Apocalipsis Thursday 11/14/19 #62

Uri sits in Benjamin’s apartment and pulls Monique’s picture out of her bible. He tells her she was right all along and he’s sure she’d be proud of him. Then he asks God to take care of him and his loved ones.

Benjamin gets back to the desert. He tells Zoe he almost didn’t make it–they were talking about shutting down flights. Benjamin’s all “David, I missed you!” and David’s all “Whatever.” He and Zoe talk about how they’re going to have to be strong to face what’s coming.

Noah, Osiel, and Saulo are heading out of the new temple. Noah tells Saulo the reserves will likely be called up soon.

They’re approached by the Two Guys, once again warning them to accept Jesus and nearly giving Osiel an attack. He’s still not looking so good when Saulo helps him home.

Isabela and Debora are still alone in their apartment. Isabela’s worried about Ricardo, but Debora’s sure if there’s any way to make peace again, he’ll find it. And there will be plenty of time for Isabela to fuss over him, but for now…have some wine.

Ricardo’s at his New York apartment with Ariela. She’s confused that he suddenly sounds like he wants this war. Ricardo says people are going to have to come running to him when the bombs start falling.

Ariela suggests they drink to that, but Ricardo doesn’t notice that she doesn’t drink.

Bomb montage

Arthur and Bárbara tell us the major cities in the northern hemisphere are gone and humans run the risk of destroying themselves. (Typical humans.)

Destruction, riots, looting

The scene at the police station is more chaotic than when people had just disappeared.

At the hospital, Estela’s giving orders to send children and older people to pediatrics. Lía follows a gurney in and tells Estela she’s got an abdominal aneurysm and a 90% chance of death. Estela tells her to get an operating room ready.

At the admin desk, Felipe tells everyone they’ve gotta go to reception and check in and they’ll be called by name, serious injuries come first. He tells Estela there are people in there for violence-related injuries, but also people who are malnourished and dehydrated.

At the lab, Titi tells Susana they just got another order for a cholera vaccine. It’s breaking out again as people drink contaminated water. They aren’t getting all the supplies they need and Susana thinks they just have to try to do what they can.

Ricardo’s finally sitting down with the three annoying rich guys. They really can’t leave well enough alone! They complain that Ricardo didn’t want to listen to them before and say that’s the problem with young people. So, do they have a deal?

Apparently so. Ricardo takes pictures with three guys in uniform. We get a montage of front page articles. Ricardo, peace, etc.

Bárbara’s heading out with Chico to cover the New Babylon opening.

Jamal takes Zoe and Benjamin to meet his friend, who will take them the rest of the way to Iraq. David’s staying at the camp.

Warren (I think) meets a guy in a park and complains about how Ricardo’s screwing everything up because he doesn’t know how to share. (Projection much?) If anything happens to him or his family, the other guy knows what to do.

Warren walks away, leaving an envelope with a bank transfer receipt and a photo of Ricardo.

I do think I’ve mixed up the names, but it doesn’t matter because Ricardo had Ariela order hits on all three. Strangulation, shooting, car bomb. Nobody messes with Ricardo.

Ariela’s frustrated with Andre. She basically needs to know if the event’s going to go off without a hitch, but he keeps insisting on showing her everything that’s done so she can give him a pat on the head.

Greta complains about a couple of blind spots and Andre whines about time and one thing leading to another.

Adriano and Alan have a drink as they prepare to entertain the VIPs.

In the temporary apartment, the guy who designed Bela’s wedding dress is showing her and Debora what he’s worked up for her to wear at the event. Susana shows up and manages to hug Bela and tell Debora to congratulate Ricardo on the city without screaming “HE’S THE ANTICHRIST! WE HAVE TO GET OUT OF HERE!”

Jamal’s friend’s jeep keeps making its way through the desert.

Stefano’s in Ricardo’s new office. He hardly knows what to say, but Ricardo thinks the look on his face says plenty.

Zoe and Benjamin take turns dozing off in Jamal’s friend’s jeep. They’re heading right for New Babylon.

At the party

Bárbara films a segment.

Susana and Alan argue about Benjamin.

Debora and Bela show up and what the hell is that ruffled monstrosity?! Did they mean for her to look like she’s just tall for a twelve-year-old? Oh! Oh! And the hat! THE HAT! It’s 1980s flight attendant!

OK, whatever, Ricardo’s ambitious bla bla bla, he’s off to talk to some politicians, he notices Andre texting with Brenda.

Wait, this was the plan? Benjamin and Zoe are sneaking into the party.

Ariela gets the official inauguration started and introduces Ricardo as Zoe and Benjamin work their way to the front of the crowd. When Ricardo asks for questions, Zoe uncovers her head and stares at him. Benjamin does the same.

While Bárbara’s behind them all “Benjamin and Zoe?!” Zoe congratulates Ricardo for always getting what he wants. Or almost always.

Hahahahaha! Poor Ricardo just got upstaged! 

Bárbara shoves a few reporters out of the way so she can get to Zoe.

Bela’s all “Awww, Zoe’s not dead!”

Debora asks if she couldn’t have found some better moment to show up. “She’s ruining my son’s party!”

Adriano disagrees. This is the best time for Zoe to do this.

Bárbara hands Zoe off to Chico while Bárbara hugs Benjamin.

Alan doesn’t get it. Susana asks if he believes in miracles.

Bela’s happy that Benjamin’s there too. Debora says of course Benjamin set this up–he wanted to ruin the party.

From behind her Adriano says this is a love story with a happy ending, so smile.

Alan’s sure Susana knew this was going to happen, but she swears she didn’t. And no, she’s not hiding anything.

Benjamin tries to get the reporters away from Zoe, but she’s perfectly happy to tell her story now.

Ricardo goes over to Ariela and asks her how this happened.

She doesn’t have a clue.

Ricardo glares at Andre, who gulps.

Zoe tells everyone she was in a part of the aircraft that broke off before the crash. For privacy and security reasons, she isn’t going to tell them who helped her or where she was.

But why was she hiding out for three years?

Zoe says she was afraid for her life.

Ricardo comes over to take control as usual, saying this just makes the event even more special. They couldn’t have done this without Benjamin, the brain behind this entire project.

Andre looks wounded.

And here’s Zoe, who everybody thought was dead. This can only be a good omen for the future! And now he’ll take questions.

The reporters rush forward again to ask Zoe who or what she’s afraid of.

In the newsroom Arthur and Celeste are like “She’s back! Zoe’s back!” Arthur asks Celeste to see what their audience numbers are doing.

In Guido’s office, he’s watching with Natalia and César as Zoe says it was a miracle and God’s giving her a second chance and there’s nothing more important than God and her faith. I don’t even think Ricardo realizes how horrible he looks there lurking behind them.

Felipe’s watching from the hospital and wiping a tear away when Zoe talks about God. She also gives her condolences to the families of those who died in the crash.

Bárbara asks if she can shed any light on what happened.

Zoe says she has a strong reason to suspect it was sabotage.

Ariela mutters to Ricardo, complaining that Zoe’s talking too much.

Ricardo says he still wants to know how they got in.

Well, duh! Benjamin built this place. He obviously left a (literal and/or figurative) back door.

Well, Ricardo’s blaming Andre.

Benjamin wanders over and says Ricardo must be dying to know how he got in here.

Ricardo’s like “You’re responsible for all the plans for this city.”

Yeah, and if regret could kill.

It doesn’t. But Ricardo could think of a few other ways.

Hopefully he won’t try sabotaging a plane again, since that clearly didn’t work.

Ricardo tells him to watch his mouth.

What, is Ricardo going to kill him right here in front of everybody and show his true nature? He and Ariela should check their emails. If he and Zoe don’t make it out of here alive the press will be receiving that packet.

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