El Sultán Tuesday 12/3/19 #2

Mahidevran and Mustafá have arrived at the palace and grandma Hafse is unhappy with Mustafá’s bratty behavior.

Hafse set up a night of entertainment for Suleyman. Aleks got Suleyman’s attention and a purple handkerchief–her all-access pass to the sultan’s bed.

There’s an artist named Nasuh who is determined to record Suleyman’s story in drawings. Today, he’s drawing Kafer Ağa’s execution in front of the other powerful officials and (accidentally) the Venetian ambassador.

The Pashas are upset that Ibrahim’s talking so much during the ambassador’s visit and that Suleyman’s talking like an ambassador. The ambassador writes home and says Suleyman has the public’s favor, he keeps up with current events, and he’s predicted a war in Europe and intends to rule everything.

Mahidevran heard all the talk about Aleks and arranged to meet her. Daye overheard Aleks joking with Maria and saying she told Mahidevran Suleyman would be hers for 1001 nights and reports back to Hafse. Hafse decided to take the wind out of Aleks’ sails and sent Mahidevran to Suleyman’s for the night. Suleyman was less than thrilled.

Something’s going on in Syria? And Suleyman’s council meeting about it is interrupted by Mustafá trying to bully the soldiers into letting him see his dad.

The guys at the Vatican explain that the governor of Syria declared it an independent state. It’s going to keep Suleyman busy, so the pope wants to support Syria.

Suleyman does a drive-by in the hallway outside the harem, sees Aleks, and decides he needs to go tell mommy he’s not letting anybody run his life. He watches Mustafá playing at swords with his guards and sends him off to rest. And hell yeah, he wants Ibrahim to make arrangements with Sumbul about tonight’s bedroom guest–Aleks.

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