Apocalipsis Wednesday 11/20/19 #65

Adriano finds Debora crying on the couch. If he’s here to mock her, she’s not in the mood.

Actually, Adriano tells her he was spoiled rich kid who thought life was an amusement park and she turned him into a man. She made him a father. He comforts Debora when she says she doesn’t understand how children can die before their parents.

Uri gives the toast at Benjamin and Zoe’s party. He talks about giving Benjamin a telescope when he was younger, so Benjamin could see the stars, but now Benjamin has helped him see and so has Monique. Uri believes in love now and believes in God and they’ve all gotta be strong and he knows they’ll win and they’ll see each other in the new world.

In the morning, Benjamin’s worried about his mom and Isabela. The funeral is today.

Zoe realizes this is the day Ricardo’s going to be fake-reborn, since he’ll want to copy Jesus in everything.

At Estela’s house, Gloria says the coverage of Ricardo’s vigil has started.

Bárbara’s broadcasting from the plaza.

Inside the room with Ricardo’s body, a long line of people walk through while the family sit in chairs.

The demon dust starts making its way into the room, in the opposite direction of the foot traffic, ’cause it’s a rebel like that.

Debora starts sobbing and throws herself on Ricardo’s body.

Padre Stefano starts his speech. Ricardo was the greatest leader ever, he brought about peace, all they can do is cry for his loss and pray that he rests in peace.

I think the demon dust has something to say about that.

At Osiel’s house, the TV is on, but Noah’s telling Saulo that the two guys are Moses and Elijah. Two of the most important prophets, and they’ve been treating them terribly!

Hanna tells the guys to come watch the TV.

The demon dust is still lurking when Stefano motions for some guys to come in with a stretcher, I guess, and Ricardo just pops up and freaks everyone out. He reaches over for his dad to help him off his bier. Bela rushes over to hug him. Padre Stefano gives them a moment, then walks Ricardo forward to show him off to the people.

At Estela’s, everybody’s realizing Zoe and Benjamin were right. Zoe says now they fight.

Stefano’s calling it a miracle.

Osiel and Marta are happy, but the guys and Hanna and Titi look bothered.

Natalia tells Jonas he was right. He reads the passage out of the bible again about The Beast and continues, saying he’ll have power over all nations, all languages, and have 42 months to act. 3 1/2 years.

Arthur starts a broadcast. Ricardo was killed and he just sat up at his own funeral. Bárbara says he’s come out of the place they were holding his vigil to talk to the people.

Ricardo brags about defeating death. Behind him, Susana rolls her eyes. Demon daddy’s in the crowd watching. Padre Stefano calls Ricardo “God.” Then he gestures for dark clouds to roll in and fire to come down and then dismisses the whole thing. I guess you get to do that when you’re BFFs with the antichrist. He tells everyone to bow to Ricardo.

Adriano, Susana, Gideon, and Tamar don’t kneel. Evil daddy looks proud of his boy.

Osiel turns the TV off, having seen enough. Titi’s impressed with Stefano calling down fire, but Noah says the guys in Jerusalem did the same thing. And they’re real holy men. Were they listening to what Stefano was saying? Supreme leader of humanity? There’s only one God.

Saulo agrees with Noah.

Titi wonders how he did it, then.

In Guido’s office Dudú’s falling for the trick. Guido shuts off the TV.

Ariela’s walking away from the platform with Greta and Andre. They’re all happy about this turn of events. Ricardo’s off in the temple with Padre Stefano getting some rest. Ariela’s just waiting for him to tell them what to do. She feels unstoppable.

Bárbara and Chico are planning to send Arthur the last of the video and then head to the airport. Bárbara can’t wait to see Zoe again.

There’s a meeting at Jonas’ church to review just how much trouble they’re in now. They’re going to have to stay on the move. They’ll get chased down for not having the Mark and not bowing to Ricardo. Gloria asks if it will be like the Jews were persecuted by the Nazis. Jonas says it will be worse. (Because the show isn’t blatantly anti-Semitic enough already.)

In Ricardo’s office Alan and Adriano have another one of their arguments. Alan wishes Ricardo were his son and thinks he’s gonna clean things up now that he’s back. Adriano says he’s going to become a tyrant.

Vittorio tells Gloria he can’t go back to his church and keep preaching the same message. And Stefano’s going to find out he’s left eventually.

César asks Zoe and Benjamin about their plans. Zoe wants to stay for a few more days.

César starts asking about the Mark. Benjamin says there’s no way to cheat it and since Andre stopped worrying about data encryption, Ricardo’s going to be able to see everything. And the Mark can also be used to control people. (When the hell did that get added to the project?!)

Stefano shows Ricardo to “his” temple and talks a bunch of crap about Ricardo being god and he’s going to have a statue made and whatever.

Debora comes in with her parents asking if he’s OK and she knew he’d never really leave her etc.

And the grandparents? Gideon’s like “Oh, hey, yeah, we’re totally thrilled you’re back, we’re just…not sure how that happened?”

Ricardo doesn’t have the words to describe it. He feels…chosen.

Gideon reminds him that God is above all things. Awkward!

Susana has picked this moment to tell Alan and Isabela that Ricardo’s evil. It’s not going well. Even Alan, who’s typically a skeptic, has declared his skepticism gone. Adriano starts to walk in on the argument and instead ducks back behind a corner.

Isabela’s talking about how honored she is to have been chosen by Ricardo and she can’t do anything but love him and if Susana has a problem with that, then she needs to leave.

In the temple, there’s an awkward edit as one minute Tamar’s talking about God being above everything and suddenly Ricardo’s menacingly telling his grandparents he needs their support.

They’re nervously talking about having a lot of things to think about when they get back to Jerusalem and needing to head for the airport and Ricardo’s all “Don’t let me down.”

Adriano catches up to Susana at an outdoor area and says he couldn’t help overhearing. Does she really believe all that stuff?

Susana says it’s the absolute truth.

Bela’s still crying when Debora brings Ricardo to the apartment. She runs over to hug him. Alan assures Ricardo that those he represents are ready to follow him. Debora declares her son a god. No problem for Bela. Alan looks slightly uncomfortable.

Adriano’s having a little bit of trouble with his son being the antichrist. Susana tells him about the prophecies and that Ricardo brought down a plane and this was all predestined since before he was born.

So, he and Debora were chosen to be the parents of a monster.

Susana has called Benjamin to catch him up and he told her to get out and get away from Ricardo before he finds out what his mother in-law thinks of him. He and Zoe are sure Ricardo’s going to want revenge.

Benjamin’s starting to think they shouldn’t have gone to New Babylon, but Zoe says it was the best thing to do. She couldn’t keep hiding. Benjamin’s annoyed that now Ricardo can use his fake resurrection to walk over anyone who gets in his way.

Yes, and this was all prophesied and Benjamin couldn’t have changed it.

They’re both worried about David, but Zoe has faith.

Adriano feels awful about what was done to Benjamin. He knows he hasn’t been the best role model, but he’s terrified now. Where is this going to end?

Susana says there’s still time. She’s going to New York. She’s going to organize her thoughts and talk to Benjamin and Zoe. They’re willing to fight, even if it means having to die. And Adriano had better be careful now. He can’t confront Ricardo directly. Ricardo’s no longer his son. She’ll keep him informed. Adriano gives her a hug before she leaves.

Alan and Ricardo have a drink. They start talking about Benjamin and wishing he was there to celebrate with them. Ricardo hopes Benjamin and Zoe change their minds about him. Soon they’ll realize they can’t fight him. Alan will drink to that.

Alan says it’s too bad, this fight with his son. He can’t even meet his grandson. (Damnit, Alan!) Yeah, Zoe was pregnant when the plane came down. They both survived. Of course it’s not much of a story compared to what happened to Ricardo….

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