El Sultán Friday 12/6/19 #5

The emerald ring drama isn’t over. Mahidevran wants it back. Sultana Ayşe tells Daye to make sure Mahidevran wins this round.

Hürrem wants to be Suleyman’s one and only. Firial Kalfa tells her Sumbul can help. He agrees, in return for future favors, but Hürrem has to promise to obey all his orders and she needs to convert to Islam.

Mahidevran’s servant bribes/threatens Ayşe the concubine into stealing the ring from Hürrem. The ring makes it to Mahidevran, but the harem is still looking for it.

King Luis sends Suleyman the head of his messenger, preserved in honey. Suleyman starts planning for war.

Suleyman gives Hürrem another purple handkerchief, but what’s she supposed to tell him about the missing ring? Sumbul gets Ibrahim involved. He finds out Mahidevran has the ring and asks Madre Sultana Hafse how they can get the ring back to Hürrem and keep Mahidevran out of it.

In other news, Ibrahim and Sultana Hatice are maybe kinda starting to have a thing.

Daye searches the dorm area and finds the ring in the pillow of a concubine we’ve never really met. The nameless concubine gets dragged off and Daye gives the ring back to Hürrem and tells her not to take it off. Hürrem knows Mahidevran’s the one who really stole the ring. But whatever, she’s got a date.

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