Apocalipsis Monday 11/18/19 #63

Alan doesn’t get what’s going on here. Benjamin says Zoe’s alive, that’s all. He doesn’t think there’s any way he can explain it so Alan can understand. Alan thinks he’s being rude, but Benjamin’s like “You think I’m gonna be nice after what you did to me?”

Bela comes over and all is forgiven, probably because she thinks Ricardo and Benjamin have made up. She knows it means a lot to Ricardo that he’s here.

Um, yeah, that’s the impression Benjamin gets.

Ariela comes over to pry the reporters away from Zoe and get them back on schedule. Bárbara hangs back to ask Zoe about what she said–an attempt on her life?

Padre Stefano goes over to check on Ricardo and assure him this was nothing, no one’s ever going to take his place, while Ricardo pouts about making an example out of them.

Felipe tells Estela that Zoe’s alive. Lía comes in to tell them Glaucia’s looking for Estela. Felipe begs her not to send Glaucia away.

Noah and Saulo have a secret meeting over coffee to talk about Those Guys. Saulo thinks they’re legit prophets. Noah wants to hear what they have to say. But their dads don’t want them to. And they have no idea where to find them.

Glaucia’s here to beg for a job. No one will hire her. Estela starts to reject her as well, but changes her mind. Everyone thought it was a terrible idea when her dad hired Osvaldo, but he turned out to be one of the hardest-working, most trustworthy employees. So yeah, she’ll hire Glaucia.

Benjamin sees Andre lurking and goes over to talk to him. Isn’t he going to talk to his cousin?

Andre says he will, as soon as the reporters leave her alone. How’d Benjamin get in, anyway? Did he leave a backdoor?

Benjamin says he built this place. Andre didn’t really think he could keep him out, did he?

Well, Ricardo did, so Andre’s going to be paying for that.

Benjamin tries to warn him that Ricardo’s not what he seems and he’s got plans to do worse to the world than what he did to Benjamin.

In Ricardo’s new office, he asks Ariela just how damning Benjamin’s evidence is.

She says it would blow up in his face.

Ricardo complains he should have killed Benjamin when they were kids. I guess we’ve kind of heard them mention Benjamin almost drowning that one time? That was Ricardo. Not that he drowned him, just that he didn’t help.

Anyway, he’s gonna sit here in his office and cry and Ariela needs to go find out what Benjamin and Zoe are doing here.

Padre Stefano comes in to take over and tell Ricardo yet again that it’s all good, this is his moment, he’ll show them all, etc.

Ariela comes over to bust up the Gudman family meeting so everyone can take their places for the cortejo (parade?).

Bela’s all “Oh yeah, can’t mess that up for Ricardo, he deserves it after that peace agreement he worked so hard for.” Benjamin and Zoe trade a look.

Alan goes with her, but Susana’s trying to grab a moment alone with the kids. Ariela says they’ve got a place for them, too, but Zoe says they’ll watch with the crowd. Benjamin’s all “Yeah, we don’t mind being among the people.” Susana tells Ariela she’ll be right there and finally gets to allow herself a moment of not pretending everything’s fine.

Benjamin, of course, tells her she has to keep pretending everything’s fine, for Bela’s sake.

Susana’s upset that Bela didn’t even notice how much Ricardo hated them being there. Zoe says Bela has a good heart. There’s probably a way to get her out of this.

Benjamin tells her to get back to the others so no one suspects.

The VIPs are in the box. Zoe and Benjamin are on the sidewalk. And the hired assassin is moving through the crowd, not looking the least bit out of place in his hooded jacket.

Gloria’s watching on TV. Vittorio comes over, looking pretty cazh and missing his collar.

Ricardo stands up in his convertible. The assassin is cutting a hole in the glass and getting ready to take his shot.

On the sidewalk Benjamin says this reminds him of Hitler. Zoe agrees.

Padre Stefano stands up with Ricardo. The demon dust is standing in the seat behind them, coalescing into a pretty solid form, spreading his wings behind them and giving Ricardo a nod. Or maybe he was nodding to the assassin, ’cause the guy takes one shot and there goes Ricardo’s eye. The second shot gets him in the chest.

The assassin gets taken out by a couple of guys not nearly so concerned with preserving the glass window. Isabela keeps screaming for help. Debora’s trying to get to him, but Adriano’s holding her back. Padre Stefano’s eyes go completely hollow and Ricardo’s remaining eye opens and turns black.

Zoe and Benjamin run down the sidewalk, against the current of people. Zoe reminds him/us that Ricardo’s not dead, he’s just going to look like he died and came back. Another bunch of people come at them, separating Zoe and Benjamin and taking Zoe along with them.

Bela’s getting shoved into the back of a car, still screaming for Ricardo. Debora’s screaming too, even though Adriano points out that he’s got paramedics with him and they’re taking care of him.

Zoe makes her way back to Benjamin and tells him this is it. Ricardo’s about to become The Beast.

Andre, still in the VIP box, mutters that he’s probably going to get blamed for this too. *snort* That couldn’t have been funnier if they’d tried!

At Gudman Tech, Brenda’s trying to reach Andre, but he won’t answer. Melina says this is the second irregularity in New Babylon’s security in the same day. And Andre’s the top of the chain.

Brenda says yes, she knows, Andre’s going to take the blame.

HD thinks the entire company’s going to take the blame. Gudman Tech is finished. The security system failed.

Gloria and Vittorio are worried about Padre Stefano and Ricardo. Gloria eventually turns off the TV and suggests they pray…

But what did Vittorio want to tell her?

Oh, he’s thinking of leaving the church.

Gloria’s thrilled, but she begs him not to say anything to anyone yet. She’s worried Stefano will come after him. And she wants to take him to her church.

Like Zoe, Jonas tells his family that Ricardo’s not dead. Soon they’re going to announce his death, then they’ll think he rose like Christ, and he’ll come back as The Beast.

In the back of the ambulance, the paramedics have no luck shocking Ricardo’s heart back into a rhythm, but his remaining eye opens, still completely black.

In Ricardo’s office, Bela’s still screaming. Ariela shows up and tells Bela and her parents that Ricardo’s dead.

Greta delivers the news to Debora and Adriano. Adriano has to pull Debora off Greta.

The world mourns Ricardo montage

He voiceovers that we all know death is coming, but nobody wants to prepare. He got them all to stop thinking about death and their lack of preparation worked in his favor. He’s done playing Mr. Nice Guy. Everybody’s about to meet the real Ricardo Montana.

Zoe and Benjamin come back to the desert to pick up David. They’ve gotta get prepared for the persecutions. Benjamin leaves his sat phone and laptop with Jamal. Zoe gives Soraya a bible.

Debora throws a fit about Ariela taking point on the funeral arrangements. Ariela feels bad enough that she tells Greta to obey Debora. She apologizes and says she didn’t intend to put herself above Debora.

Susana won’t leave Bela alone. She tries to convince her to come back to New York, but Bela refuses to leave Ricardo. Ever. Also, she hates the world. (Well. That should be a fun reunion.)

Gideon’s upset about the loss of his grandson, and the messiah. Noah picks this moment to suggest that maybe Ricardo wasn’t the messiah. Smooth move, dude.

Anyway, Gideon and Tamar insist on going to New Babylon.

Zoe, Benjamin, and David are back at Benjamin’s apartment. They explain to Uri that they didn’t have much trouble getting out of New Babylon and since there was never a death certificate issued for Zoe they were able to get her a temporary passport.

And now, they have plans. And those plans involve Uri. They’re going to Brazil to see Zoe’s family and getting married. They ask Uri to be their padrino (best man).

Estela’s cuddled up on the couch with Felipe asking if maybe… (maybe Ricardo’s dead?). Gloria eavesdrops and seems shocked at Felipe saying he’s not dead, he’s the antichrist, and soon he’s going to show his true face. So, um, I guess Gloria wasn’t invited into the Super Seekrit Antichrist Study Group at Pastor Jonas’?

Tiao’s back. He’s clean shaven and sporting a short haircut. And he is not pleased with what Robinson has done with their home.

I don’t know how many days have passed, but Ariela summons Andre to scream at him for the failure of their security system. This city was supposed to be murder-proof! And if Ricardo were here, he’d be firing Andre…or worse. Ariela doesn’t know what she’s going to do to him, but he’s hanging by a thread.

Susana’s hanging out outside a building remembering that Benjamin called her to tell her Ricardo wasn’t really dead and she needed to get out of the city.

Alan finds her and Susana says she was just getting some air. He starts talking about how he hopes Benjamin realizes what he’s done and fixes his mistakes.

Susana was going to tell him something but…she’s afraid. That’s all.

Ariela’s giving Greta some instructions when Padre Stefano comes into Ricardo’s office. She was just mentioning that Stefano would pick out Ricardo’s clothes, but Stefano says that’s for the family to do.

Ariela dismisses Greta. She tells Stefano, with apparent sincerity, that he’s an admirable human being. She knows that Ricardo was like the son he could never have. And yet here he is, calm. She dedicated the last few years of her life to Ricardo and she’d do anything for him.

Stefano knows. He tells her Ricardo’s story isn’t over yet.

Noah’s on patrol when he sees the Two Guys and chases them down. They say they were waiting for him. God wants to use him to spread the message that the messiah died 2000 years ago and he’s already risen. And he’s going to be back soon.

Before Noah can get some clarification, an angry mob rounds the corner. Some soldiers show up to help hold them back.

The guy with the white hair says the end is near. (I can’t…even….) They should give themselves to the messiah, who’s alive.

The angry mob leader tries to attack again and Noah shoves him back all “Don’t make me shoot you!”

Saulo and Osiel see what’s going on and Osiel blames the Two Guys, as usual. Do they not even respect this day of mourning?! (Nope. Not even a little bit.) Osiel’s upset that Saulo’s asking if he heard what they said about the messiah being alive. Osiel just wants to go home. Those guys are being attacked? Well, they started it!

And then the one with grey hair calls down fire to form a perimeter around them.

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