Benjamin promises they won’t be apart for long. They take a quick family selfie.

Ricardo and the rest of the people who are really running things are waiting for Omar to show up with proof that Warren, Jacob, and Won Li are the ones who are behind the attacks. Omar hands over an SD card that Ariela opens while he gives them the tl;dr…Warren used his money to buy weapons, Jacob used his contacts with terrorists to hire Libyan mercenaries, and Won Li stole some long-range missiles from China.

César comes to Guido’s office, swears him to secrecy and reviews everything he’s already told him about Ricardo being the antichrist. Only now he says it’s really, really, really time for Guido to pick a side. And if that means Guido has to hunt César down for Ricardo, that’s OK. César knows his soul is safe…does Guido?

Ricardo makes a speech from his office about how he’s not going to rest until everyone lives in a safe, secure place like New Babylon.

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