Apocalipsis Wednesday 11/13/19 #61

There’s a meeting at Jonas’ church. Ángela adds a note of flippancy to this entire ordeal by complaining that a hottie like Ricardo being the antichrist is such a waste!

Jonas reviews their situation. The peace of the last few years was false. Ricardo seduced everyone. (Not in a personal enough way for Ángela’s liking. What? You were thinking it.) He hasn’t been able to stop what’s written from coming true. War’s next and after that it’s pestilence, famine, etc.

Gloria’s relieved that Vittorio wasn’t in the church when it was bombed. And she wishes the two of them had taken Estela up on her offer to go to Jonas’ church. Because…um…well…Gloria has converted. No more Sagrada Luz for her.

Noah’s parents are happy he made it back to Jerusalem. Tamar keeps talking about how scared she was. Noah consoles her while making a face at Gideon for saying Ricardo’s gonna have so much pressure from now on.

At Marta and Osiel’s house the guys are talking about the attack being against Ricardo. Marta would rather talk about how everyone was lying about why Benjamin wasn’t at the wedding. Nobody agrees with her.

Alan and Adriano are in New Babylon. Alan’s impressed. Adriano says it reminds him of sci-fi nightmares about futuristic despots. Alan complains. Adriano reminds him that there’s a war going on out there, which is why they’re hiding out here. Alan thinks he should be proud of Ricardo. Adriano says he’s afraid of him!

Adriano says Ricardo thought he had the world in his hands, but in the end, he couldn’t keep the peace because it wasn’t built on a solid foundation. It’s slipping through his fingers.

Alan says Adriano demands too much from Ricardo.

And Adriano thinks Alan defends him too much.

Well, he’s doing the best he can!

Yes, as long as it meets his own needs. Does Ricardo really want peace, or control? Harmony or obedience? That city out there is taking 24/7 biometric readings and there are surveillance cameras everywhere. They’re in a prison.

Greta takes Debora and Isabela to their temporary luxury apartment with staff, where they’ll stay until their house is ready.

Uri gets back to the office in a daze. On his way there, he saw parts of the city had been destroyed. He was afraid he’d find this place under rubble.

Dylan says it almost was. Noah’s gone back to Jerusalem. He’s hoping there will be a new peace treaty.

Uri says there won’t be. The prophecies say there’s going to be war and everything in them has come true.

Dylan’s like “Who are you and what have you done with Atheist!Uri?” He’s quoting the bible and everything.

Uri says it surprises him too, but he can’t ignore the obvious. He pulls Dylan off into the little lounge area near his desk so they can talk. (I wish they’d do that outside the building.)

Padre Stefano comes to visit Ricardo in his office. Ricardo says they’ll head to New Babylon as soon as he’s worked out a peace treaty.

Stefano’s like “OK…but there’s going to be war whether we like it or not. It’s in the prophecies.”

Ricardo’s had it with the prophecies. He’s going to do whatever he can to defy them. Besides, until they come true they’re just speculation.

Stefano’s like, “Not this one.” Besides, Ricardo’s still got some glory days coming. Time is for the weak–the important thing is what kind of mark you leave. And Ricardo’s Mark is going to be deep and lasting.

Oh he knows. And nothing’s going to stop them (him and Stefano).

The Two Guys are wandering around Jerusalem again, with their usual entourage of haters. A couple of soldiers come running up to get the crowd to back off and they’re left alone and facing Saulo.

Saulo wonders who they are and they say they’re in the book, but like New Testament, so why would they expect Saulo to know them?

As has been becoming abundantly clear, the premise of the whole show is “convert to this one particular brand of Christianity, or else.” And they encourage Saulo to do it quickly because The Lord wants to make use of him. Oh, sure, he’s been faithful, but now he needs to accept the whole truth.

Susana shows up at Benjamin’s apartment. Alan and Isabela are fine, they’re at New Babylon and what does he mean why isn’t she there too, she had to talk to him!

She changes her tune pretty quickly when he says Ricardo’s the antichrist and he sabotaged Zoe’s plane and killed a bunch of innocent people and Zoe’s alive. While she’s screaming “No way!” he shows her the selfie on his phone. That’s Susana’s grandson.

Osiel saw Saulo talking to those guys and scolds him for doing it. Saulo says they turned the river to blood and stopped the rain so sure he was talking to them. Out of curiosity. But they knew his name!

Osiel’s like “So does everyone else!” Those guys are “crazy.”

But what if they’re not? Are they (he and Osiel) sticking so closely to tradition that they’re not seeing the truth?

Whoa! Osiel’s going to pretend Saulo didn’t say that. And he doesn’t want Saulo talking to those guys again! (He’s an adult! What is this? It’s like “Those boys are a bad influence! I’d better not catch you playing with them ever again!”)

And Benjamin scores with the grandchild card. Susana sits there looking at the photo and announces to him that Zoe’s alive like he didn’t already know that. And the little cutie’s her grandson?!

She wants him to know she didn’t agree with what Ricardo and Alan did with Gudman. But saying his sister’s husband is the antichrist and he brought down a plane….

He’s got the proof and he’ll give it to her and let her decide for herself. But is she sure she wants to hear it? Because this is going to put the two of them in the opposite camp from Bela and Alan.

Susana tells him to go for it.

It all kind of makes sense to Dylan. He never entirely trusted Ricardo. (LOL! Noah’s rubbing off on him!)

Uri says Ricardo’s a monster. Every move he makes is calculated to have the right effect on the media. He’s the one who caused the plane crash. And the shooting where the Palestinian and Israeli leaders died.

The one where Joyce died.

Yes. Plus his bank having ties to terrorist groups and dictatorships.

Yeah, Noah never liked him. Could Noah be in danger?

Uri says they’re ALL in danger. They have to move carefully. If Ricardo finds out they have this information, they’re all dead.

Susana’s freaking out about the antichrist being her son in law, wanting to go to New Babylon right away to get Bela.

Ben tells her to calm down.

The F for?! She’s always been calm and it didn’t do any good! She knew something was wrong! Why did she let Bela go ahead with the wedding?!

Benjamin says none of this is her fault and no, she can’t just go tell Bela about Ricardo. When he tried to do it, she kicked him out of the apartment! All his proof he got from hacking Ricardo’s information. It’s not going to hold up in a court and he’d get arrested. Leaving Ricardo free. He’ll do anything to get what he wants. He’ll kill anyone who gets in his way.

For now, they just need to keep this quiet. Alan and Isabela can’t know. They still have some time before Ricardo turns into the tyrant the prophecies predicted. They can still save Bela.

Ricardo and Stefano are looking at the pictures of New Babylon and patting themselves on the back when Ariela comes in. She says “It started!” and Ricardo tells her to calm down and tell them from the beginning.

The US is attacking Lybia.

Ricardo demands to talk to the General. Stefano tells him to chill–nothing can stop them (us).

Ariela calls, gets his assistant, and gets told the General can’t talk right now.

There’s one Lieutenant trying to get the General to consider keeping the casualties low and contained, but the General just wants to get started with the attack.

I know jack about any of this stuff, but I’m convinced that one plane did not take off from that short a runway.

The General watches live feed of stuff getting blown up.

A few days later

Bárbara and Arthur tell us things are tense. (No, seriously?) The US and Italy are fighting the entire Middle East and Russia. England, Germany, and France are on the US side.

In the UN council meeting a buncha dudes are yelling at each other while Ricardo looks displeased.

Back to Bárbara and Arthur. Russia’s on the move.

I don’t know what that marching style is about, but it reminds me of runway models.

Benjamin’s going back to Israel or thereabouts to get Zoe and David. Susana’s freaking out about safety and she doesn’t appreciate Benjamin telling her nothing’s safe. He won’t share the details about his trip, other than he gave up on the fake IDs. Dylan tells him to get in touch with Noah if he can, but Benjamin’s not sure he’s going to Jerusalem. Susana, Dylan, and Uri know what they’re supposed to do while he’s gone.

Yep, Dylan and Uri will keep working on the asteroid problem. Uri will keep behaving like a skeptical atheist. If he talks to Alan, he’ll try to feel him out about Ricardo. And Susana won’t go to New Babylon and drag Bela away.

A few days later

Someone’s battleship got sunk.

The General gets a call from the US president. He’s all “God bless America, God bless the world.”

Guido watches the news with Dudú, who insists this is no big deal and Brazil will be fine. Guido tries to explain to him that hunger and chaos are going to happen even if they don’t get bombs dropped on their heads.

Tamar’s worried about Jerusalem getting attacked and Gideon tells her all they can do is trust in God.

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