El Sultán Thursday 12/5/19 #4

Matrak is play sword fighting with Nerf bats and mom’s couch cushions for shields. Suleyman wins.

Suleyman was hoping to celebrate with Hürrem, but he found out his mom put her in the dungeon. He’s pissed at Sumbul and Ibrahim for not telling him.

When Hürrem’s feeling well enough for a date, she visits Suleyman and he gives her the super big deal emerald ring that’s going to get handed down for generations. Mahidevran is furious when she sees it on Hürrem’s finger.

The guy in Hungary is a snob who doesn’t think Suleyman’s worthy of creating a dynasty equal to the three big Christian dynasties. Suleyman’s messenger is there to tell him to pay his debts, but the guy cuts his head off.

In Istanbul, everyone but Ibrahim is assuming the guy in Hungary, Louis?, is going to pay his debts, but Ibrahim wants to talk about stopping to give Louis the smackdown on their way to conquer Rhodes. One of the other guys makes fun of him talking about making smaller, lighter boats to navigate the river, but Suleyman likes the idea of the boats. He tells Piri Pasha to get on it.

Mahidevran’s pregnant. Suleyman has a big honking ruby necklace for her, but he does NOT want to discuss the emerald ring. In the harem, they pass out juice and gold coins. Suleyman orders fireworks.

Mustafá is not feeling the big brother vibe. He makes a careless remark about Ibrahim being Suleyman’s slave, not his brother.

Hürrem tries to barge her way into Suleyman’s room, but Ibrahim tells her to leave. Firial gives her a lecture on how to play the game–don’t fight with people, but especially not Mahidevran and Ibrahim.

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