El Sultán Wednesday 12/4/19 #3

Aleks and Suleyman finally get their night together, on a Wednesday. But Aleks wants to keep him occupied through Thursday night, in the hopes of having a “blessed” child. She succeeds (with the Thursday) and Mahidevran’s devastated. Suleyman names Aleks “Hürrem,” what gives happiness and light to our (or his?) face. Musta been the charades.

Aleks makes it back to the harem on Friday and tells everyone Aleks is dead–she’s Hürrem now. And Hürrem is moving on up, from the dorm to an upstairs bedroom of her own.

There’s a party in the harem and someone needs to just get out the boxing gloves and let Hürrem and Mahidevran go at it. Mahidevran tells “Aleksandra” to dance for them. Then Hürrem insists on being called Hürrem and Mahidevran calls her insolent and Hürrem says Mahidevran’s the one who’s insolent and Ayşe has Hürrem locked in the dungeon for the night. Hürrem refuses to apologize to Mahidevran in exchange for her release.

And in official business there’s some stuff about taxes and Ibrahim brings the artist guy, Nasuh, to come play matrak with Suleyman for money.

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