Apocalipsis Tuesday 11/19/19 #64

After the two guys call down fire, the crowd disperses. Noah asks where to find them and their answer is to walk away.

From their vantage point, Saulo and Osiel can see Noah looking around to figure out where the fire came from. Saulo says only the Prophet Elijah has done that kind of trick.

Zoe and Benjamin come over to Jonas’ church with César and David. César takes David outside to play while Zoe and Benjamin ask Jonas to officiate their wedding. (Because after all, this is still a telenovela!)

Tiao’s been cleaning house. He flushed all of Robinson’s drugs and he doesn’t want them in the house again. Robinson tells him to go on his way before he does something he regrets, but Tiao’s not going anywhere. Fun time is over. He’s going out and when he comes back he wants the house clean.

Zoe knows the worst is coming soon. She and Jonas talk about stockpiling bibles so Ricardo can’t keep people from finding out the truth. Jonas is already on it. And Benjamin saved a digital copy to a remote server.

But maybe having a wedding now isn’t the best idea…? (Come on, Zoe, don’t ruin our fun!)

Jonas thinks it is. And they’ve got David now, so they need God’s blessing. (Which I thought was Zoe not dying in the plane crash, but OK.)

When Jonas asks when they want to have the wedding, Benjamin gives him this apologetic look like he was thinking “Tomorrow” or “In about an hour.”

Benjamin stops by the hospital to invite Estela and Felipe to the wedding. Estela talks him into letting her throw them a “small” reception at her house.

Zoe has finished giving Celeste the “Ricardo’s the antichrist, don’t tell anyone” speech.

And now Celeste wants to talk about Zoe’s wedding arrangements. Doesn’t matter if it’s tonight, Celeste can make it happen. She needs a dress…lingerie…. (Priorities!)

Dudú’s upset about the drugs. He keeps calling Tiao a crazy old man and Robinson’s like “Dude, he’s not crazy anymore.” Dudú refuses to take on the loss. Robinson says he’ll find a way to fix this.

Debora’s looking out the windows and telling her mom that if it’s true that you are your work, then she’s surrounded by Ricardo. But at the same time she misses him smiling at her, wishing her a good day.

Tamar knows it’s not just that. She knows this pain. And it’s never going to go away. But you can cheat it by letting the people who love you console you.

Debora says Ricardo was the only one who loved her. (And good job, because I actually felt sad for her.)

Tamar says she and Gideon love Debora, if she’ll let them.

Debora cracks and lets her mommy hold her. Ricardo was everything to her and she doesn’t know what to do without him.

Benjamin calls Susana and tells her he’s marrying Zoe today. He wishes she could be there. He begs her to leave New Babylon. She won’t go. Not while Bela’s this upset and things are this tense. Even the people who don’t know what’s happening look like they’re expecting something bad. She tells him to give David lots of kisses for her.

Gloria comes over with a drink for Benjamin. He can tell she wants to say something and asks her to sit down.

OK, well, the thing is…she’s known Ricardo from birth.

Benjamin goes into “sorry for your loss” mode, but Gloria says it’s not that.

She always thought Ricardo had a perverse streak in him. Something strange. We get a flashback to Ricardo beating a flower arrangement to death and then shoving her down the stairs with his golf club. She heard Felipe and Estela talking and…not that she eavesdrops! They were talking about Ricardo, about him being evil and not really being dead and she’s confused.

So Ben just spits it out. Ricardo’s the antichrist. And he’s not dead. He’s going to reappear as the physical manifestation of evil.

Gloria inducts Vittorio into the  “Ricardo’s the antichrist, don’t tell anyone” club. She’s also realized that this means Stefano is the “False Prophet.” And hasn’t he been talking about Ricardo’s great future from the time he was a piccolo bambino (tiny baby, not baby piccolo). Anyway, she’s gotta get the house ready for the party and they’ll talk more later.

People are starting to arrive at the church. Benjamin gets there with Uri and realizes he doesn’t have a clue what he’s supposed to be doing. Uri’s like…”IDK? Go stand there and wait for your novia?”

Right, right. Has he got the rings? No joke, Uri doesn’t have the rings, but Dylan just got into town and he’s headed to Estela’s so Uri begs him to get Gloria to let him into Uri’s room and grab the rings.

Noah wanders around Jerusalem until he finds the Two Guys in a little out-of-the-way corner. He wants to know how they did the thing with the fire, but they say they didn’t do anything. His God, the God of Israel, protects them. Noah already knows this, right?

Noah knows everyone thinks they’re blasphemers.

Right, but they’re being deceived. The messiah already came and went and he’ll be back again soon. They basically tell Noah they’re Moses and Elijah, but I’m not sure which is which.

Robinson tries to kick Tiao out of the house, but he won’t leave. He complains about his business…

“Drugs aren’t a business, they’re a crime.”

Yeah and if people don’t buy from Robinson, they’ll buy from someone else. At least he’s not lying to anyone like politicians do.

Nobody said earth was a paradise. As a matter of fact, the world’s coming to an end–

There he goes again, talking about the apocalypse.

Tiao says he’s changed. Before he didn’t think there was a way to be saved. He was just repeating things. Now he knows the world is going to be destroyed so a better world can take its place. And he wants to be there with Robinson. It’s not to late. He just needs Robinson to give him and Jesus a chance.

Gudman Tech and its odd little food bar aren’t dead yet. HD’s telling Brenda about his dad. Brenda supposes he remembered his love for HD and his brother. Love can change people, right?

HD wants to go see him, but they’ve got such a mess right now.

Brenda’s talked to Andre and everyone’s blaming him for what happened to Ricardo.

HD figures in the absence of Ricardo and Benjamin, Andre would be the one who’s supposed to be in charge.

Brenda doesn’t think he’s ready. And after what they did to Benjamin, when he had a majority of the shares…what would they do to Andre, who’s only a minority shareholder?

Andre’s looking out the window in New Babylon, thinking about Ricardo saying it was his time and Ariela telling him there’s nothing else to do because Ricardo’s dead.

Dylan picked up the rings and made it to the neighborhood. He catches sight of Natalia and says he’s finding Rio pretty so far.

And then they get mugged. And Uri mentioned a wedding, so the guy asks if it’s his wedding. He tells Uri to give him the rings, which he does, and then Natalia shows up and rescues them. (But did they get the rings back?)

Once more cops have shown up and put the guy in the back of an SUV Dylan’s all 😍 with Natalia. She warns them to be careful. Rio can be treacherous. But oh look, what a coincidence, we’re all going to the same wedding! She can totally escort them.

Uri turns her down, but Dylan talks over him. He feels safer already.

Ben’s pacing nervously. Uri comes in with Dylan and Natalia. Dylan cannot take his eyes off her. He watches her sit next to her mom before taking a seat in the front pew. Celeste waves from the back and says the novia’s here.

Noooooo! Quit ruining the moment with this music!

David’s so cute with his overalls and newsboy cap.

And finally, we get to the wedding!

Estela’s “small” reception has servers. I guess my idea of “small” was a serve-yourself bar, the cake, and those little cocktail sausages with barbecue sauce. Also, everyone would bring food and no one would remember to bring forks for the cake.

Dylan and Uri are regaling Benjamin with their tale of Dylan’s new heroine having saved them from a thief right before the wedding. César comes over and says Natalia’s a good officer.

Dylan asks why her boyfriend didn’t come with her and César says she doesn’t have a boyfriend. She’s had some…disappointments…lately.

Celeste talks to Jonas about coming to church. Zoe told her some things that bothered her.

Jonas says hard times are coming.

Celeste thinks she can even get her boyfriend to come with her. He works with César–Dudú Poeira.

Yeah, Jonas has heard the name.

Zoe comes back to the party after putting David to sleep. They’re used to going to bed early in the desert. Celeste comes over to Zoe and Benjamin to ask if they’re enjoying the party…and BTW she just talked to Jonas and she’s going to come to church.

Dylan wanders over to Natalia to introduce himself and ask if she saves tourists every day.

“Just when we’re going to the same wedding.” So what brings him to town?

Well, the wedding, ’cause he works with Uri at the “Space Agency” in New York. But also they’re going to meet up with one of their local colleagues.

How nice, to mix business and pleasure.

And it’s been more of a pleasure than he imagined!

Arthur’s doing a news report on the Two Guys in Jerusalem.

Guto sees it on his phone and shows Talita. They call César and Jonas over to look and Jonas says they don’t have much longer now.

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